The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is alleged to be funding a birth control chip that can be remotely controlled.

This chip can be implanted into people – in the hip, inside the arm or at the base of the spine – and can be left in situ for up to 16 years.

The research on the birth control chip has been a closely-guarded secret, until a spokesperson for the Gates Foundation confirmed that the beta testing for the birth control chip would be starting towards the end of this year, and that they need volunteers to assist in real world testing.

The chip was invented by Professor S Langer, based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Gates Foundation has funded the research and the prototype is alleged to be ready for human testing.

The chips will be ready for sale by the year 2018 according to Robert Langer after being worked on for three years.

It’s dimensions are 20mm by 20mm by 7mm.

The reservoirs of hormones stored within it, would be implanted on a microchip of approximately 1.5cm.

The embedded data would be encrypted so that others (cybercriminals or hackers) cannot easily access the information contained in the chip or misuse/alter or attempt to destroy it.

At the core of the Gates Foundation’s birth control pill, is a large reservoir that can hold almost two decades worth of hormones.

“A quantity of 30 micrograms of the stored hormones will be released daily into the body, ensuring the recipients are safe and remain pregnancy free.”

The hormones are released by melting solid hormonal material using a small electric shock which is claimed would operate ‘entirely un-noticed by the recipient’.

The safety tests are alleged to begin by the end of 2015 and Professor Langer is confident that the chips will hit the open market sometime around 2018.

“The main target of these chips would be women in third world countries who are often subject to pain and risks of death during early pregnancies.

This chip will also, help couples plan a better parenting pattern as chances of things going wrong would be much less than any other contraceptive available in the current market.”















    “The 21st Century Cures Act is going through the U.S. Congress right now, and it will likely pass into law unless some opposition materializes (it passed through the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee with a vote of 51 to 0). The Act is a give-away to the pharmaceutical industry, removing many of the safety mechanisms in place that are supposed to keep the public protected from unsafe drugs and medical devices.

    The 21st Century Cures Act allows drugs to be rushed to the market, removes phase 3 testing as a requirement for drug approval, bases drug approval on biomarkers rather than actual health outcomes, and encourages the production of new antibiotics at a time when microbiome destruction is increasingly being linked to chronic diseases.”


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    OUTLAW NOTE: Your comment has been removed ‘Kylie’, simply because it was incoherent rubbish which offers nothing, save exhibiting some worrying psychiatric issues.

  4. I recently read the latest book from Robin Cook.

    He was a medical doctor and now writes fictional medical thrillers. The books he writes are based on fact and are very well researched and up to date with the latest technology. The book is called ‘Cell’ and is about these drug reservoir implants.

    Although it is a work of fiction the subject is fact, as evidenced by Gates birth control chip.

    The book was about drug reservoir implants but they were controlled by an app on the patients Iphone. The testing was done on diabetes patients and the implant was an insulin reservoir.

    The app would monitor their blood sugar level by them placing a thumb on the glass of the phone. The problem in this book was that the patients had multiple health problems and the app had made the decision that they were going to die anyway so it dumped the entire insulin load into their blood and terminated them.

    The computer was designed to learn as it went along and it decided that as the person was going to die anyway it was best to kill them quickly.

    The app effectively acted as a death panel.

    The designers hadn’t intended this but the insurance company that owned it were happy for the app to kill people off because it saved them paying out for the very expensive medical treatment it would take to keep these very sick people alive.

    Also no investigation would be done into their deaths because they were known to be seriously ill.

    So they literally got away with murder. Look at the real-life case of that Goldfinger bloke. He was blasted in the chest 6 times with a shotgun but the police didn’t order a post mortem cause they decided the chest injuries were from a recent heart op.

    The police could collude in cases were people having these implants die. Its nothing more than euthanasia of poor people.

    Although ‘Cell’ is a work of fiction it can quite easily happen in real life. I wouldn’t want to be carrying enough medicine within my body to kill me. I wouldn’t trust a microchip or the company that owns it to monitor the dosage.

    Especially as the government wants us poor people dead so they don’t have to give us any money.

    It might start off as a birth control implant but its easy to see it spreading to other stuff (like the insulin in the book). Once the lives of sick people are literally in their hands they can bump us off at will.

