This site was established in 2012, to encourage information to flow freely, and to be easily accessible to everyone.

It’s main focus, is one of revising some of the ‘universally accepted truths‘ that have been written into history, mainly unchallenged, and also to highlight some of the important issues that European and American people face every day –  issues which have been purposely suppressed and/or watered-down by various agencies.

Those agencies, which include the mainstream media, the established order, tame historians and scientists, as well as governments around the world, who rarely represent the people they were elected to serve, and until that happens, it will remain this site’s primary objective to raise awareness, in a free and open format – without fear or favour.

This site is 100% independent, and will continue to operate for as long as possible without intrusive advertisements, although it may consider sponsorship at some point, but only due to any unforeseen financial circumstances that may present themselves in the future.

12 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Thank you for your response! I am sure you will hear from me again, I have so much I would like to share, about my mother and my experiences in life. I am a bit overwhelmed with this information and recently (six months ago) awakening process or something going on (in a good way)

    Thank you again

    1. Gail, I too am the only daughter with O-NEG blood from a family of O-POS and A-POS. Also, I can’t believe how alike I am to the description of what others have described as characteristics of O-neg people, I have reddish hair, huge and striking, blue eyes.

      I also have always known more about people or perceived people more keenly than others seem to.

      A very high level of discernment, you might say. I am so happy to have found that there are people out there that may understand me better than most!

      1. Hi Katie, thank you for your comment and welcome to the Outlaw.

        As you can see, many Rh Negs visit and comment on this site freely and in safety.

  2. Jimmy, I relate to everything you stated on the podcast about RH-, the only thing I, 0- blood, don’t fall under is the eye and hair color. I didn’t find out what I was till my 1st pregnancy. Very compelling info and it explains so much of the unexplainable in my life, all my life, thank you!

    1. From what I have discovered since doing that interview Sandra, red hair and light coloured eyes are not specific or exclusive to to Rh Neg bloodtypes, as many African and Asian Negs have black/dark hair and brown eyes.

    1. dennington college swimbridge I’m still living the nightmare school records vanished north devon authorities never heard of it colin osborne also proprietor and headmaster of beam college yet no link or association when John mckno was sentenced in media reports the whole thing stinks

    2. Dennington college still living the nightmare school records don’t exist north devon council never heard of the place yet colin osborne ran beam college and dennington college no association of the two ever mentioned when John mckno was sentenced to 14 yrs staff from beam would cover for dennington when required after abuse scandal in 1983 hit the Sunday papers it changed its name to Russell college then closed in 1985 another cover up please some one prove me wrong

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