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You don’t have to look very hard these days, to find examples of how the mainstream media can twist things to suit whatever narrative they are pushing at any particular moment in time.

Only yesterday for example, the Guardian newspaper published an article, in regard to the claim that Tommy Robinson has launched a public appeal to request that US President Donald Trump, grant him ‘Political Asylum’, because of fears that he may be murdered if sent to prison, after recently being convicted on a contempt charge.

The Guardian, as expected, goes with the headline ‘Tommy Robinson Begs Donald Trump to grant him political asylum in US’, and the journalist goes on to state in the article [in their usual smug and self-righteous manner] that Robinson also ‘alleges’ that ‘British Prisons are controlled by jihadi gangs’.

Upon reading that article, many people would come to the conclusion that Tommy Robinson, is somewhat delusional, and has plucked his claim out of the sky, with little to support it apart from his paranoia, [which is entirely understandable] if that article was taken at face value, which, if I had to guess, is its main and only intention.

So where would Tommy Robinson get the idea that British Prisons are filled with Islamist extremists, who would attempt to kill him should they be given the opportunity?

Apart from the evidence of his own most recent experience of entering the prison system that is?

“A review of Islamist extremism in prisons, probation and youth justice that was commissioned by the government in 2015 found it was a “growing problem”.

Perhaps it could have been from articles like this, published only last year, which the above quote was taken from, and were published in a number of newspapers, including the Guardian, and strangely enough, was written by the same journalist.

In 2015, Islamic Extremism was shown to be a ‘growing problem within British prisons’, and as no contrary reports have emerged in the mainstream media or elsewhere, since then, would it be fair to assume that this particular issue is still a cause for concern for people like Tommy Robinson – or for that matter, anybody who has publicly identified problems in this country, that the left-wing media are desperately trying to deflect the public’s attention from ?

The New International Version (NIV), is arguably the most popular ‘version’ of the Bible. It reportedly holds a 45% market share of all bibles sold throughout the world.

The NIV is a ‘version’ of the King James Version, which is the mainstay of the Christian faith, and to millions of people, is the most faithful representation of God’s word.

When I say ‘version’ I am referring to something known as ‘Dynamic Equivalence’, which in this case, would be an ‘interpretation’ only, or a ‘corruption’ of the original text of the bible. This is evident when you realise that the NIV has 64,098 fewer words than the KJV, which equates to a 10% loss of text, and a little over 160 pages if one was to count.

So what does the KJV say about tampering with the word of God?

‘For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophesy of this book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city and from the things that are written in this book: Revelation 22:18-19

The NIV is published by Zondervan, who’s parent Company is Harper Collins, which is in turn owned by NewsCorp, and the exclusive rights of the NVI are owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Harper Collins, the aforementioned parent company of Zondervan, also publishes Anton LeVey’s ‘Satanic Bible’, and for those who may not be aware, LaVey was the Founder of the Church of Satan.

Both Books are available for purchase on Harper Collin’s Website.

‘Can two walk together, except they be agreed’: AMOS 3:3

Time Magazine once referred to Rupert Murdoch as being ‘among the four most powerful people in the world’, and they have good reason for saying this, especially when you consider that he has a worldwide media empire, which includes television providers, newspapers, television and satellite stations, which covers Europe, Asia and the Americas.

In addition, Murdoch holds the title of ‘Knight Commander of St. Gregory’, an honour bestowed on him by the Pope, ‘for promoting the interests of the Catholic Church’.

He also, as is shown above, the owner and distributor of the world’s most popular version of the Bible, which, by leaving out such vast swathes of text, is not a true depiction of the original.

It’s little wonder that those who inhabit the upper echelons of the mass media see themselves as Gods, when they totally control not only what people see on Television and Cinema Screens and in printed and online media, but also what many believe to be the word of God (and Satan for that matter).



‘The Greatest Lie on Earth’ – Edward Hendrie (2016).  ISBN: 978-1-943056-01-9