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2016 was officially the year of the ‘Snowflake’….

It was also the year of Brexit in the UK, the beginning of the end of the European Union, and the year in which Americans voted for the wildest wildcard in political history, Donald J Trump –  to be their next President.

It was also the year in which two new words were introduced into the English language – Remoaner’ and ‘Brexiteer’.

It was a year that saw the unprecedented rise of the ‘Alt-Right’ and the far right in world politics, (mainly down to the selective blindness, deafness and sheer ineptitude of the left), and the word ‘Racist’  was second only toSelfie’ in the amount of times it was used by the mass media and heard on the streets of both Britain and America.

It was also the year in which mainstream politics moved so close to the centre ground, that anyone who dared speak the truth about what was happening in their own countries, or asked questions of establishment policy …. became a ‘Nazi’.

It was the year in which ‘Safe Spaces’ and ‘Trigger Words’ replaced reasoned debate and grown-up discussion in Colleges and Universities around the world, and it was the year that North Korea claimed to have tested a thermonuclear weapon.

It was the year in which more than 1,000,000 three day emergency food parcels were distributed to people in acute crisis in the UK, and also the year in which 961,000 British households had assets worth more than £1M, excluding property and luxury goods.

It was the year we heard that global spending on aid and development increased by 7%, and spending on refugees had doubled, while the number of children in poverty in the UK jumped by 200,000.

It was also the year in which a report was published by a charity stating that the world’s 62 richest people were as wealthy as the rest of the worlds population.

It was the year that brought us #pizzagate and #twittergate, and the #Twitterstorm, and proved beyond all doubt that the mainstream mass media (and a large proportion of the so-called ‘Alternative Media’) could not be trusted …. and that exit polls were in fact …. Shit.

It was the year in which Israel revealed that it now makes 55% of it’s own freshwater, meaning that one of the driest countries on Earth now has more water than it needs, while a water crisis threatens 35,000 Palestinians, of which, half are children.

It was also the year in which 50 Celebrities’ and/or public figures passed away, and are publicaly mourned worldwide, while 55.3 Million other folk slipped away quietly, almost unnoticed, (as they do every year).

I could go on but you get the picture by now I am sure ….

So have a really great, happy and productive New Year and try not to forget to prepare for a 2017 where anything could happen –  and where absolutely nothing should be ruled out.

The Outlaw will leave 2016 behind, with a reminder of the words of Confucius when he attempted to give his opinions and teachings, greater gravity and wider acceptance:

“I do not create; I merely pass on the collected wisdom of those who have gone before.”

I have been meaning to write about something that has been discussed a lot over the years, especially among those in the Alternative Media, which is the claim that Adolf Hitler was a direct descendant of the Rothschild family.

It is entirely possible that the source of that story, was an article ‘Was Adolf Hitler a Rothschild?’, published in 2003 by one of the AM’s biggest hitters, who’s name is undoubtably familiar to anybody who has logged onto the internet, but also to many of those who haven’t.

‘Official history is merely a veil to hide the truth of what really happened. When the veil is lifted, again and again we see that not only is the official version not true, it is often 100% wrong.’

The opening lines of the article are 100% factual, as anyone who has studied real history would agree with I should imagine, but in little over a paragraph later, the writer adds the line:

‘The Rothschild’s are one of the top Illuminati bloodlines on the planet and they are shape-shifting reptilians’.

Which, when included in an article which tries to convince the reader that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s were not only created and funded by the Rothschilds, but Hitler himself shared their bloodline as a direct descendant, (and a shape-shifting reptilian) seems a rather odd thing to do if you want that article to be taken seriously.

