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This post goes out to anyone who has been unjustly attacked, vilified, maligned, falsely accused or ridiculed online …. or in the real world.

If this has ever happened to you, try and draw comfort from the widely-known fact that whenever you are being judged by others, especially those you have never actually met, then they are not defining you as a person, they are in reality, defining themselves.

Unfortunately for many people, their responses to any personal attacks on themselves (or their friends and/or family) are also going to be judged by the same people, so with that in mind ….

‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge or controversy’.

This of course applies to the female of the species also.

My own personal favorite, and my one and only response to all of those who appear to have massive problems with not only me and this website, but also those who freely comment here ?

I am, however, disappointed on a daily basis by the lack of quality in most of the attacks on me, but the sheer volume and the venom expressed in these attacks, means that I am continuing to be an irritating and hopefully painful thorn in the side of those people, and also reassures me that I am doing something right ….

Something that has been pointed out to me in regard to this website, a number of times is ‘why does the Outlaw publish so many ‘historical’ posts instead of posting about current events?’

The answer to that is quite simple, and I shall re-iterate what I answered then, which was that many events of today are not ‘new’, and one only has to look to history to find examples of similar or even identical events with which to draw comparisons from.

A case in point is something I happened upon last night, while I was doing some research for the book I am currently putting together about a building of historical interest in Wrexham, north east Wales, when I found an obscure reference to a survey of the Bromfield (Saxon Name) and Yale lordships, that had been undertaken by a Thomas Sheffield in 1315.

After a lot of searching, through books and various archives, I found a Doctorate Thesis in the Aberystwyth University Geography Archive ‘Spatial Patterns in the small town in the nineteenth century – a case study of Wrexham’, written by Sandra Irish B.A. (Hons) which was submitted in August 1987.

On page 102 of that document, there is a reference to this survey, and the date, but I can find little else about it, other than a few anecdotal quotes elsewhere, about ‘Famine’ and rather strangely ‘Cannibalism’.

In Wrexham?

So you know by now how it works, you start off by looking for something and you end up somewhere else, following clues and links and joining dots until you reach a point where you are reading about stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with what you were actually looking for.

Anyway, the anecdotal references I had found to ‘Cannibalism’ piqued my interest somewhat, especially with all the bullshit being promoted around the internet at the moment, with taglines like ‘Baby Eating’ and ‘Satanic Practices’ and ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ etc, so locating actual historical evidence of ‘Cannibalism’ on any scale occurring in Britain or mainland Europe, could, and I emphasize the word ‘could’, add some weight to at least some of these claims.

I avoided the ‘Truther’ websites and forums, especially those who are pumping out this kind of stuff regularly, and purposely looked for sources that were both historically ‘Mainstream’, as well as Contemporary therefore would be generally acceptable to the average person.

What I found was interesting, inasmuch as even WIKIPEDIA (although horrendously flawed, is generally the average person’s go-to reference point), has a number of pages about this very subject, but, being part of another historical event, (which admittedly I was not overly familiar with) could be easily overlooked.

Although WIKI makes no reference to the survey I was looking for, what it does mention is an event known as ‘The Great Famine’, which began in 1315 and continued for the next four years, brought great hardship and starvation to much of Europe and ‘Chroniclers of the time noted many incidences of cannibalism’….

‘In the spring of 1315, unusually heavy rain began in much of Europe. Throughout the spring and the summer, it continued to rain, and the temperature remained cool. Under such conditions, grain could not ripen, leading to widespread crop failures. Grain was brought indoors in urns and pots to keep dry. The straw and hay for the animals could not be cured, so there was no fodder for the livestock. The price of food began to rise; prices in England doubled between spring and midsummer. Salt, the only way to cure and preserve meat, was difficult to obtain because brine could not be effectively evaporated in wet weather; its price increased from 30 shillings to 40 shillings. In Lorraine, wheat prices grew by 320% making bread unaffordable to peasants. Stores of grain for long-term emergencies were limited to royalty, lords, nobles, wealthy merchants and the Church. Because of the general increased population pressures, even lower-than-average harvests meant some people would go hungry; there was little margin for failure. People began to harvest wild edible roots, plants, grasses, nuts and bark in the forests.

