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As the march towards the complete suppression of Free Speech, independent thought and deed and any alternative to the mainstream narrative of the state gathers pace – would it come as any surprise to learn that the BBC (and undoubtedly other mass media juggernauts), have now started to target those who are seen as the citizenry of the future?

In the following BBC article, published in December last year, it was noted that from this month, Secondary Schools and sixth forms across this country are going to be ‘Targeted’ by BBC Journalists:

in an attempt to go into schools to speak to young people and give them the equipment they need to distinguish between what’s true and what’s false….”

Is it a coincidence that this is being implemented in the same month that a BBC news team was captured on video admitting that they were going to report on a mostly peaceful, non-political march organised by the FLA against terrorism and extremism in the centre of Birmingham, as being an ‘Extreme Right Wing Event’, and which despite the gathering being nothing of the sort, did not prevent other left-wing Anti Racist media outlets and groups labeling it as being:

‘avowedly racist and Islamophobic. The sharp trajectory rightwards that Stand up to Racism has repeatedly warned of was clearly visible’.

So what exactly are the BBC going to be teaching our kids?

How to identify genuine instances of ‘Fake News’ …. or to adhere to the official narrative being peddled by the mass media arm of the state and attack anyone who questions it?

‘The BBC is launching a new scheme to help young people identify real news and filter out fake or false information.

The project is targeted at secondary schools and sixth forms across the UK.

From March, up to 1,000 schools will be offered mentoring in class and online to help them spot so-called fake news.

BBC journalists including Kamal Ahmed, Tina Daheley, Amol Rajan and Huw Edwards will also take part in events aimed at helping students.

James Harding, the director of BBC News, said: “This is an attempt to go into schools to speak to young people and give them the equipment they need to distinguish between what’s true and what’s false.”

The move follows a year-long study, conducted by the University of Salford in conjunction with BBC Newsround, looking at how well children aged between 9 and 14 can spot false information.

Although most of the children from across all age groups said they knew what fake news was, many of them could not always distinguish between fake and real stories when presented with them.’


‘Madness is rare in individuals, but in groups, parties, nations and ages it is the rule” – Nietzsche

One of the things that the Outlaw is particularly proud of, is that in the six years it has been online, it has never been reliant upon donations or needs to display intrusive advertisements to either sustain itself, or to generate an income.

Nor for that matter, has it, so far anyway, knowingly ‘sold’ any product or offered any type of service in exchange for payment.

So with that in mind, I was somewhat surprised to learn over this last weekend, that this website, has without my knowledge, not only been covertly selling a number of products, but is also  ‘Spewing hatred and lies’ ( about some unnamed person), is ‘Pro-Nazi’ and of course, the old favourite And  [are/is] Satanists’….

I must admit that these revelations had me scratching my head at first, but things became clearer when I was furnished with a number of Facebook messages and posts, which made things a whole lot easier to understand (sort of).

Somebody called Wesley Hall, who apart from sending Facebook messages to people about this site, is from what I am able to ascertain, fairly well known as being something of an online ‘activist’, who has built up a reputation (although a rather ‘questionable’ one) of being something of a menace and has been making a nuisance of himself for a number of years.

Hall is currently on Facebook ‘advising’ people how to obtain ‘ABS lock picking tools’ and ‘RFID locking mechanisms/keycards’ from China, which I can only assume are used for effecting entry into properties secured with such devices – and is openly encouraging his Facebook ‘followers,’ (and any ‘Squat Teams’) to ‘open up buildings’ with their £50 purchases.

I am sure I have no need to expand on the probable consequences of such actions, and focus instead on one of Mr Hall’s Facebook messages.


From what I can see, Wesley is making a rather bold assumption in that:

‘a Group [The Outlaw] has Alasteir [sic] Crowley cards or something, and are ‘slagging off everyone to do with hampstead mate’

And Wesley has made that claim despite asking ‘Who’s the outlaw?‘ in between voicing his assertions.

Hmmmm ….

After about five minutes looking through Wesley’s Facebook page, it becomes a little bit clearer where he has obtained his information, and despite his claim that ‘loads of people are talking about it‘, it appears that in fact, two of his many Facebook followers have been doing some ‘research’, and posted the results.