The article’s author, in this instance appears to base his claim on: ‘According to a book by psychoanalyst Walter Langer called The Mind of Hitler, not only was Hitler supported by the Rothschilds – he WAS a Rothschild’

The original article did not include sourceable links, but a search brought up a brief description of the book in question which reads:

A secret wartime 281 page report, authored by Walter C. Langer in 1943. Office of Stategic Services director General William J. Donovan suggested to psychologist Walter C. Langer that a psychological profile of Adolf Hitler needed to be developed. It was hoped that an accurate study would be helpful in gaining a deeper insight into Adolf Hitler and the German people and that the study might serve as a guide for ‘Allied Propaganda’ activities as well as for future dealings with Hitler and the Germans. Langer produced the report, “A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler: His Life and Legend”, with the help of Professor Henry A. Murray, of the Harvard Psychological Clinic, Dr. Ernst Kris, of the New School for Social Research, and Dr. Bertram D. Lewin, of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute.’

And the report itself, for those who wish to investigate the claims further, can be read online at The Virtual Jewish Library  and is where the paragraph below is taken from:

“Though the idea may seem preposterous to some, the question seems to stem from the remote possibility that Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. Hitler’s father, Alois, was registered as an illegitimate child with no father when born in 1837 and to this day Hitler’s paternal grandfather is unknown. Alois’ mother, Maria Schicklgruber, is known to have worked in the home of a wealthy Jew, so there is some chance, however small, that a son in that household got Hitler’s grandmother pregnant.”

The author of the ‘Was Hitler a Rothschild’ article states:

“Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler (Schicklgruber) was Johann Georg Hiedler. There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois (an Austrian document was) prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home, where Alois was born.”

Which claims that Maria Anna Schicklgruber became pregnant during the time she was ’employed as a servant at the home of Baron Rothschild’.

From what I can ascertain, the article author (along with many others previously) has mistakenly (or not) linked Hitler’s lineage with the Rothschild’s, entirely based on the single testimony of one Hans Frank, a member of the Nazi Party, who later became Adolf Hitler’s personal lawyer.

Hans Frank

‘During his tenure throughout WWII (1939–45), Hans Frank instituted a reign of terror against the civilian population. At the Nuremberg Trials he was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and was executed’.WIKIPEDIA

Frank, who was a prisoner of the Allies in Poland following the war, stated while in captivity:

“I must say that it is not completely impossible, that the father, Alois Hitler,was therefore, a half-Jew from the illegitimate connection of Maria Schickelgruber with the Grazer Jew. Then, therefore, Hitler himself would have been a quarter Jew. Then his Anti-Semitism would have been caused from a blood-indignant related psychosis. Who may be able to interpret all that!”

For Frank’s story to have been correct, a Jew named ‘Frankenberger’ would have to have lived in Graz in 1836, and Maria Schicklgruber would have also needed to be there at the same time, and there is no evidence to support this. Neither can it be proved that there were any Jews living in the German language area of Graz with the name Frankenberger in the 19th Century.

Gerrard Kessler discovered in 1935 not one instance of that name, and the following historical fact should also be taken into account: “In Graz there were, since the end of the 15th Century until the decade after the death of Maria Schickelgruber, no residents in the area who were Jews”.

The consensus, therefore, is that there is no definitive proof that Maria worked at that particular residence, and no historian or genealogist who has researched the Hitler family line, has found any evidence of the true identity of Hitler’s grandfather ….  And there were no Jewish residents in Graz.

Hitler’s ancestry first came into question when his political opponents began spreading rumours that his paternal grandfather was Jewish since one of Nazism’s major principles was that to be considered a pure “Aryan” one had to have a documented ancestry certificate (Ahnenpass).

In 1931 Hitler ordered the Schutzstaffel (SS) to investigate the alleged rumours regarding his ancestry; they found no evidence of any Jewish ancestors.

There has always been a great deal of speculation surrounding Hitler’s ancestry, but none of it is based on verifiable facts. The only thing known for certain is that Hitler’s father Alois, was born in 1837, and that Johann Georg Heidler would later admit to being his father. In 1876, Alois changed his name officially from Schicklgruber to Heidler, which was written as ‘Hitler’ since 1877.