    Oi Gates, fuck off.

  5. Jackie very good comment. As we know these people seem to have to reveal their plans in advance.I wouldn’t put it past them at all to have an insulin microchip etc in the future. Our job is to try and stop this before it gets to the general release date.

  6. Jimmy well done for getting this very important information out there. I will share this far and wide.

    The Gates of Hell is going down there hopefully very soon.

  7. Thanks Jackie for your Robin Cook post. Very interesting Its a combination of faction and disclosure I suppose. As Is the BBC series Odessey….check it out. Apparently they went too far on disclosure and despite great TV ratings a second series has been axed order of the government I have heard.

    BTW one of the best and decent recent MPs was none other than Robin Cook. Check out his eloquent rebuttal of the invasion of Iraq in the House of Commons on You Tube. He was murdered for that. Who is Gaynor I ask?

    Outlaw you were laughed at the other day by that well named barking mad Dogman for having slow traffic. Just checked Spiveyland and his traffic has all but dried up.

    His mental breakdown which as some people know I have long predicted is almost complete. Not a pretty sight as he lashes out at his erstwhile supporters some of whom have commented on here in the last few days.

    ET What happened to you happened to me 9 months ago and continues to this day! Wear your badge with pride like me Jane and Old Git on here!!

    As you know Outlaw I occasionally respectfully comment on Spivland to get a response. It works every time and I personally find it hilarious entertainment.

    On a more serious note FTS has become EVEN more seriously unhinged and I would report his or should I say her most recent posts to Essex Police as threatening behaviour against your good self Outlaw.

    Try harassment maybe……seeems to work better lol

    1. They are only threats if the target actually sees them or is indeed ‘threatened’ by them Joe.

      I do not see them, nor am I threatened by them.

      FTS is stamping his feet because he knows that I know who he is, and has had to reveal his identity now, while he sadly, remains convinced that I am ‘Shilby Shill’, who I imagine is laughing as hard as I am, over the sheer incompetence on display as they run around like headless chickens, accusing anyone and everyone.

      And getting it wrong every time.

      I realised many years ago, only a complete idiot would issue threats on a public platform and then actually carry them out, or at least try to anyways.

      I pay them no mind as I know that this site and what it represents, annoys, offends and disturbs them greatly, and they are obsessed by what goes on here…. Which is not a particularly bad thing.

    2. So, you think you can carry on lying do you? Good!!! Well, you carry on lying about knowing who I am, as we shall see if it is true, soon enough.

      1. Indeed we will.

        And in the meantime, you could leave your comments using one ID instead of several, use a genuine email and you could also stop hiding behind a proxy IP address!

        Then all doubt will be removed. But I cannot see that happening any time soon.

        You could always use one of your others perhaps?


        1. Jones, you are a disturbed fool. Why on earth would someone like myself allow someone like you access to my details, when you are a very dubious individual, to say the least?

          Oh yes, one more thing, do tell us all right now who I am then!!! I am all ears. Fabooka Green Roberts!!! And what, like? Is that your version of a eureka moment?

          I know what you are, and who you are, and sadly for you, you hev not the slightest idea who I am…so stop being silly with your very poor attempts at feigning bravado. I am going to fuck you, when I catch you. Make no mistake about it!!!! Call the Police, go on!!! Toodle pip!!! I told you, do not threaten, and I told you not to lie. I do not give a fuck about you or any of your stupid little wannabes on here, ok..Idiots like dickie, mike, konigstiger, flanaghan, and the other asshole called no surrender will not be protecting you, or covering for you mistakes. Trust me…silly man!!!

          1. This is getting a bit predictable and desperate now. Your sole purpose appears to be trolling the Internet looking for websites that have seen through the insane ramblings of Christopher D Spivey, to post anonymous derogatory comments and issue infantile threats.

            I note that another of his faithful moderators has been kicked off yet another site that does not worship at the altar of Lord Spivey, namely ‘Dogman‘ who has also been shaking his chubby fists at people in his desperate attempts to intimate yet another site owner.

            His attempt is HERE if anyone is remotely interested.

            For someone who is not interested in this site or those that comment here, why do you continually visit and leave a dozen or more comments a day under various identities?