From those posts and messages, it is safe to assume that they have been trawling this site and reached their ‘conclusions’ based solely on what they have read and somewhat strangely interpreted, as what they have then …. posted on Facebook.

It is also safe to assume that they are among (or support) a number of dubious agencies, who have for the last few months, been attempting to undermine and discredit the ‘Shatterboys’ – a support group for male survivors of sexual abuse – by attempting to associate it’s founder with what they are claiming is a website run by ‘Pro Nazi Satanists, spewing hatred and lies and who are also selling ‘aleicster [sic] crowley greeting cards!!’

From what I can make out, Danny (Shatterboys) has either liked, or shared a post from the Outlaw on Facebook, and unwittingly unleashed a feeding frenzy among a small group of people who, are also devout believers in both ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ and more specifically, the now thoroughly, and happily debunked ‘Hampstead’ SRA hoax.

Taking that into consideration, it begins to make sense why Wesley Hall has involved himself, and has sneakily, been contacting people via direct messages on Facebook – because he too, is a devout believer and pusher/promoter of the Hampstead hoax, and has spent an inordinate amount of time recently, trying to drum up support for the recently incarcerated Sabine McNeill, one of the original instigators of the Hampstead hoax.

He has forgotten about Ms McNeill, however, since her further remand in custody as I understand it, and has now switched his attention to aiding and abetting those who are inclined to break and enter whatever buildings they deem suitable to squat in.

From the relative safety of being behind a keyboard of course.

Going back to the assertions that Wesley, and ‘Emma Paramour’ have made, things will also become a whole lot clearer, when one realises that the Outlaw, despite not ‘selling’ any product or service, does offer a platform (at no cost) to a number of highly-talented artists and crafts-persons, by publishing links to their online stores on it’s ‘Good Guys’ page.

One of these artists, who specialises in work of an esoteric nature, even added a rebuttal comment to the claims made by ‘Emma Paramour’ on Facebook, which illustrates this clearly.


As for their other claims?

I must admit that I am at a loss when it comes to finding out how and where this site has been ‘spewing hatred and abuse’, so I may need some help when it comes to locating instances of that …. and as for the Outlaw being ‘Pro-Nazi Satanists?’ – that is easy to explain, as it appears that anyone who has not taken up permanent residence up the rear end of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, or is not an SJW, or a ‘Troofer’ or has exhibited doubts about the Hampstead SRA claims, can expect to be labelled as such.

And this site is in some pretty good company in that respect.

That being said, taking a little time out to address these ludicrous claims, has given me an idea and one which would be of benefit to anyone who views what they read online in such warped and twisted ways, and to those who appear to struggle with reality.

If I should ever decide to run adverts on the Outlaw at some point, I will of course consider those people (and agencies) who have such an upside-down perspective of reality – and who appear to spend most of their time attacking, and trying to discredit credible Child Abuse advocates and campaigners like Danny  Wolstencroft of the Shatterboys, and others – in order to promote belief in an entirely fictitious and wholly destructive idea like ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ and suchlike ….

Adverts I should certainly consider in that case would have to be :

And any agency who could help people deal with the worrying levels of psychotic, paranoid and delusionary behaviour that some people exhibit online.

Because that’s the trouble with reality …. it certainly ain’t what some people think it is.

‘Delusional disorder is classified as a psychotic disorder, a disorder where a person has trouble recognizing reality. A delusion is a false belief that is based on an incorrect interpretation of reality. Delusions, like all psychotic symptoms, can occur as part of many different psychiatric disorders. But the term delusional disorder is used when delusions are the most prominent symptom.

A person with this illness holds a false belief firmly, despite clear evidence or proof to the contrary. Delusions may involve circumstances that could occur in reality even though they are unlikely (for example, the family next door plotting to kill you). Or they may be considered “bizarre” (for example, feeling controlled by an outside force or having thoughts inserted into your head). A religious or cultural belief that is accepted by other members of the person’s community is not a delusion.’



The following article was originally published on the Outlaw in 2014, and passed by relatively un-noticed.

