Most of you will have seen, or at least heard about by now, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin, on 3 September, following the recent riots in response to a police shooting.

During that visit, Biden met with residents of Kenosha at the town hall, where he spoke to them, and pondered upon why schools did not teach history anymore.

“I cannot guarantee everything gets solved in four years, but I guarantee you one thing, it will be a whole heck of a lot”, he told his pre-selected audience.

Biden then went on to say, rather bizarrely, “Why in God’s name don’t we teach history in history classes? A black man invented the light bulb, not a white guy named Edison. Okay? There’s so much. Did anybody know?”

He was in all probably, -and I’m being generous here – referring to one Lewis Howard Latimer (1848-1928), who was undoubtably a brilliant man, and a prolific patent designer, who had previously worked for Charles M. Brown, Alexander Graham Bell, and Hiram Maxim, before being hired by the Edison Electric Light Company in 1884.

Latimer didn’t ‘invent’ the light bulb in any case, and in order to be completely historically accurate, you have to acknowledge that neither did Edison. Both of those men may have contributed to perfecting the lightbulb as we know it today, but neither of them can lay claim to being it’s inventor.

In much the same way that Orville and Wilbur Wright have long been credited as being the first people to fly using a heavier-than-air vehicle, Thomas Alva Edison has throughout mainstream history, been credited with the invention of the light bulb.

Neither of those universally accepted historical ‘facts’ are true by the way.

When I first saw that claim by Joe Biden, one of the first things I did was to check the Wikipedia page of Lewis Latimer, to see if  any recent revisions had been made.

Between 14 July and 10 August this year, there had been 10 minor revisions to the page which were of little significance, and there was no further activity until 4 September, (Biden’s claim was on the 3rd remember), and up to today, 9 September, 40 edits to the page have been recorded at the time of writing.

That type of urgent Wikipedia editing, is nothing new, however, and has existed on that platform (and undoubtably on other online sources) since its conception, and although it’s a well-known damage limitation exercise utilised by the left, it is not specific to any side of the political arena.

Two previous examples immediately spring to my mind, the first taking place during November 2012, when the allegations against Lord McAlpine surfaced via a television interview in relation to historic child abuse that was alleged to have occurred in North Wales.

Within hours of that television broadcast, and the subsequent naming of McAlpine online, his Wikipedia page was edited within hours, and all references to his personal collection of Graham Ovendon pictures – which were viewed by a number of people as being child pornography – were removed.

Lord Alistair McAlpine was a prominent Conservative politician of course, and as far removed from the left as it was possible to be.

The other example, was highlighted on this site on 14 March 2015, where after the identity of a hard-left satirist Thomas Pride was revealed, he proceeded to remove all references from the ‘Bourbonese Qualk’ Wikipedia page, which I was fortunate enough to have screen grabbed -along with the edits – before they disappeared.

Bourbonese Qualk, incidentally, were known for their hard-left political views and activism, particularly during the 1980s. Anti-Thatcherism, Anti-Fascism, Anti-Capitalism, Moneterism, Squatting and Anarchy being their main focus, which was reinforced by European tours they undertook, where they met up with like-minded groups and individuals.

Those are only two examples, there are undoubtably hundreds, if not thousands more instances of Wikipedia pages that have been edited, in attempts to whitewash and sanitise information, whenever a scandal emerges or an incident occurs which may be damaging or embarrassing.

It’s the main reason why any serious researcher should never use Wikipedia as a serious research tool, and that probably applies to most of the information found on the internet, if the truth is told, as anyone with access to the information, is easily able to manipulate it in a similar manner.

Hard copy, which is found in documents, books and newspaper archives are usually the safest, and indeed the most reliable sources, as removing, and/or changing the text, or making information disappear altogether, is inordinately difficult – and prohibitively expensive – if not impossible.

