Am I just a flag?

Some know me as the “Rebel Flag”, and others know me as the Battle Flag of the Confederates States of America.

Either name I will proudly bear with honour.

There is no shame in being called Confederate, as the people who bore that same honourable title are remembered for their bravery on the field of battle, and a culture built upon hard work, chivalry, loyalty and a faith in their creator.

As for the name “Rebel”, it was the Revolutionary War soldier and outstanding pamphleteer, wasn’t it Thomas Paine, in his series “The American Crisis”, who said:

“Let them call me Rebel and welcome – I feel no concern from it”.

Because you see, it was none other than George Washington and his Colonial Army who were the original Rebels.

My boys who wore the grey were but the second to bear the name.

My soldiers were immensely proud of me and held me in high regard.

Many songs and poems were written to praise me.

Southern ladies especially loved me and often I was lovingly hand made by them and presented to Dixie’s heroes at formal ceremonies.

My folds still bare the brown stains of the blood of countless young heroes.

Abram Ryan wrote:

“Once ten thousand hailed me gladly, and ten thousand wildly, madly, swore I should ever wave. For though conquered, they adore me! Love the cold dead hands that bore me! Weep for those that fell before me”.

I was carried high on Memorial Day, and Dixie was included in the July 4th ceremonies.

On Veteran’s Day, my men marched along with those from other wars.

I waved proudly beside state flags in front of every state building in the South.

The great grandchildren of my soldiers put me on their vehicles and posted me proudly in front of their homes.

At some universities, I became the rallying cry at athletic events.

The descendants of my warriors remembered both them and me with honour and reverent pride.

But then, history began to be rewritten, and virtues such as hard work, personal responsibility, chastity, civility, even Christian symbology such as the cross, the nativity, and the Ten Commandments became unfashionable as society became more crude, more coarse, more uncaring and more degenerate.

I found that I, the once honoured flag of the Confederacy, had now become one of the primary targets of the politically correct, the liberals and the hated speech police.

I have heard of this thing they speak of called “diversity”, and if I understand it correctly, it means that this country is working toward the inclusion of and equal treatment for all ethnic groups.

Then why is my group singled out not only for slander, but also for eradication?

The saddest part for me is that a great number of Confederate descendants have let the liberal mainstream media brainwash them to feel ashamed of who they are.

Others have now become to frightened to even display me.

How I wish I could take them back through time, so they could witness with their own eyes, their own ancestors holding my colours proudly aloft at Shiloh, or stand and watch the calm resolve at Gettysburg as General Pickett sent them forward into waves of white hot cannon fire and musket shot while I flew above their heads.

There were no cowards at these places, no liberals, no oppressors of free speech and thought, there were only the valiant of heart willing to die for the Constitution and the protection of their beloved homes and the preservation of their way of life.

Perhaps my people need to be reminded of who they are and what I am.

I am primarily a Christian symbol based on the Saint Andrew’s Cross, the native flag of Scotland.

According to tradition, Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland was crucified on an X-shaped cross.

The X-shaped cross in my colors and in the flag of Scotland is also the Greek letter chi which has long been a Christian abbreviation for “Christ”.

19th century military tactics required perfect alignment in order to fire effectively upon an enemy. This rigid formation depended upon being able to align troops on the flag.

Therefore, I was the rallying point for the “boys in gray”.

I was respected by the Union, too.

Union troops received the Congressional Medal of Honor for the capture of a Confederate Battle Flag.

Because of the confusion between the similarity of first national flag of the CSA and the national flag of the USA, General P. G. T. Beauregard and Joseph E. Johnston adopted my design for their battle flag.

I was first known as the Southern Cross and today I am generally referred to as the Confederate Battle Flag.

Even the gaping bullet holes that appeared in me after every engagement were pointed to with pride as being further indication of valour for the men of the unit.

It never fails to remind me of their courage and dedication.

Confederate soldiers had only to look upon the blood of their fallen comrades which each battle had placed upon my colors.

Even in the 20th Century I have been carried into battles for freedom.

As the United Nations fought to protect South Korea from the aggression of the North, I flew over the front lines with the U. S. 7th Marines, 3rd Battalion, E Company.

When the TV cameras scanned the crowds witnessing the fall of a communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe that came with the destruction of the Berlin Wall, I was seen waving in many hands among that seething mass of humanity.

In Logar Province, Afghan Freedom fighters placed me on a pole into the barrel of a captured Soviet tank as they struggled to remove Russian control over their nation.

