There is a decidedly odd and altogether questionable history of United States naval involvement, and lost aircraft over the Antarctic continent, that is just crying out for a closer investigation.

When put together with the references that fugitive Julian Assange had made, prior to the release of his many intelligence leaks, which included ‘UFO Related’ materials.

As it went almost unnoticed, (or deliberately ignored) that Wikileaks did in fact then release alleged Department of Defense cable communications, indicating that US armed forces may well be in the middle of a ‘secret war with UFOs’.

Going on the documents that were leaked, there was apparently, an ‘all out alert’ issued by Air Force Space Command, after the sighting of a large group of airborne unidentified objects, that had risen from the floor of the Southern Seas of the Antarctic.

This airborne ‘Armada” was headed toward Guadalajara, Mexico.

US warplanes were deployed and all radar focused on the inbound targets, the massive UFO fleet allegedly turned back to submerge in the ocean once again.

The alleged ‘incident’ occurred on the 10th of June 2004.

More recently, another large sighting of the unknown objects headed toward the southern tip of South America, and flew over Chile.

“The immediate threat posed by these huge displays of large numbers as they launch from beneath the waters, is the dangerous wave they generate that is easily capable of sinking ocean traffic such as freighters and other vessels.”

In the most recent appearance from the Antarctic Southern Ocean, one cruise ship was nearly capsized with 160 aboard, while another vessel was overturned with a crew of 60, of which 40 perished.

It is also rumoured that the Russian president was receiving intelligence updates, indicating that the United States was involved in ‘secret military confrontations with massive UFO formations, originating from underwater bases in and around the antarctic oceans’.

These events fit perfectly with a number of other incidents over the past few decades.

In 1991 a wave of UFO sightings swept over Mexico City, during the widely awaited eclipse. The luminous objects were recorded by many hand held video cameras owned by citizens, and subsequently offered to TV news crews.

In October the 13th 2010, the dramatic appearance of UFO activity over New York City, caused the Air Force to shut down air traffic over the city for 24 hours.

Thousands of witnesses stood entranced as they watched UFOs in the skies above the Big Apple.

Commonly known as Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs), there have been numerous reports over the last four decades of startling appearances of under water objects, suddenly emerging and harassing ships and aircraft.

The late Ivan T. Sanderson, a well known TV personality on animal behaviour, as well as a former intelligence officer during World War II, published books on the subject that were considerably ahead of their time.

Friends close to him allege that he never gave up his research on USOs, and may even have been viewed as a dangerous nuisance by his former employers.

Sanderson then contracted a rare cancer, that ended his life quickly, like so many others who have been deemed inconvenient to sensitive government matters.

Another massive sighting of USOs, terrified several people on the California coast, near the offshore Redondo Trench.

Local Police received phone calls from frightened citizens, telling them of bright objects emerging from the Pacific, and flying into the night sky at rapid speeds.

It has also been mentioned, that Julian Assange has been falsely accused of sexual assault charges by authorities in Sweden, which resulted in his current position of ‘House Arrest’ at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

One of his alleged accusers, Anna Ardin, has since fled and is presently in hiding, among the Palestinian people.

Could that possibly indicate that the charges, according to those familiar with government tactics, a ploy to silence Assange’s evidence?