Sadly, not everybody can access information that way, and so must rely on what they are able to research online, but in my experience, the only sure-fire way of establishing the truth about any given event, is to utilise as many sources as is possible, and treat anything with a single source, or is ‘anonymous’ with a great deal of caution until it can be verified by other means.

We live in a ‘post-truth’ world at the present time, where feelings appear to be more important than facts, and many of the purveyors of ‘truth’ are able to manipulate anything to suit whatever agenda they are pushing, or whatever political doctrine they are invested in.

Politics is deeply corrupt, the mainstream media is deeply corrupt, the so-called ‘Alt Media’ is little better, as financial greed, fame-seeking, and/or the insatiable and indeed immoral desire to push personal agendas, overrides any perceived intent to present the true facts about anything in the public interest.

Joe Biden’s claim, therefore, was not based on historical fact, it was more of an attempt to appease a particular demographic in my opinion, and an attempt to further demonise the enterprise and invention shown by the people who helped create the American nation.

The political left thrive on disorder and doubt, they promote fear and uncertainty, they try to eradicate a nations history, and continually vilify, and try to cancel great achievements that have benefitted humankind throughout history.

Their ideology dictates that they must destroy nations as opposed to building or maintaining them, and they promote anarchy and chaos over a stability, that is only attainable through a sense of security and order, and the rule of law.

They cannot be allowed to succeed in their intention, and if they gain power via the ballot box in November, then America, will cease to exist as we know it, and the UK will not be that far behind it.


  1. Today I went to an un-named chain store.

    As I got out of my car, a few cars down from where I had parked I saw 3 store staff tackle a young lad to the ground and a female security guard pummeled the restrained youth about the face and head.

    A few of us objected to the security’s behaviour and asked to see the unavailable manager. So we agreed we would all be sending written complaints to head office and went about our shopping,

    The unavailable manager quickly became available when I was checking out at the till and noticed that the same female security guard involved in the altercation was back on floor duty.

    When I questioned this – as surely she needs to be sent for more training before customer facing again – the manager first threatened to cancel my shopping.


    Then he threatened to ban me,

    NO again.

    So he threatened to call the cops.

    Right answer.

    2 hours of waiting outside with said manager and I now have all 3 staff members, the security’s and managers names the managers, time, date etc to formalize a complaint

    The world has gone mad!

    Riots because of George Floyd yet today the store staff tried to make me look like a crazy lady when I disapproved of a white youth being held down by 3 white men while a black female pummeled the youth like she was in a bar fight!


    Even if that means stealing junky youth’s

    1. All Lives Matter I agree, but in my experience of living on this plane for over half a century, some lives really are a waste of oxygen.

      In my personal opinion of course, and I live in eternal hope of being proven wrong.

  2. The most disenfrachised and vulnerable group in the UK is the 16 to 24 white british council lad.

    They have to have a drug or alcohol problem before the council will even consider housing them to start with.

    Not true for any other demographic.

    I don’t blame the druggy youth.

  3. I remain convinced that much if not all of this is due to the deliberate break down of the family unit.
    Statistically, youths without present fathers’ are more likely to commit violent crimes.
    So many of the knife crimes we see in London and around the UK are from fatherless children. The gang becomes the family, the leaders are dad substitute figures.
    There is much evidence based study on this, but it is sadly dismissed as it doesn’t fit the narrative/agenda of TPTB.

    There is a concerted effort to disenfranchise the youth, make them identify as victims, and seek to change the world order through violent means. The BLM movements in the US are full of spoiled middle class white socialist kids who think they are an authority on how black people should feel about themselves.
    Like it or not, western civilization is based on Judaeo Christian values, and these people are trying to destroy the foundation in the hope of creating a ‘new order’. Any wise man knows if you try to destroy the foundations of the house you are living in, it will kill you in the ultimate collapse. The increasingly ignorant generation to come will be the ones to pick up the pieces and attempt to make something with it.
    ‘Fortunately’ for them, there will be specific groups in the wings that will ‘guide’ them into how this new structure should look,

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