During Operation Desert Storm, a British unit took me with them into their zone of responsibility as they worked to lift the aggression of Iraq over Kuwait.

Many times across the years, I heard again, the “Rebel Yells” as brave men once more carried me into battle.

In the War for Southern Independence, Corporal T. J. Carlisle of the 37th Alabama Infantry said this about me:

“Hail thou flag of the brave. We lift our hats in reverence as we behold the speechless but unmistakable evidence that you have passed through the firey ordeal of war in all its fury. We are proud of your history proud of your scars and venerate you for your age, trusting that your scarred folds may be preserved for ages to come and when time and its inevitable ravages shall dissolve your sacred folds into dust, may the patriotic emotions which actuated us in that memorial struggle pervade American hearts and live in vivid memories of Southern heroism and Southern chivalry.”

So why do my people not still love me?

Why do they not display me on their government buildings and their businesses?

Above all, why do they not fly me on the occasions of Confederate Memorial Day (fourth Monday in April), General Lee’s birthday (third Monday in January) and President Davis’s birthday (June third)?

Perhaps they just need to become reacquainted with who I REALLY AM, and ignore those who hate me and everything I represent SAY I AM.

Remember and honour me openly, my children.

I am based on a Christian symbol; I represent the fight for independence, and I have been carried by fearless men; and loved by generations of Americans.

I am The Confederate Battle Flag.

Fly me proudly.

Honour me.

I am your Inheritance.

Please Don’t Let Me Die this way.


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26 thoughts on “AM I JUST A FLAG?

  1. With respect Outlaw I would have expected a more contemporary article…….Greece, Tunisia, Strong Tower, Jade HELM, Spiveys breakdown all come to mind. But hey that’s just me. Good luck pal

    1. There is plenty about what’s going on with Jade Helm being posted in the comments here Joe. The Greece story is still ongoing, the events in Tunisia should be obvious to all, I do not like to mock the mentally afflicted, and the current status of what is being rolled out in the U.S. in regard to the agenda to demonise the southern states – has far-reaching consequences that we have not even began to see yet.

      There is method in my madness, trust me.

  2. I think it serves as a good example of how just anything can be manipulated to suit the modern day bleater, even a flag.

    Talking about modern day bleaters, (in it’s kids bikini bottoms), the 1 you mention is desperately trying to beg for donations yet again. I think it’s to buy some bandages because those knuckles must be seriously sore dragging along the ground 24/7 & with a pending court appearance, it might not be a good look. Just sayin’ 😉

  3. I’ve just been reading the knuckle-draggers blog.

    Oh My. A Journo who doesn’t know anything. Doesn’t know what a file is. Doesn’t download anything. Doesn’t go on other sites but his own facebook and twitter account. Only uses google for research. He doesn’t even know what names he has given his own files, can’t remember, he says. Doesn’t use any programmes, just writes straight onto his blogs. Doesn’t use paint or photoshop. So who draws all those arrows and adds those stupid words to those doctored pics he is posting? Not him, so maybe one of the 8 million who send him info, I’m guessing.


    Sounds like no qualification required. Just write shit and call yourself a freelance journo for street cred. Job done. Now set up a begging bowl page and you’re a-for away!

    Well, only if you’re off your head on skunk, like that lot are, I guess.

    Talk about fiction?!

    I visit his site for the laughs.

    There are more reliable sources of info on the interwebs for free. No demanding or shouting down the reader for reading but not paying the few pence like some public lavatory. Bully believes he is owed for his bullshit. Maybe he is, but only by those who encourage the daft dwarf.

    I must admit, he’s my summer holiday book. I’m not buying any, just reading him. He’s a scream. A fiction writers dream!

  4. PS: I posted that comment on the relevant blog but it wasn’t let through, obviously.

    1. You will probably get a mention on his site now Jen.

      And as he knows nothing about you other than what he reads in your comments here, he will do his usual thing and just make up any old shite to make him appear the victim, and you the nasty bully who has no right whatsoever to call him out on his obvious crap.

      Which of course, his devoted followers (his mods and a few assorted socks) will respond to in order defend their glorious leader from anyone who sees him for what he is.

      A Textbook Narcissistic bully who struggles with reality.

    1. There are not going to be any future episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard, unless you know something to the contrary.

      It will however, affect the sales and downloads of the existing episodes and associated merchandise, as many outlets are refusing to carry them.