A number of documented incidents show the extent of the famine. Edward II, King of England, stopped at St Albans on 10 August 1315 and had difficulty finding bread for himself and his entourage; it was a rare occasion in which the King of England was unable to eat. The French, under Louis X, tried to invade Flanders, but in the low country of the Netherlands, the fields were soaked and the army became so bogged down that they were forced to retreat, burning their provisions where they left them, unable to carry them away.

In the spring of 1316, it continued to rain on a European population deprived of energy and reserves to sustain itself. All segments of society from nobles to peasants were affected but especially the peasants, who represented 95% of the population and who had no reserve food supplies. To provide some measure of relief, the future was mortgaged by slaughtering the draft animals, eating the seed grain, abandoning children to fend for themselves (“Hansel and Gretel”) and, among old people, voluntarily refusing food for the younger generation to survive.

*The chroniclers of the time noted many incidents of cannibalism.*

The height of the famine was reached in 1317, as the wet weather continued. Finally, in that summer, the weather returned to its normal patterns. By then, however, people were so weakened by diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis, and so much of the seed stock had been eaten, that it was not until 1325 that the food supply returned to relatively normal levels and the population began to increase again. Historians debate the toll, but it is estimated that 10–25% of the population of many cities and towns died. Though the Black Death (1338–1375) would kill more people, it often swept through an area in a matter of months, whereas the Great Famine lingered for years, prolonging the suffering of the populace’. – WIKIPEDIA

That of course does not ‘Prove’ that Cannibalism is practiced today by any means, only that extreme hardship had forced a number of people out of sheer desperation and extreme hunger, to do the unthinkable in order to survive – that appears to be a historical fact.

There is of course the now infamous Sawney Beane case, where an East Lothian native in the 12th Century, along with 47 other members of his murderous and cannibalistic family, were executed:

‘Their crimes were considered so heinous that the normal justice system, for which Scotland is so renowned, was abandoned and the entire family were sentenced to death. The following day the twenty-seven men of the family met a fate similar to that of many of their victims, by having their legs and arms cut off and being left to slowly bleed to death, watched by their women. The twenty-one women were burned like witches in huge fires.’

So even in the 12th Century, cannibalism was considered so heinous a crime that the Scottish  justice system was abandoned.

As many of these recent ‘Baby Eating’ claims are known to be emanating from over the Scottish border, could they be using the Bean case, as it’s local to them as a point of reference?

Because I would bet a pound against a pinch of pig manure that they are not aware of what happened during the ‘Great Famine’, and out of great necessity only.


Another thing I would like to draw attention to, although it’s unrelated to the eating of people or babies, is another event which happened prior to 1315, (also referred to in the WIKIPEDIA page) and which is believed to have been the cause of the famine:

‘The onset of the Great Famine coincided with the end of the Medieval Warm Period. Between 1310 and 1330, northern Europe saw some of the worst and most sustained periods of bad weather in the entire Middle Ages, characterized by severe winters and rainy and cold summers. The Great Famine may have been precipitated by a volcanic event, perhaps that of Mount Tarawera which lasted about five years.

Changing weather patterns, the ineffectiveness of medieval governments in dealing with crises and population level at a historical high made it a time for little margin for error in food production.’

Which shows that ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change’ is not a new thing either, it’s a perfectly natural cycle, (every few thousand years) is entirely predictable, and is certainly not ‘ManMade’ as every western Government has claimed for the last decade or so, and that there are not that many things that are entirely ‘New’….

*I will continue searching for the Wrexham Cannibals though, in case you were wondering …. It would make a great story.*

Publishing a site such as the Outlaw brings with it a certain responsibility, not only to it’s readers and those who comment here, but also to the people who wish to remain anonymous and have contacted the site looking for answers to any number of questions.

Of course, it would be physically impossible for anyone to be able to answer questions in a manner that would satisfy everybody, but whenever I can, I always endeavor to steer people towards more knowledgeable folk, or credible agencies who are able to help with queries that I cannot adequately deal with.

Sometimes though, when the same question is being asked by a number of people, I will usually try to formulate a response, by way of a published article on the Outlaw, such as the one you are about to read.