I am republishing it now (with a few tweaks) as I believe it’s even more relevant today than it was a few short years ago, as from what I am witnessing all around today, far too many people are still swallowing the nonsense that is being churned out by the mass media.

As the propaganda and ‘Fear Pornography’ are being cranked up to beyond insanity levels over Vladimir Putin and Russia, it has never been more important to look beyond what you are being told, to start thinking for yourselves, to start asking questions and ultimately – to trust your own gut feelings.


‘In order to fully understand what is happening in the world today, I firmly believe it is vitally important to have an insight into some of the major events of the past.

For example, those of a certain age will, I’m sure, have indelible memories of the tensions created by the ‘fact’ that a single misunderstanding between the protagonists of the quaintly titled ‘Cold War’ could easily have led to the extinction of all life on this planet.

That is only one of many accepted historical ‘events’ that was entirely manufactured, and was preceded by the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961, and the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, and which achieved it’s ultimate aim of helping to reinforce a carefully orchestrated illusion, which placed the world onto not only a war footing, but also into a perpetual state of fear.


M.A.D. Do you remember that?

So what if I were to suggest that the ‘Cold War’ was a complete fabrication, and was something carefully constructed by it’s protagonists to act as a distraction from what was really going on?

That would undoubtedly surprise at least some of you, and in some cases, may not have entered the minds of anyone who feels the need to even ask how (or why) anything like that was able to be implemented.

It is quite simply beyond the realms of most people’s thought processes today, to accept what the government and the mass media say, as being anything other than what they are seeing and hearing on their television and/or radio or read in the newspapers.

So how could an event, like the extensively documented and universally accepted narrative that was the ‘Cold War’, possibly be anything other than what it appeared to be?

Quite easily, when you realise that there is, and always was a completely different narrative written for each segment of the population, with only a select few ever granted access to the original and full version of the ‘script.’

This can be simplified even further, by comparing that situation to one that exists within any multinational corporation, or a large company or organisation which has numerous outlets, subsidiaries and thousands of employees.

Would the employees on the shop or factory floor know the senior executives at Head Office, personally for instance?

Would they be party to what the Chief Executive Officer, or the board of directors did on a daily or hourly basis, or would they only be familiar with their own menial roles, within their own departments, and only then within the immediate structure of the outlying subsidiary where they turn up for work every day?

My guess is that it would be the latter.

NASA for instance, is structured that way.

And getting a straight answer from any of these companies/agencies is as futile an act, as it would be to ask the men who repair potholes in the road, to explain why it is that the people who employ them have covered up decades of child grooming and abuse.

They repair potholes, that is their only role in that agency, and the only information they are made aware of is where the potholes are that need to be repaired, it makes absolutely no difference that they are employed by the same agency, as they are simply not privy to the requested information.


Once the basic principles of a ‘need to know’ basis are understood, and combined with the complete control and the manipulation of all information (via the completely controlled mass media) that is made available to the citizenry, it becomes a fairly simple and straightforward task to make the population of any given country …. believe almost anything.

However ‘impossible’ any given event would be to actually implement, it does not take that much effort to make people believe it …. as all that’s needed is for the mass media to report it as being a ‘fact’ ….

Things would become so much clearer, if people just took a little time to look beyond what they are expected to believe ….


It is relatively easy to observe how manipulation is being used every day, simply by noticing how millions of people are being lied to and led by the nose daily, via the mass media, directed by the established order, along pre-defined paths.

Through Advertising, through Television News, through The Schools/College/University Systems, through The mainstream media and through ‘Campaigns’ fronted by celebrities are the tried and trusted, and most visible methods.

The majority of people are only too willing to accept, and ultimately believe any or all of what is presented to them, even to the point of them becoming angry if they are denied that opportunity, simply because they have been ‘trained’ since birth to do so …. without question.

It is entirely possible that many historic events have utilised a similar template, including the establishment of Communism in specific parts of the world.

There is also very sound reasoning behind the widely held belief, that the old Soviet Unions’ retreat behind the ‘Iron Curtain,’ was simply a dramatic puppet show played out by those who manipulated their childlike audience (us) – using nothing more than the pulling of the right strings.