      But you should already know that as the information is easily found just by doing a basic search online.

  5. Because I’m supposed to be you. My blog is coming soon. My son is sorting it, hence the delay.

    If Chris did any research he would know I’m supposed to be part of the Lizard Elite

    We’re just waiting for our snake eyes. Oh and the delivery of baby blood.

    1. The man is so paranoid he believes that anyone who sees him in a negative way is of course…. Me.

      He simply cannot bear the thought that there are others, many, many others who also see him for what he is, and his endless bonkers and increasingly desperate allegations are testament to this.

      However, getting slated by the Spiv does make people aware of the credibility of those he targets, as he only supports/promotes those who have dodgy histories and agenda’s.

      The good guys will always be attacked by him, I use it as a gauge.

      1. Oh noes, a saddo member of Chris Spivey a.k.a. the bald primadonna’s deranged cult strikes again. When will they give it a rest, eh? Perhaps that will be the day when the Spiv finally works out that he himself is a hoax and is merely a photo-shopped, fat-online image of Gary Glitter, replete with armfuls of tasteless tattoos that make him look like he contracted some hideous skin disease…and, of course, minus paedo-beard?;)

  6. Jimmy, I see I’ve already featured in his comments. He’s posted a disgusting funny video which reveals nothing more than the sort of female that man/thing is use to associating with.

    Looking at his pic one can see the man needs a good scrub, and some penicillin perhaps.

  7. Dogman
    July 4, 2015 @ 11:21 am

    “I apologise to our lovely ladies for the crudity used to irritate the owner of all the sock puppet comments, but I can assure you it isn’t as sick and disgusting as comments that we have had directed at us. Sick minded little fuck like to write about bestiality and incest whilst hiding behind other identities, so that he can play the innocent”.

    That man is a liar.

    And he obviously reads the comments here too. I have only ever commented on his site with my real name. Jenniejenjen. I never mentioned bestiality or incest. But on the subject of incest, I am a victim of it. Read my blog that is coming soon. I am Jennie, not Jimmy or any sock, and Chris and his cronies know as much, what with their mates Laverty and Scharenborg to confirm as much as they know I’m not you. It suits them however to lie that I am. And that fact screams a muchness about them!

    I look forward to Chris’ day in court.

    That site is nowt more than incitement and lies.

    1. They do seem quite obsessed by both myself and this site and they simply cannot understand that I have no interest whatsoever in Chris Spivey, his site, his cronie’s endless fantasies – or the complete rubbish and verbal vomitus his moderators churn out on a daily basis.

      I am aware though, that there is a trait among dangerously paranoid people, (especially those who are heavy cannabis users) which causes them to continually accuse others of doing what they are themselves doing.

      They also appear, from what you say Jen, to have completely convinced themselves that anyone who criticises them has to be me using a myriad of other identities…. Bonkers!!!!

      The collection of deeply disturbed and dangerously damaged minds on that site, which is on show for everyone to see, certainly needs no help from me in respect to people recognising it for what it really is.

      Just Saying….

    2. Spivey and his lapdoggie know only too well that you are not Jimmy Jen, and they know that Jane Russel is not Jimmy’s wife. They are just spitting venom and thrashing about like cut snakes because nobody is listening to them or believes a single word they say now.

      They just pile lie upon lie upon lie and attack anyone who calls them out on their bullshit.

      They are a joke, a parody, an incestious group of Internet obsessed and cross dressing weirdos.

      As for Spivey being ‘Stitched up’ by ending up in court Richard? Your having a laugh as the wanker had it coming long before he started on the Rigby family.

      He cares nowt for publishing pics and complete lies about others, but cries like the overgrown baby he is when someone dares to mention him, his daughter or his associated ex-partners for the shit they cause.

      A complete hypocrite who should be seen for what he is >> a complete knobhead bully with the mental age of a Brussel Sprout <<

  8. Learnt some interesting facts about the Confederate flag when I looked up its origin via the internet.

    The saltire flag of the Confederacy only came into being halfway through the civil war in 1863 and is often erroneously nicknamed the ‘stars and bars’. In fact, the ‘stars and bars’ was the earlier pre-1863 battle flag of the CSA which was not a saltire. The original design for the second CSA flag was an image in the shape of a St. George’s Cross, but some confederates of Scottish and Jewish heritage preferred not to fight under a flag that was too similar to that of the English and successfully lobbied the flag designer to create an emblem bearing a resemble to the Scottish flag – i.e. the saltire or St. Andrew’s Cross – which has become widely more famous as the rebel flag today.