Even if you put aside Werner Maser’s assertion that Maria refused to reveal who her child’s father was, the claim that Adolf Hitler was the grandson of a Rothschild is speculation, based on rumour at best, and has no evidence whatsoever to support it.

Which brings me onto the other claim in the article, that the Rothschilds are ‘Shape-Shifting Reptilians’.

The truth of which will be the subject of another article which will be published on the Outlaw in the New Year.



‘Heroes, Rogues and Spies’ (2002) – John S. Craig

HITLER, A Study in Tyranny (1952) – Alan Bullock

The Virtual Jewish Library

Hitler’s War (1977) – David Irving


Was Hitler a Rothschild? (2003) – David Icke

A Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler (1943) – Walter C.Langer

Die Ahnentafel des Fuehrers (1937) – Rudolf Koppensteiner

While meandering around the world wide web, I more often than not discover things written about myself, this website and/or people I know well, on countless websites, forums and social media accounts.

As regular readers of the Outlaw are undoubtably aware, the greater majority of what I read about myself (and this website and it’s patrons), and published by any number of those who believe themselves to be ‘Anonymous’, (but who’s identities are in fact known to me) and by those who have elected to post online without feeling the need to hide behind a fake identity …. is complete, unadulterated garbage.

One of the less offensive terms used to refer to me, and surprisingly is seen by some as being a somewhat derogatory and insulting term, is the word ‘Boyo’, which seems to some who reside in the south-east of England and Wigan and its environs to be side-splittingly funny, and is used in almost every reference they make to me.

The ‘Boyo’ moniker, is without doubt used by them because I hail from South Wales; a few short miles north of Cardiff, and despite a small assembled cast of uneducated morons’ insistance that ‘Boyo’ is a degrading and insulting term, it would be remiss of me if I did not attempt at least, to explain that where I come from …. it means something completely different.

In the South Wales valleys, the word ‘Boyo’ means ‘Little One’ or ‘Dear One’ and is reserved for those in the community who are highly respected, greatly admired and endeared by all the people fortunate enough to know them.

It’s usage became widespread outside of South Wales, due in no small part to it being the name given to Henry George ‘Boyo’ Rees, a name which was to become known throughout Welsh (and ultimately world) sporting history in the first half of the twentieth century.

‘Boyo’ Rees could fight you see, and fight extremely well – and by the spring of 1929, at the ripe old age of 17, he set out to make a name for  himself in the toughest arena of all sporting achievements …. the square ring of the professional Prize Fighter.

From what I am able to acertain, there was no history of boxing in the Rees family, they were known as being gentle folk as opposed to bruisers, and apart from Boyo they were all physically big people posessed of a quiet, seemingly reserved disposition.

Boyo was a lightweight, posessed of a slim, but athletic appearance, and a compact powerhouse of pure pugilistic fury.

His grand-parents came to the village of Abercwmboi from the west of Wales sometime during the mid-1800’s, and like his father and brothers, Boyo worked in the local colliery, but unlike the rest of his family, found himself drawn towards the square rings which were plentiful in the pubs and clubs and town squares across South Wales, matching himself on a daily basis against all comers in the only activity that held any real interest for him.

It was a tough life, the training mainly consisted of participating in real fights against anyone who was prepared to have a go, regardless of their size and weight and their ability.

Photograph of Henry ‘Boyo’ Rees from my personal image collection

Boyo had no worries on that score, he was a naturally gifted fighter who possessed great natural instincts, and combined with the ferocious punching power he carried in each fist, he made a formidable opponent for anyone who stepped into the ring to face him.

It was a combination of these abilities, which he displayed in more than 300 known fights, that made him an idol among his own people as well as catching the eye of all of those who knew real potential when they saw it.

South Wales in those days, positively brimmed with fighting talent, and much of the talent that had emerged from the seething cauldron of activity that the coal mining valleys had become, went on to reach the very pinnacle of the sport.