People simply accept what they have been conditioned to believe.


It has become abundantly clear, that the United States and the Soviet Union shared a close working relationship behind the scenes during the ‘cold war’, while covertly working towards a common goal.

Was this goal, as a number of people have alluded to, part of ‘a combined attempt to “weaponise” the very skies above our heads?’

People’s immediate opinions are more often than not, based on the information that is made available to them.

Information found in the newspapers, on the television, what their own government’s decide to release ‘as being in the public interest’, or more recently, via any number of compromised internet outlets.

That is the reality, and one that is known to work, and work very well, as it has worked ever since the invention of the printing press made the written word available to the population at large.

It is the way that those words are presented which form the basis of what becomes generally held opinion, so if you can control everything that is written and shown on television, it naturally follows that public opinion can also be manipulated by you.

If this manipulation is strictly controlled from the top down, permeating through the schools and higher education systems, trickling down through the medical, legal and political arenas, all mainstream media outlets and all available printed materials, it becomes extremely difficult to find alternatives.

Unless you are prepared to look beyond what you have always been conditioned to believe …. that is.’

‘The British Ministry of Defence has in the recent past, turned large parts of the United Kingdom into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.’

A Government report, released in the early part of 2013 provided for the first time, a comprehensive (and officially sanctioned) history of Britain’s biological weapon trials between 1940 and 1979.

Many of these tests involved releasing dangerous, and possibly lethal chemicals and micro-organisms over large areas of the population without the public being informed. While details of some of these trials have emerged in recent years, it is now believed that these type of tests have been carried out on more than 100 separate occasions.

The report also revealed, that military personnel were briefed with a cover story that the tests formed part of ‘research projects into weather and air pollution’, should any member of the public start asking questions.

The tests, carried out by research scientists at Porton Down, Wiltshire, were designed to assist the Ministry of Defence in assessing Britain’s vulnerability if Russia, for example were to release clouds of deadly germs, or so-called ‘nerve agents‘ in the UK.

In a few cases happily, genuine biological agents were not used, as the scientists also wanted to observe the results of a number of ‘alternatives’, which effectively mimicked the agents, but were apparently ‘completely harmless’; but a number of families in the areas where these ‘placebo’s’ were deployed, had reported an unusually high number of children being born with birth defects.

One chapter of ‘The Fluorescent Particle Trials’, reveals how between 1955 and 1963, planes flew from the north-east of England to the tip of Cornwall, along the south and west coasts, dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide on the population, who were totally unaware of what was was happening above their heads. As expected, the chemical drifted miles inland, it’s fluorescent properties allowing it’s progress to be monitored.

In another trial, the zinc cadmium sulphate was sprayed from a generator that was towed along a public road near Frome in Somerset, and the results were logged.

Despite the government insisting on more than one occasion that cadmium is safe, it’s carcinogenic properties, which affects both humans and animals, has been known about since the 1930s, and was at one point, considered by the Allies being used as a chemical weapon during the Second World War.

During the ‘Large Area Coverage Trials‘, the Ministry of Defence, between 1961 and 1968, exposed more than a million people along the south coast of England, from Torquay to the New Forest, Hampshire, to various types of bacteria, including e. coli and bacillus globigii (which mimics the physical effects of an Anthrax attack). These agents were released in a five-to-ten mile radius from a military vessel, the ‘Icewhale’, anchored off the coast of Dorset.



There were also the ‘DICE’ trials carried out in south Dorset between 1971 and 1975, which involved both British and American military scientists spraying massive quantities of serratia marcescens bacteria, with an Anthrax stimulant and phenol.

Similar bacteriums were released between 1952 and 1964 during ‘The Sabotage Trials’, which were tests designed to determine the vulnerability of large government buildings and public transport to enemy attack.

During 1956, bacteria were released on the London Underground around lunchtime along the Northern Line, between Colliers Wood and Tooting Broadway, the collected data showed that the released organism had spread a further ten miles.