One of the questions I have been asked the most lately, and not only on this site but by way of private messages on social media, and which appears to be troubling a lot of people at the present time is;



Now, I am not going to claim that I am able to offer a definitive answer by any means, but as it’s a question that has been asked by so many people, it’s not something that I can comfortably ignore.

It would have helped, of course to have been furnished with some background as to why this question would be asked, or in what context the query has arisen …. but in the absence of said background, I shall assume that’s it’s more of a generalized question and is not related to any specific event or named person.

There can be any number of reasons why anyone would purposely spread disinformation or falsehoods online, and I will use as only one example of many, many more, the recent re-emergence of people who are desperately trying to push the belief that ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ is a cast iron reality, despite the clear lack of evidence that would be needed to support such a theory.

For the record, I have not met with, or have had contact with a single genuine survivor of abuse who supports the idea that SRA exists, ever, and many survivors are in fact, very angry that this issue is being pushed in such an aggressive way online, that it has effectively drowned out the voices of genuine survivors.

The mass media hasn’t helped with this at all, as it has simply tarred all survivors with the same brush, perhaps as a means to discredit the genuine accounts from gaining any real traction?

Claims of SRA have emerged every decade or so, and had it’s heyday in the 1980s when there appeared to have been a worldwide epidemic of alleged incidences of SRA – which may have arisen from law enforcement agencies’ system-wide failure to prosecute the sexual abuse of children up to and during the 1970s.

Or, it could have been due to the methods in which child abuse was reported being updated, and in America the Department of Justice had a great deal of success in prosecuting the purveyors of Child pornography after finally stepping up to the plate by the 1980s after years of lobbying by campaigners.

Whatever the reason may be, and over the last couple of years, increasingly lurid and truly shocking SRA narratives have emerged, and the number of allegations have increased exponentially.

So why is it happening, who is responsible, and what is the objective?

In regard to the people responsible, it could be as simple as the reporting of lurid, and unspeakably horrible tales always attract an audience, and as with any audience, the opportunity to cash in will present itself, inasmuch as the more traffic a website receives, if that website is also ‘monetized’ …. then the motive becomes only too obvious.

But what about those people who do not appear to have a financial incentive, what is their motivation?

In order to answer that, I believe that it’s important to look at the people themselves, and at what could be interpreted as the ‘righteous zeal’ that often accompanies their online (and offline) behavior.

The greater majority of these people are without a doubt, ‘believers’, and will continue to believe in everything they are saying and doing regardless of the repercussions, the possible consequences or the implausibility of their claims.

I do not believe, however, that these ‘beliefs’ simply appeared to them one day, that they woke up one morning and decided to set out on some kind of divine mission to covert anyone who would listen, into believing as they do – I am of the firm opinion that what they now believe, was put in their heads, and purposely so.

How is that possible?

When you look a little closer at some these people, it is quite easy to work out that they all fit within a certain demographic; they are very similar in a number of ways, and one of those ways is that they all display certain characteristics …. traits, if you prefer, that are not immediately obvious to those who do not possess manipulative tendencies bordering on the sociopathic, or happen to be malignant narcissists.

People who are desperate for attention, who really want to fit in or belong to something, are possibly vulnerable in some way, and who may also have some underlying or obvious mental health issues and spent most of their lives being socially isolated for example, are ideal targets for sociopaths and narcissists, who are themselves quite expert at seeking out such people, and by their very nature will then use them to their own ends.

I am not talking about the organ grinders here, the string-pullers and the so-called ‘big hitters’ of the alternative media like Icke, Gerrish, Spivey and the like, as their agenda’s are screamingly obvious to all, or should be by now at least – the people I am going to highlight here are the ‘hangers on’ , who follow them and breathe in every word they say and treat it as some sort of quasi-religious experience.

The late Richard Webster described it perfectly when he wrote:

‘Although some observers might feel that the kind of righteousness described here is at odds with the indifference to the truth which Taylor appears sometimes to have shown, to think in this manner is to fail to understand what might be called  ‘the psychology of righteousness’. For throughout human history the pattern of conduct displayed by those people who seem to be motivated by a burning conviction in the rightness of a particular cause has been disturbing. Again and again it becomes apparent that those whose consciousness is dominated by feelings of righteousness, appear to be psychologically incapable of weighing the moral significance of individual acts according to any calculus, other than one derived from their own most passionate beliefs. Indeed, feelings of righteousness sometimes play such a role in an individual’s self-image that they overpower ordinary moral sensitivity. Such feelings make it psychologically difficult to acknowledge even the possibility that any action taken in pursuit of an aim which is considered right could conceivably be bad or immoral.’