Wales, especially in the south of the country, had become the Mecca of Boxing by the 1920’s and produced fighters of every weight, and boasted more British, Empire and World champions than any other country during that time.

Boyo’s Professional Boxing Licence, issued by the British Boxing Board of Control in 1929 was Number 38820, which shows that Rees was the thirty-eight thousand, eight hundred and twentieth boxer to receive a fight licence in Britain since it was set up in 1900.

That figure alone showed the staggering number of active professional fighters at the time, with a large proportion of those operating out of South Wales.

So to become a Welsh champion, as Boyo ultimately did, and to remain undefeated for a full ten years was no easy feat, and it certainly places him among the very best of his era, and a fighter that was a very much loved and respected figure wherever he went.

His first big contest was against the Belgian Champion Louis Saerens, whom he knocked out in the second round at the Victoria Hall, Nottingham, then before his home crowd in Mountain ash Pavilion he outpointed the well respected Nobby Baker of Trealaw, no doubt with one eye on what he considered to be his ultimate aim – the Welsh lightweight crown.

Along that road, however, lay the Northern lightweight champion Douglas Parker, who he mercilessly pounded to defeat over six bloody rounds in Bristol’s Colston Hall in December 1933, and George Reynolds of Wolverhampton and Young McManus of Plymouth, both of whom he easily beat that year.

By that time, he had fought the greater part of the best of the established boxers that were around, often knocking them out in the early rounds, and his victories kept coming until he was considered eligible to fight for the Welsh lightweight title, and before his home crowd too.

15,000 people packed the Mountain Ash Pavilion the night he stepped into the ring to face Billy Quinlan of Ammanford in October 1934, and from the first bell it was a furious affair right up until the ninth round, when Boyo’s favoured right hand caught Quinlan in the stomach, letting Boyo become what he had always wanted to be – a champion of his home country.

He did suffer a couple of set-backs when he was knocked out by the American Phil Zwick in the second round of their fight at Liverpool stadium, and shortly afterwards at the same venue, he lost to Jimmy Walsh of Chester. He recovered quickly though, and recorded sensational wins against Johnny Scullion of Newcastle, Ted Ferry of Bethnal Green, whom he knocked out of the ring in the fifth round causing Ferry to retire in the sixth, and Jimmy Thornton, also of Bethnal Green who he beat on points for the second time within a year.

Fighting so often also meant travelling considerable distances, and although he was doing well financially, he donated most of his prize money to charity, which endeared him to many people outside of Wales as well as at home, although he did raise a few eyebrows in Mountain Ash when he became one of the first people in the Cynon valley who owned a motor car, nobody could deny that he had earned it though.

During many of his fights, Boyo had to concede any advantage he had to opponents who were often much taller than he was, but he usually wore them down by his unrelenting levels of skilful aggression, and one of these bouts where this was very much on display, was against Alby Day of London, a top-of-the-bill fight at Smethwick Stadium.

Halfway through the fight he was well behind on points, but his onslaught during the final two rounds was such, that there was nearly a riot when the judge declared the fight a draw, when it was clear to almost everyone who witnessed the fight, that Boyo had won with relative ease.

Boyo always fought well, very hard, very often for charitable causes and almost always brought the watching crowds to their feet with his demoniac punching rates, and became a guaranteed ‘crowd puller’ whenever his name appeared on a fight poster.

Later in his career he recorded victories over the great Jamaican, known as ‘His Satanic Majesty’,  ‘Lefty’ Flynn, Billy Hardy of Barrow, Bert Taylor of Birmingham and Robert Disch the Dutch lightweight champion. In what was probably his greatest fight, Boyo was narrowly outpointed by Canadian Danny Webb over eight rounds at Bristol.

Webb, who only a week earlier had defeated the former world flyweight champion Jackie Paterson from Glasgow, had an impeccable pedigree. He was considered the best lightweight around, yet could not get close enough to the hard-punching south Walian to make an impression.

