The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

Discrepancies (not conspiracies….. yet)

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The internet is flooded with conspiracy theory about the recent shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Most of them are total rubbish. However there are major issues with the initial, and evolved mainstream media reports; and one website has begun collecting a list of all the discrepancies – and legitimately asking questions.

  • According to the official story, Adam Lanza was found with his older brother’s ID, and it was not stolen. However, older brother Ryan–who officials say is very cooperative–claims not to have even seen his brother since 2010. Where would Adam get this ID?
  • According to the official story, Adam Lanza was wearing a black outfit with a mask and bulletproof vest. Why would he want to hide his identity, and why would he wear a bulletproof vest, if he planned to kill himself?
  • Where did he get the bulletproof vest? Guns stolen from Mom – vest too? If so, why did she need one?
  • The medical examiner asserts that all wounds were caused by a rifle or other long weapon, and police/FBI say that the school was littered with .223 (rifle) casings. But Adam Lanza was found dead in the school with only handguns. The police stated a rifle (long gun) was found in the trunk of his car. But now claim that’s the murder weapon?
  • What did he kill himself with? Kinda hard to use a .223 long gun.
  • According to the official story, the killing was tightly confined to two classrooms, near the front door and office. So why were so many children told to close their eyes while leaving the building through other exits where nothing was even close?
  • Why were the kids in the Gym told to cover their eyes exiting the back of the building?
  • Why were there such persistent reports that Mrs. Lanza was a kindergarten teacher, and that she died at the school, when the new official story is that she was not connected to the school and was killed at home?
  • What happened to the report that Adam Lanza’s girlfriend and another friend were missing in New Jersey?
  • What happened to the woodsman in a black jacket and camo pants who was arrested and handcuffed outside the school? Seen in overhead helicopter media reporting. He actually shouted to parents, “It wasn’t me.” Who was he and what was he doing there?
  • The official story is that Nancy Lanza was a gun collector who obeyed the law.

It appears she was diligent in her firearm responsibility. But since 20-year-olds are not permitted to buy guns or ammo or carry guns in Connecticut, why would she give her “autistic” son easy access to both guns and ammo? Last night it also emerged Nancy was a member of the Doomsday Preppers movement, which believes people should prepare for end of the world.

Her former sister-in-law Marsha said she had turned her home ‘into a fortress’. She added: ‘Nancy had a survivalist philosophy which is why she was stockpiling guns. She had them for defense.

‘She was stockpiling food. She grew up on a farm in New Hampshire. She was skilled with guns. We talked about preppers and preparing for the economy collapsing.’

  • The baby sitter for Adam (when he was 10) said mom was insistent he never be left alone for a second – even in the bathroom. But yet mom never secured the weapons?
  • How come in such a “small town” we have not heard about Adam Lanza’s primary care physician? Psychiatrist? Psychologist?
  • Would real parents of real children aged 6-7 really be satisfied with pictures of their children? Wouldn’t they demand to see their children one last time firsthand?
  • Not even one parent, just one, wanted to see their child?
  • According to the official story, 28 people died only 1 was wounded. The dead included 20 small, squirmy children — difficult targets even for professionals. How could Adam Lanza achieve such amazingly deadly accuracy, in such a short length of recorded time?
  • When Ryan Lanza was falsely identified as the shooter, who deleted his Facebook profile? How did it reappear when he was in custody?

Ryan, 24, who was originally thought to have been the shooter, was being questioned by police after he was arrested at his home in Hoboken, New Jersey. He was on a bus on his way home from work when he was being named as the gunman and posted on Facebook that it wasn’t him.

Ryan Lanza had been extremely cooperative and was not under arrest or in custody by Saturday morning, but investigators were still searching his computers and phone records. He told law enforcement he had not been in touch with his brother since about 2010.

  • Why did the police say on Friday that they were going to leave the bodies in the school until Sunday, then Saturday morning announce that they had spirited the bodies away in the middle of the night? Perhaps to ensure that the transport, if any, would go unrecorded on photos or video?
  • With a bazillion media there, staked out anyway, how did they pull off the body transport without even a single highpower telephoto lens photo? You know some media would have staked out the morgue too?
  • Did the school have one or more security cameras CCTV? You would think with a “buzz-in” entry system they would have at least one camera on the door, no?
  • Why is Adam Lanza reported to be a loner when a teenager said (oxymoronically), “[Lanza and his friends] always gathered alone in a corner in school”?

‘Everyone just assumed he was a smart kid and that’s why he didn’t like talking to people all the time,’ Peter Lalli, 20, who graduated with Lanza in 2010, told the New York Daily News. ‘He hung out with the smart crowd.’

  • Why did police assign an individual state trooper to every grieving family? Has this ever been done before? Media concern?
  • Why are Ryan Lanza and his roommates still in custody, and why are the police pretending that it’s for their own benefit?
  • Is it a coincidence that Nancy Lanza’s brother is Kingston Police Officer James Champion, who lives next door to the former Lanza home?
  • What “exactly” did Nancy Lanza do for a living? Retired or not, how come not a single current or former co-worker is in the media talking about her?
  • Why would Nancy Lanza own a Bullet Proof vest? The media is framing her numerous gun collection as her being a possible ”prepper”, where’s the evidence of that?
  • Dad is a Vice President of GE Global Financial? And a witness in the LIBOR financial scandal? That deserves more than a cursory glance.

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