My own thoughts on this are that a person of the ‘type’ I outlined above, and who desperately wants, and needs to fit in and be a part of something which is infinitely more attractive and exciting than anything that has happened in their own lives thus far …. are very, very easy to manipulate.

Whenever I see these disparate groups promoting these type of stories, and the way they defend both their own and each other’s behavior, it puts me in mind of something that I spent some time studying almost forty years ago, and makes more sense to me in regard to this than almost anything else I have been able to find online.

A group of Jack The Ripper enthusiasts were discussing the ubiquitous ‘Royal Killer’ theory in 1979, where the subject of John Netley ‘The Phantom Coachman’ came up, and the group looked at every possible reason why such a nondescript little man, a complete ‘Nobody’ and petty criminal, could have been persuaded to perform what were some pretty gruesome tasks.

Netley, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the story, was the man who was named by the Author Stephen Knight as being the man who lured the victims of Jack The Ripper into a coach he was asked to drive, which contained (allegedly) both the Ripper (Queen Victoria’s personal physician) and an accomplice.

Netley was sworn to obedience, according to Knight, by being made to believe (by the Freemasons) that he was being asked to perform a  ‘Great Task’, his participation was vital and would benefit not only the whole population, but the Crown itself was under threat if he refused.

He genuinely believed, out of the thousands of other coach drivers that operated in London in 1888, that he had been specifically ‘chosen to undertake a special task which was a matter of National Security.’

For a man like Netley, who had been scraping a living at the very bottom of the social scale his entire life, and who had desperately wanted, with every fibre of his being, to be accepted, even welcomed into the very society he had watched for many years with envious eyes – the decision was easy.

He did it ….

Even though Mr Knights version of the Ripper story has long been discounted as a work of fiction, and John Netley probably never even existed, the basic premise is sound, inasmuch as anyone like Netley, who hovers around the type of people he admires and aspires to be accepted by, is easy prey to the manipulators and morally bankrupt types who operate within the higher end of both the alternative, and to a degree, the mass media.

And that is even before you begin to consider other agencies who operate on behalf of the establishment, using similar tactics to ‘plant stories’, spread false information and effectively muddy the waters online to distract, confuse and redirect attention elsewhere.

Something to consider perhaps?

Oh! And in case you were were wondering what happened to Mr Netley?

He was killed after being run over by his own carriage, less than a week after the last victim of Jack The Ripper, Mary Kelly, was discovered.

The coroners verdict was one of ‘Accidental Death’….

For those out there who are still sitting on the fence, or are harboring doubts as to the direction in which some of the high profile ‘Troofers’ are attempting to steer people – perhaps this tweet, posted yesterday by Brian Gerrish of the UK Column will help to dispel the last of those doubts.


Encouraging people to attend the hearings of those who have ended up before the courts for promoting hoaxes, such as the one Ms McNeill has been doing with what she (and others) have claimed has occurred at Hampstead and elsewhere, is not only reckless and totally irresponsible behaviour, but is also playing on the emotive responses of vulnerable and clearly deluded people.

I strongly advise anyone who is thinking of attending these hearings to think again, as you will be perpetuating the belief in an abhorrent falsehood, and are being led by these Pied Pipers of the Alternative Media into an endless cycle of false leads which ultimately lead nowhere.

And maybe, booking an appearance before the courts yourselves ….

A newly uploaded video by Brian Harvey, which very cleverly, and clearly illustrates the way in which vulnerable people can be, and often are ‘Coached’ to make allegations of sexual abuse and even murder by some very unscrupulous, immoral and utterly despicable characters.

Characters who have, over the last decade or so, exhibited what is now widely believed to be a clear agenda to not only try to discredit genuine witnesses and survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse by any means, but also to protect the more prominent abusers by muddying the waters and laying false trails which lead absolutely nowhere.