The verdict of the fight was a surprise, however, and was accompanied by loud booing from the crowd, as Webb was awarded the decision despite his wild, innacurate swings which were countered masterfully with lefts and rights from Boyo, tactics which had by all accounts, easily won him the fight.

Abercwmboi, Mountain Ash in the 1920s

Boyo was disconsolate afterwards, and for good reason and it was also the only time he had lost a fight at the Colston Hall.

Towards the end of his remarkable fighting career, Boyo fought the man who was considered to be the greatest lightweight in the world at the time, the original ‘Fen Tiger’ Eric Boon of Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

By all contemporary accounts, the fight was a complete farce, and everyone in attendance at the Mountain Ash Pavilion that night, spoke of how after being counted out in the middle of the fight, Boyo, who was resting on one knee, got up at the same time the referee said “Out!”, winked to his corner and then grinned as he sat down.

The entire population of Mountain Ash remained suspicious of the result of the fight, and believed Boyo did not even attempt to fight, and their scepticism did not diminish when immediately following that fight, Boyo beat the great Jake Kilrain at the Town Hall, Leeds, over 11 rounds, and the much-fancied Peter Clarke of Liverpool a few days later.

*It emerged sometime later that Boon had requested the fight as a stepping-stone to the world title*

The second world war saw the end of Boyo’s career in the ring, and having fought so often for various charities, he was not a wealthy man but did have a comfortable retirement until his death in 1955, aged only 43.

Huge crowds gathered in the streets of Mountain Ash to pay their respect to the undefeated lightweight champion of Wales.

So many had turned up that extra police were drafted in to control them.

As his coffin was carried from his home at 34 Dover Street, many sports personalities were spotted watching the procession – from the Boxing world Jimmy Wilde, Jack Petersen and Dai Dower, countless other sportsmen and many civic dignitaries.

All had come to pay their respects to a man who had given so much of himself to others, his fight against Jake Kilrain alone had raised £1000 for charity, which would have made him a wealthy man had he kept the purse for himself.

Boyo Rees scorned wealth and it’s trappings. He fought for the pleasure of it and for the obvious pleasure his God-given ability in the square ring brought to those who had the privilege of watching him ply his trade.

Despite his relatively small stature, he was a  ‘giant’ not only among the legendary sportsmen produced by the notoriously tough coal-producing areas of South Wales, but by almost everyone who knew of him …. and his name, like everything else he achieved, will be remembered with fondness for generations to come.

So, can I assure you that being referred to as ‘Boyo’, by a few knuckleheads, in a world so full of personal hatred, spite and jealousy as this one has become over the last few years – is a rare honour indeed and I embrace it wholeheartedly ….

Since August 2011, Maricona County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo, a member of the Sheriff’s Office’s Cold Case Team, have been working on a digital document, which was presented to the public by the White House and proported to be a factual representation of the Birth Certificate of outgoing US President, Barack Hussein Obama.

The results of this five-year investigation have now been presented during a press conference screened on December 15th, and have shown that 9 separate points were identified as having been copied from a seperate birth certificate belonging to a ‘Johanna Ah’Nee’, and were digitally pasted to the examined document.

In the video below, Zullo explains how a careful examination of the document’s letters and words, as well as the angles of the date stamps, have proved the document to be a forgery.

However, this revelation does not prove that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, it only proves that the document that was presented to the American public by the Obama administration in 2011 –  was indeed fake.

Where women lead some men will go,
Let women show the way,
Their struggle for our kith and kind,
Won’t wait another day,
The deadlier of our species,
Her tongue and poisoned pen.
A woman’s heart the burning brand,
That lights the way for men.

When women set example,
To save our folk, our race,
The fairest of our species,
Will show her other face;
Protective of her children,
Defensive of her kind;
When men are gentle sleeping,
Or true men hard to find.


Michael Walsh

Mike Walsh was a freelance media writer and columnist for thirty-years.

The Irish journalist now writes and broadcasts solely for independent alternative media.