            That does not show disinterest, that shows a level of obsessional behaviour would you agree?

            You also like to issue threats from behind your fake ID’s, this time you are using ‘‘, which is a disposable email service favoured by trolls, and the Proxy IP you have used is, which is located in Houston, Texas in the United States.

            So you have to understand that anything you say will not only be laughed at, but will also be shown the contempt it deserves, as it should be with all acts of anonymous bullying and cowardice.

            Your use of the word ‘wannabe’ is interesting though, it’s a favourite saying of the Buster Bloodvessel lookalike himself I believe, and it will I am assured, only reinforce the belief that many have – that it’s Spivey himself who is writing many of the comments being posted all over the Internet.

            In any case, you are making complete tits of yourselves, as Middle-aged men behaving like a gang of spoilt 12-year old playground bullies is not something to admire nor aspire to.

            It’s a pity that it’s only you – who is clearly unable to see it.

          2. Threatening male rape was that Fabooka, to add to your documented death threats? Such a big hard man aren’t you?

            Seems that you share a few similarities to a well known kids home bully boy abuser whose best mate is an evil filthy old paedos ho – including death threats & a fetish for Nutella. No wonder you all get on so well eh?

          3. Awwww is that stupid cnut FTS still rabbiting on. There I was minding my own business, not bothering anyone, when I notice the nasty little fooker trying to draw me into his game by insulting me. Oooohh I’m proper shocked I am, proper upset like. LOL, that’s all this twat does is post abuse and threats at people he knows he will never face, what a grade A prick and cowardly fcking weirdo. Must remember not to threaten him, ohhhh he doesn’t like that at all. Listen you fcking bully boy jumped up jerk, wind your neck in and shut the fuck up you pathetic excuse for a man, you are about as frightening as a fcking hedgehog you mouthy bastard. You wanted a reaction that’s your purpose in life by the looks of things, well you got one, now sit down and behave yourself you fcking weakling.

      2. Any proof of these lies then or are they the same kind of lies your mates the paedos hag & kids home abuser self confessed gang rapist dribble on about, yet in 3 years have not once provided 1 scrap of evidence of these imaginary lies?

        I suspect so, especially as you have yet AGAIN been caught out with your violent psychotic death threats haven’t you?

        Like the ones you gloated about on your Christopher Green FB page – when you were using yet another fake name to threaten and intimidate from behind.

        Death threats to Shilby & threats to have Jimmy “walloped & pasted all over Wrexham” just because Shilby who is totally nowt to do with us, just another person who has encountered your death threats & lies, called you out for being the psychotic little liar you so obviously are & keep insisting on proving.

        Threats of rape the only way a freak like you can feel like a man are they? Pathetic!

        1. I don’t know anything about his Facebook etc rants but I’ve seen his vile threats and now especially that rape threat and I’ve got to say this is one disturbed and sick individual.Could have come from prison I would guess, I wonder how many bad boys had him as their bitch?

          1. Well said Mike he’s a gutless little wilf (aka total dickhead).

            He said on his WRITTEN death threat rants to Shilby – which yet again he’s been caught out lying about, saying they were private messages between him & Shilby, when in fact Fabooka was so proud of his death threats, he posted them on his open for all to see Christopher Green fake FB page acting like he thought he was some kind of hero, – that he had been in contact with his mate who “did 5 years for kidnap and torture”.

            I’m sure plenty of people have copies of his actual death threats on FB , so his pathetic attempts to keep lying just show him up as an even bigger wilf.

          2. You have to pity him though, he has now completely convinced himself that I am Shilby Shill!

            I referred to the death threats he made towards the person he was convinced was me, which are two completely different things – if he was bright enough to understand that, then there would be no need for him to continually attack others to try and deflect from the abusive bullying he inflicts on others.

            They are desperate to pin everything on me – to try and convince people that there are not growing numbers of people who have seen through the crap and bullying on display over there….

  8. The owners of Alton Towers only made £255,000,000 profit last year. Money must be a bit tight. So what can they do?

    Well they could always fake a story where one of the rollercoasters crashes, severing a few legs and putting many people in hospital!

    Yip, that would serve them well! People will flock to the park knowing the rides are unsafe!