Enjoy the video and please subscribe to Brian’s YouTube Channel ….

EDIT: The video has now been removed from Youtube

It seems like a lifetime ago now, and it certainly feels that way sometimes – that a system existed in this country which dealt with wayward teenagers in a manner that seems almost unbelievable to the wider population.

The Borstals, the ‘Short, Sharp Shock’ of the Detention Centre’s, the ‘Assessment’ Centre’s, the Home Office ‘Approved Schools’ and some of the now notorious ‘Care Homes’, were the places in which thousands of boys found themselves incarcerated during the late 1960s, through the 1970s and halfway through the 1980s.

Many of these lads, some as young as 9, were hauled before the juvenile and magistrates courts for things that would these days incur a simple caution, a small fine or a community order, and were thrown into the types of places where brutality, physical and mental abuse and what can only be described as ‘torture’ were a daily occurrence – and rape and sexual abuse were endemic across the entire system.

You can read through the testimonies of some of the lads who were sent to the Ty Mawr Approved School nr Abergavenny in South Wales during those times here.

And now, mainly due to a small number of activists and the tenacity and brave actions of groups of survivors of institutions like the Medomsley Detention Centre, who for decades never gave up fighting for recognition and justice, that the mainstream media by way of the Press Association, have finally acknowledged what happened to boys like us ….

Torture ‘systematic’ in youth detention centres in 1970s and 1980s says lawyer….

The Press Association

The way some teenage detention centre inmates were treated in the 1970s and 1980s could be officially classed as torture, a leading child abuse lawyer has said.

David Greenwood, who has acted for victims of the Rotherham abuse scandal, is calling for a public inquiry into what went on behind bars in institutions across the country up to 40 years ago.

He said the UK signed up to the UN Convention Against Torture in 1984, but young inmates were subjected to cruel, degrading punishments even after that point.

Often the crimes they committed would these days warrant a community punishment.

Seven former prison guards at a detention centre (Medomsley) in northern England are currently being prosecuted following allegations of sexual and physical abuse.

And Mr Greenwood has worked with other claimants who were locked up at different institutions who allege they were tortured.

The solicitor said: “These young men were a forgotten segment of society and people viewed them as worthless.

“It was torture and in any prison, in any battlefield, it would not be tolerated, yet it was systematic in our detention centres in the 1970s and ’80s.”

Mr Greenwood, a director of Switalskis Solicitors, said: “These boys were locked up, they could not run away but were subjected to what I would describe as torture from prison officers.

“I submitted a complaint to the UN concerning this and the UK’s lack of adherence to the convention in this regard. I am still waiting to hear from the UN officials in charge of monitoring.”

Mr Greenwood said ex-detainees have told him they were routinely punched by staff.

He said: “The use of stress positions was universally applied, having to bunny hop in a fully crouched position from one place to another without using arms to steady yourself was usual.”

Home secretary Willie Whitelaw’s Short Sharp Shock initiative, where inmates were given a burst of Army-type discipline was taken too far by some officers, Mr Greenwood said.

Leading criminologist Professor David Wilson was governor of a more progressive young offenders’ institution in the 1980s.

He said detention centres were run to deliberately put inmates under psychological and physical stress.

“That line between putting someone under stress and simply brutalising them seemed to never be clearly enough drawn,” he said.

“The Short Sharp Shock was clearly going to be interpreted by some members of staff in ways that would lead to abuse.”

Inmates at Eastwood Park Detention Centre in Gloucestershire have told Mr Greenwood they were punched if they did not answer officer’s responses with “Sir”.

The lawyer added: “They would be regularly punched for the slightest misdemeanour and were also whipped with a length of rubber pipe.”

A poem written by an ex-Eastwood Park inmate refers to being made to stay in a sitting position but without being allowed to use a chair.

Cleveland Police have been investigating historic allegations about Kirklevington Detention Centre near Yarm.

So far more than 400 complainants have come forward, the force said.

Mr Greenwood, who represents around 50 of them, said: “The same type of abuse is complained of – punches for no reason, stress positions, cold showers, prolonged physical exercise.

“I have received similar reports of similar extreme physical abuse from staff at Thorpe Arch Grange in Yorkshire dating back to the 1980s.”