  9. when the Tunisian beach shootings happened i posted on his site (knowing full well it would be binned) that if he wanted to lose any remaining credibility he may have left all he had to do was call it a false flag. as sure as night follows day that’s precisely what he did in the most disgusting manner possible. with bodies still in morgues he was saying some of the dead were ‘actors’ and that there faces were ‘familiar ‘. i live in Crawley near Gatwick, 2 of the dead were from here, both pensioners. what precisely is he saying about these shootings? MI5/CIA did it? to ‘raise anti-muslim feeling’? no doubt i will be considered naive for not thinking that could be a possibilty but i don’t. it was a lone nutter high on drugs, simple as that, no conspiracy. no long term motive. just some brain washed lunatic. i hope none of the relatives of the dead read that disgusting article. i emailed Spivey recently and wished him good luck in his trial because i do think he is being stitched up but now i don’t give a fuck.

    1. What Spivey and his ilk always fail to mention or even fully understand, is that even when ‘False Flag’ operations are carried out, people really do get injured and many have died.

      For instance 9/11 was a FF, inasmuch as the way it really happened was not how it was being officially reported, and it’s true purpose was to convince the apathetic American public that they had no option but to invade and decimate yet another country to rid the world of ‘Terrorism’.

      We all know who the real terrorists were, and it wasn’t some bloke holed up in a cave in Pakistan or Afghanistan or wherever, who was actually responsible.

      More than 2000 wholly innocent people died that day.

      That is beyond question, regardless of who was responsible and what the greater majority of the Alternative Media ‘Truthers’ fail to grasp.


    I’ve noticed that , but even more strange is that the sun is more of an electric Orange, naturally it’s more orangey in the morning and evening but I’ve been noticing that it’ll stay in electric pinkish orange pretty much till 10 o’clock in the morning and start looking like that again at about seven . It also does not rise or sit in the same place that it did when we moved in here 15 years ago . I know the different seasons different times a year it will have a different rising and setting spot but I have been noticing that it’s rising and setting way too far north. When you live in one spot for as long as I have you get used to where the sun comes up and goes down through the seasons and I’m telling people it’s too far north in the spring and summer and way too far south in the winter . I’m at sunrise and sunset junkie so I know my sun positions pretty well .

    I have noticed this too Lillith. I thought it was just me.

    Dear Lillith,
    Your not wrong on the sun and moon rising in different places than normal, I and my brother in law placed our Weathervane on our home in Athens (HE MEANS ATHENS,GEORGIA,U.S.A.) in 2006 when my wife and I moved in.

    Its was set for dead north. When we took it down I use my compass to be sure I was seeing what I was seeing, it was off the mark by over 20 degree’s, with that in mind from 2006 – 2012 that being six years.

    True North moved 20 degree’s.

    By the way on road maps say 15 years old, not using GPS but just a compass, you will find this to be even more strange just how far we have moved over the last 15 years.

    Peace be with you

    I’ve lived in the same house and commuted to the same job for 25 years…….the sun used to set right in my eyes as I approached the house at the end of the day….kind of dangerous as the sun made it difficult to see on coming cars.

    Now the sun is setting 15 or 20 degrees further toward the north, could be seasonal but something doesn’t seem right.


    “Human beings have been domesticated like cattle over millennia by insidious and ruthless predator-parasites who easily walk among us. Their predatory nature has been largely sanitised and camouflaged by centuries of our begrudging tolerance and cowardly acceptance. Almost all of our great institutional ideas have been adjusted, perverted, corrupted and even radically transformed into environments that greatly favour their ways and tactics.”

    France narrowly avoided becoming a US protectorate after WW2″-




    “The theory of the Holodomor is reactivated in the media every time Ukraine is about to take a step back to Russia.”



    “Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 51-53 – Guess who’s running the new BRICS Bank & Happy ISIS Weekend? (+ a P.S.)”


    “Stop NATO recently published a news item from Interfax Ukraine which virtually went unnoticed. The short news piece said: “Odessa regional administration head Mikheil Saakashvili has departed for the U.S. to present the region’s investment opportunities to international investors.” (Saakashvili presenting Odesa region’s investment opportunities in U.S., Interfax-Ukraine, June 20, 2015)”



    “July 4 crowds ignore call to boycott Georgia park over Confederate flag”:-




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