    Hahaha, Spivey really is a fucking thick cunt! The only thing thicker than a fat thick Essex cunt is the fucking jobless thick cunts that kiss his fat nonce arse!

    1. Good point KT.

      What purpose would it have served to ‘Fake’ an accident at a theme park?

      An explosion or a guided plane crash maybe, but a completely fluke accident?

      Which could have happened anywhere.

      Makes no sense whatsoever.


    If this video doesn’t move you, then I don’t know what will. There’s nothing racist about loving your people and your country! The Jews are trying to smash our heritage and our history with attacks on the Confederates and attacks on Europeans! They’re talking about digging up the graves of Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife! How sick is that???

    Anyone who hasn’t commented on the Emma Murphy video on Jewtube needs to do so now! Let these treacherous people know what we think of them!

    No more muslim paedophile gangs, no more banning of our symbols and our history, no more banning our flags, no more banning our Christian faith, (no matter what you think of it!)

    Europe belongs to Europeans!

  10. fuck me they are obsessed by you on Spiveys site jimmy and that Fabooka/FTS/spivey/dogman character is now bleating that he has been banned from Farcebook for three days for threats and harassment stupid pussies squeal about going to war but all they do is hang around the comments section of a fat morons website slagging off everyone reading what fts posted he is bragging that he wants to do you some physical harm but I wouldnt worry mate as the hardons over there are probably some spotty twelve year old or a creepy wimpy sort who lives with his mum and has no life apart from making himself feel part of the spivey gang fucking morons and not worth a toss as spivey is looking more of a clown than ever I don’t think he will go down when he finally reaches court as its all a load of bullshit which he will never tell his stupid followers the truth about so a few of us will be at the court and will be publishing what really went on unlike any that lot who would not know the truth if it kneecapped them in a dark alley keep on keeping on jim they are seriously rattled mate because if they were not bothered by you they would not be so obsessed with you and this site and trying everything to attack you with nobody with a working brain will believe a word they say as its total shit all of the time

    1. Yeah, I saw that too, No Surrender. Was particularly concerned about the threats towards Jimmy on there this evening from the commenter called ‘Fuck the State’.

      On a lighter note, also saw this about Christyl Tips Spivey the other week (…or should that be Christyl Meth Spivey as no-one can be that fxcked up in the head naturally, surely?!)



      1. I will probably be blamed for publishing that site too Leena

        The comments are brilliant though, I haven’t laughed so much in ages, so thanks for cheering me up.

  11. It’s all blown out of the water now. We see the fakes for who they are, but more importantly, so do so many others who have never interacted with them nor been discredited/trolled/abused by them.

    Some ‘truthers’ are running from the truther label too, now that their ilk have been sussed.

    Jan and Daz have been welcomed with open arms by the Spiv Meister.

    I was hounded by him when first fooled by his psycho-drama involving his grandson and I sympathised.

    But he wanted me to be Jimmy and hounded me like I was, and since then, well, that’s who I am according to them.

    There is a small part of me that feels sorry for the HH’s of this world, their poverty is why they are easily manipulated by the Hag rings, with fists of cash for perceived support.

    H is desperate for a decent meal! Has he visited a food bank? He should! Why aren’t his kind helping him? Shame, he’s in a sorry state!

    Speaking of H, he’s a failed wannabe UKIP councillor too.

    What is Ukip’s interest in all this?

    I ask because as we all know, another councillor, Gojam has done his utmost to discredit CSA witnesses along with his helpers, MWT and Will Black.

    And McF is tied in with them all too. They’re all supported by Janette and Darren. Darren’s no longer as vocal about his fishing’s buddy’s innocence as he used to be 3 years back.

    Can we see what it is yet?

    Tie me fucking kangaroo down. The protectors are being exposed now that those once in power lose it.

    I love it when old regimes are toppled. The establishment is bent and everyone knows it. More and more people are tuning in, while those mentioned above promote the opposite narrative, screaming no one is listening.

    Oh Yes They ARE!

  12. PS: why are people like Leighton and Warmstorm1 (who is she? She isn’t a survivor) afforded anonymity and hailed as credible, yet other anon accounts are deemed nowt but trolls when in truth are victims?