He said these men, now in their 50s, deserve compensation and answers.

“I am working with a group of the men to call for a full public inquiry into the treatment of our young people by prison staff in the 1970s and 1980s,” he said.

“I hope to influence the Home Secretary to order an inquiry.”

A Prisons Service spokesman said: “There is already an inquiry looking into these allegations, which is part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.”

He said it would be inappropriate to comment on allegations of abuse at a specific detention centre which were subject to an ongoing police investigation.


Over the last few weeks and certainly more noticeably over the Christmas and New Year period, a mass-mailer appears to have been circulated to what must be thousands of personal email accounts.

Around a dozen of these emails have been forwarded to the Outlaw, as well as being posted to my social media accounts by disgruntled recipients, the majority of whom are asking the same question.


The email in question is in simple terms, a request for donations from an outfit that may be familiar to many readers already, namely ‘The peoples Voice’,an organisation which first began broadcasting as a ‘free global internet television and radio service’ in and around November 2013, before ignominiously disappearing during the middle of 2014.

In it’s previous incarnation, TPV relied on an aggressive and apparently successful ‘crowd-sourcing’ campaign using the INDIEGOGO platform to raise revenue, and thousands of well-meaning people wholeheartedly got behind it, as it did appear( on the surface at least) to be a project, that was certainly worth supporting.

But as it turned out, the reality was very different, and there are people who genuinely believed in the project and worked at TPV as volunteers, who believe that the whole thing was set up to fail, a number of whom who have written about their experiences – the evidence of which can be found around the www.

The contents of the email are as follows:



Hi, we are The People’s Voice – a group of passionate individuals from around the world who make content covering the information, background and opinions the mainstream media won’t touch.

How often do people ask ‘What can I do?’ in the face of the global descent into Big Brother? How often are ordinary citizens told what to think by the elite, censored on social media, and ‘debunked’ by the corporate mainstream media?

We aim to become a global television station funded by the people, for the people, with one simple remit: INFORM, INSPIRE, EMPOWER

We began in 2014, where a team of volunteers made a variety of online TV shows from a London-based studio, broadcasting suppressed information to the entire world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using the experience gained from that project, we would like to launch the second iteration of The People’s Voice, taking it to the NEXT LEVEL with your support.


With your support we want to give a voice to whistle-blowers, government insiders, and expert researchers across a variety of fields – we want to give a voice to all those currently silenced by the mainstream media.

Free from corporate interests that most media companies are shackled by, we will bring you news and empowering information from around the world that will help bring about a global revolution and help drain the mainstream media swamp.

The People’s Voice
 will not do censorship, and it will not be silenced by intimidation.

It is time to hear The People’s Voice – so let’s make this happen!


We will start by making at least two weekly shows on a variety of topics.

The more people who join, the bigger and more ambitious we will become.

Members will get early access to each of our videos, before they are uploaded to YouTube. They will also have the ability to participate on our shows, collaborate with our producers and presenters, and take part in shaping the network for the future. –  LINK

In addition, for a regular donation of between $5 and $10,000 per month, those who contibute are promised a number of perks, which range from being given ‘early access to the shows before they are uploaded to Youtube’, (presumably for free) to ‘Spending a weekend meeting the team and work with producers and presenters to make a show. Each evening you will have a team dinner (you are responsible for travel and accommodation).

Sounds great doesn’t it?

If you happen to have a disposable 10k every month that is.

However, before anyone decides to hand over any cash to this venture, it would be remiss of me if I did not point out that ‘The Peoples Voice’ are also a holding company for an already existing online ‘News’ outlet, and one which is immediately recognizable to many people by now as ‘Yournewswire’.



YourNewsWire (styled as is a Los Angeles-based clickbait FAKE NEWS news website known for disseminating conspiracy theories and misleading information, contrary to its claimed motto (“News. Truth. Unfiltered”).

According to Josh Boswell of The Sunday TimesSean Adl-Tabatabai (a former television producer) is the owner and ‘Editor-in-chief’. However, YourNewsWire also claims that it is owned by holding company called The People’s Voice (Incorporated), which is the name of their Facebook account.  – SOURCE