While the mainstream media continues to pump out seemingly endless fluff about “fake news“, the alternative media, (and what appears to be the rest of the Internet) has gone completely batshit crazy over “Pizzagate“….

In the meantime, a huge child sex abuse story has broken in Norway following a year-long special investigation called “Operation Darkroom”, which resulted in the seizure of 150 terabytes of data material in the form of photos, movies and chat logs containing atrocities against children and babies.

150 Terabytes of material!

The sheer scale of this seizure was unprecedented, has global implications, involves a number of people believed to be among the higher echelons of Norwegian society and the establishment, and is being viewed as part of the largest child porn/abuse network in history.

So why aren’t the mainstream media reporting on it?

Why are most of the alternative media, the so-called ‘truth movement’ and the social media self-styled Paedohunters and CSA ‘Campaigners’ not all over it too?


There will be very few words to accompany this post for obvious reasons, but regular readers of the Outlaw will be only too aware of the significance of the following Tweets ….

They relate to breaking news about an issue which maybe, just maybe, also finally mark the beginning of the end of a recurring nightmare; not just for me and my family – but also for the large number of people that have been adversely affected.

Twitter 1


Twitter 2

I have been doing a lot of research over the last few weeks into something that has affected what appears to be a huge number of people who use the Internet, and which ranks among the grubbiest, malevolent and entirely cowardly activities one could ever have the misfortune to encounter.


This activity, which has become known as ‘RIP Trolling,’ is a singularly vile and deeply disturbing ‘pastime’ (the perpetrators themselves describe it as ‘doing it for the lolz’), undertaken by what only can be accurately described as truly evil, desperately ugly and wholly unrepentant creatures, and involves staging both sustained and completely unrelenting online group attacks on the grieving families and friends of recently deceased children.

Attacking and destroying online memorial pages, which are set up by the deceased child’s family and friends – with child pornography and photoshopped images of mutilated and sexually violated children, adults and animals is only a small part of what they do.

These targeted group attacks are not exclusively focussed on deceased children either, as it has been observed that they derive great pleasure from their sickening online attacks on disabled children and their parents too.

These activities were not something I had ever encountered before, and was certainly something I had not experienced on a personal level, but I was asked to look into it by a number of victims of one UK-Based group in particular, who co-incidentally had also started attacking a good friend of my family on Facebook and Twitter around the same time.

I began tracing their daily activities to their source, aided by some very useful screen shots of their evidenced behaviour, and a digital archive of information sourced by and kindly supplied by some of their victims – and in no small part by the contents of a book that had been written about this very group, which certainly helped to answer a number of questions I needed answers to.

Available on Amazon, ‘HACKERS ON STEROIDS’ which is available at the low cost of just 99p, is an essential, if harrowing read and I would recommended it to anyone who has experienced ‘Trolling’ and ‘Stalking’ and ‘Cyberbullying’ online, and also gives the reader a unique insight into what passes for the mindsets of the type of people I am attempting to write about here.

It is not an easy read by any means, but I did find a lot of parallels with the online and real-like harassment and abuse that I had encountered online since 2013, and finally putting faces to the names that are contained within the book proved extremely helpful too, inasmuch as seeing these people for what they really are – also confirmed that their physical attributes are every bit as much as you would imagine one of these creatures to actually look like.


The Updated status of this post is to acknowledge that I have been left with no option but to remove some of it’s content – due to that content now being shown to be demonstrably false.

I published the content in good faith, and it was based around information I had received from someone who has since been shown to be a less than reliable source.

All I can do is to apologise and assure the reader that I would never knowingly publish information on this website I know to be false, and have since severed all contact with this individual, who has clearly attempted to use the Outlaw as a platform to further his obsessive and ultimately harmful vandettas against a number of people….

I must also add that I totally agree with those people who have advised him to seek the professional help he desperately needs, if he is to avoid any further dealings with the police and the High Court.