    How can a genuine campaigner work to double standards like that?

    Who is she?

    1. That is a question that could be asked of many anon accounts who inhabit Twitterworld Jen. There are many agendas in play, and some very cruel and manipulative games are being played out in real time – unfortunately it’s once again, the genuine survivors are being frozen out and effectively silenced.

  13. May I take the opportunity to respond to this?

    July 10, 2015 @ 1:39 am

    I think Jism’s site has been a bit slow too mucker. Last time I looked there were no new comments in the last 24 hrs. His followers must be busy on other projects or trying to infiltrate under new names. I wonder if he’s got “a pen and ink stand” that helps with the articles.

    This follower has a life beyond the internet. I understand it’s difficult for small minded folk to grasp that there’s a great big wide world outside of a computer screen and a cyber reality. But…

    The truth is out there. Really!

    Give it a go. Just power off.

    1. And taking your point Jen, the likes of Dogman and his ilk, simply cannot grasp the concept that I am not tied to the www 24/7, and I moderate the comments when real life affords me the time to go through what are usually dozens of comments, the majority of which never see the light of day.

      Mainly because they come from patrons of that very site.

      Also, the question should be asked, why are those people so concerned with the traffic to this site?

      It can take me an hour or more to sift through what arrives here on a daily basis, so I thought that they would be far too busy wielding their virtual baseball bats, over what they have claimed to be many thousands of daily visits and the constant ‘Cyber Attacks’ they complain about.

  14. They are so obsessional about hits and stats & expect everyone else to be too. People who are doing it for the real love of it don’t place hits and stats at the top of their priority list, they just do what they do because they enjoy it – whether they have 1 reader or a million.

    Spot on again Jen. And the usual question is why would all these allegedly abused people be ganging up with people they know full well ARE abusers, linked to paedos, rapists etc to attack people they KNOW are telling the truth & have real stories? They just wouldn’t.

    Ah that little crafty Hen. Childrens animation jingle creators and less than z list DJ’s knocking about with abusers, what would Pip say?

    How pathetic, grubby and desperate do you have to be to sell your soul & yourself out to a paedophiles ho eh? Guess only the likes of the pathetic old Crafty Hen & it’s conscience can answer that, if it hasn’t already sold that to a paedophiles ho too.

    When Julian Tomothy Pride Gilbert the coppers nark pays a return visit, you know there’s a bit of panic in the air – or maybe he just feels the urge to talk to someone abut his pretend Savile abuse? 🙂

  15. Jimmy, that comment you posted to Facebook by ‘F*ck The State’ is very interesting. I showed it to my missus and my daughters and they all said that it’s a woman pretending to be a man. We showed it to some others too and it’s definitely a woman or a very effeminate bloke. I don’t claim to understand how they came to that conclusion but the missus is rarely wrong. Lol

      1. He is still convinced that you are ‘Gutsful’ too Mike.

        But don’t worry, he has not managed to get a single one correct, which is probably because he changes his own online ID so often!!

        He seems very confused…. And very angry for some reason.

        1. Well if gutsful is still posting I want to know who’s funeral my uncle went to sometime last year I think it was. Are there two gutsfuls? Or is some dickhead pretending to be him? I don’t read all the crap over there so I don’t know what’s been going on. I think his/ her reason for believing that (or is he just fucking about?) is that quite a while back I mentioned that my uncle knew the guy, can’t remember how it came up but it did. I cannot claim to have known him because I didn’t, but I certainly KNEW OF HIM through my uncle. If someone is posting over there as gutsful, it definitely isn’t the same guy, unless he’s posting from beyond the grave. I can’t be arsed to even look tbh, I’m really not bothered.

  16. *Comment Deleted By Admin*

    OUTLAW NOTE: Personal attacks on other commentators will not be tolerated here, fake identity or not – and your clear hatred of women you have expressed here on more than one occasion, marks you out as a very dangerous individual indeed.

    Get some help, before somebody inadvertently annoys you in the real world eh?

  17. I’ve not looked on his site for a long time but I had a gander about 2 weeks ago and the newest article was slagging his readers off for not donating money to him. Why are people so stupid?!

    I’ll never forget my friend who was a “truther” long before me warning me about the donate button!

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