Experiments carried out between 1964 and 1973 involved attaching germs to the threads of spiders’ webs in boxes, in order to ascertain how the germs would survive in different environments and conditions. These tests were carried out in twelve locations, including the West End of London, Southampton and Swindon. There were more than a dozen more, ‘field trials’ between 1968 and 1977, but these were believed to have been carried out on a much smaller scale.

Comprehensive reports of all of the above tests were released into the public domain, via the Public Records Office, abeit ‘under the radar’ and have remained relatively free from public scrutiny, despite being readily available to anyone with the mind to look.

Successive Governments have made a number of attempts to keep the finer details of germ warfare testing, being carried out on the British population, out of the public arena, but over the years a number have emerged and have been reported upon by the mainstream media.

Reports on many similar tests carried out by the UK’s incumbent government’s can be found online, such as when scientists at the ‘Science Park’ at Porton Down produced five million cattle cakes laced with deadly Anthrax spores, which would have been dropped on Germany to wipe out their livestock.

It is common knowledge now that Gruinard, a small Island off the coast of Scotland, was in 1942, so contaminated by the deliberate dispersal of Anthrax spores, that it was completely uninhabitable until the 1980s.

‘Tacit approval for simulant trials where the public might be exposed was strongly influenced by defence security considerations aimed obviously at restricting public knowledge. An important corollary to this was the need to avoid public alarm and disquiet about the vulnerability of the civil population to BW (biological warfare) attack.’

In 2013, when interviewed by a journalist following the release of one of these Government reports, a Porton Down spokesperson said:

‘Independent reports by eminent scientists have shown that there was no danger to public health from these releases which were carried out “to protect the public”. The results from these trials will undoubtably save lives, should the country, or our military face an attack by hostile nations armed with chemical and biological weapons.’

Asked whether such tests were still being carried out, she responded:

‘It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research.’

Fran and Nick are dear friends of mine, and would never ask for help, so Fran’s mother and the Outlaw, are doing it on their behalf.

My daughter, Fran is the strongest, most intrepid, free spirited woman I know. She has always known her own mind and from a small child, has stubbornly stuck to it. She is warm hearted, generous and caring and would give you the coat off her back if you needed it. She is an artistically talented vegan with skills in holistic therapies, energy medicine and restoring and up-cycling things. She has always had a dream of building a home on her own patch of land and living a carbon neutral life – off-grid.

She was lucky enough to meet a man, who shared her dreams and had the skills to help to make it come true. Over the past 8 years, Fran and Nick built an extraordinary house made of trees felled from 9 acres bought from the Woodland Trust in Glydyfrdwr near Llangollen. It was lovingly fashioned, a lofty 2 storey, multi-spaced testament to their skills, imagination and immense tenacity in the face of the testing elements of North Wales’ winters and the demands of 3 children.

For dear friends who are in need.
It had solar power, wood burning stoves, water piped from the stream, a bicycle powered washing machine, a dog and 3 goldfish. It was home to my beautiful grandchildren, two girls: Uisge, 12, Orrin 8 and Zephyr 6 have lived a life of many children’s dreams, running wild and free in their woods.

At lunchtime on Sunday 25th February this superhuman effort of human endeavour was reduced to a pile of blackened ash on a large patch of scorched earth. A small chimney fire grew to an inferno and whilst they did their best to extinguish it – all they could do was get the kids and the dog out, retreat and watch, everything they’d built and gathered over their lifetimes, go up in smoke.

She is thankful that the fire didn’t start in the dead of night. It’s unlikely any of them would have survived. We all feel lucky that they managed to escape. They live an alternative lifestyle without the luxuries we take for granted, including insurance and it’s unlikely they could have secured it. They are lucky that they have a core of generous, resourceful friends and family who have rallied in the immediate aftermath. They are now staying with Nick’s mum in Leeds.

After such a traumatic experience most people would upsticks and buy a ‘proper’ house. But Fran and Nick are not like most people. They are determined to return and build another dream house, only better. Using different, less flammable materials, but on the same carbon neutral principles.

Please help them start again. They lost everything: clothes, toys, books, furniture and tools, tools and more tools. It takes a lot of tools to build your own house from scratch.