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One of most well-known traditions associated with Halloween, is the carving of pumpkin lanterns.

Less well-known, however, is that this most common of Halloween crafts, has its roots firmly embedded in ancient Irish folklore.

When Christianity reached the shores of Ireland, believed to be prior to the 5th Century, the ancient Gaelic/Pagan traditions became along the way intertwined, forming a symbiotic relationship with the new religion.

At Samhain/Halloween, it has long been believed that good spirits, sprites, imps and fairies were particularly active, and alongside them, evil or malevolent spirits roamed the earth collecting unwary souls to take with them to the underworld.


Stingy Jack

One of these malevolent spirits was given the name ‘Stingy Jack’, and it was said that his foul essence was one of those who roamed the earth at Samhain, carrying what appeared to be a lamp, appearing to unwary travellers and locals alike.

And probably scaring them half to death in the process.

Good spirits were active at this time too of course, but they were celebrated, made welcome and were certainly not feared, but according to local legend, the bad spirits could be kept at bay by the sight of ghostly-lit faces placed in the trees and outside people’s homes.

According to the traditional story, Stingy Jack in life, was a drunkard who was known throughout all of Ireland as a thief, a deceiver, a parasite and a cruel manipulator, albeit with a silver tongue and a roguish charm, and was seen as being among the dregs of humanity.

One night, the Devil himself happened to overhear the tale of Jack’s many nefarious exploits, and made a point of seeking him out to discover for himself, whether Jack really lived up to his vile repution.

Later that night, as was typical of Jack, he was very drunk and belligerent, and was, as was also typical of him, wandering around the countryside at night.

As he lurched drunkenly along a cobblestone path, he stumbled upon a body.

This body, appeared to Jack to be very much dead, but as he peered closer, Jack saw that it had a terrifying grimace etched upon it’s face, and was in fact Satan himself – and who was, also very much alive….

Jack realised to his horror, that his own malevolent soul was about to be collected.

At once, Jack hit upon a plan – he would invite the Devil to have a drink with him.

He took him to a local inn, ordered two drinks, and true to his name had no intention of paying for them himself, so he sweet-talked his guest into turning himself into a coin that Jack could use to pay for the drinks.

Once the Devil had done this, Jack immediately picked up the coin from the bar, and put it into his pocket along with a silver crucifix, which prevented Satan from changing back into his original form.

After a while, Jack freed his captive, releasing him only on the condition that he would not bother Jack for a whole year, and should he die in the meantime, would not come to collect his immortal soul.

The Devil grudgingly agreed and disappeared.

Exactly a year later, Jack was again very drunk, and  indulging in his habit of wandering around the countryside in the dark annoying people, when once again he stumbled upon a familiar figure.

This time however, the Devil was very much wiser and refused the offer to go for another drink with Jack, but he had not reckoned on Jack’s latest trick, which was to persuade his hellish visitor to climb a tree that was nearby, to pick a piece of fruit for him.

While the Devil was making his way up the tree to where the best fruit was, Jack pulled out his pocket knife, and carved the sign of the cross into the bark, preventing the Devil from climbing back down.

The Devil pleaded for hours with Jack to be allowed to come down from the tree, and before Jack finally allowed him to do so, he made him swear that he would not bother him again for a full ten years.

The Devil, as he had already been tricked twice by silver-tongued Jack, had no choice but to agree, and climbed down from the tree before promptly disappearing back to where he came from.

Sometime later that year, Stingy Jack died.

The story says when his immortal soul attempted to enter the gates of heaven, Saint Peter, under direct instruction from God himself, was adamant that an unsavoury character such as Stingy Jack would never be allowed to pass through into paradise, and sent him instead to the underworld, where, true to his earlier promise to Jack, Satan would not claim his soul – nor would he allow him to enter Hell either.

So he sent Jack off into the dark night, alone, and to forever wander the earth with only a burning coal in his hand to light his way.

A traditional Irish Jack-O-Lantern in the Museum of Country Life, Ireland

As he began his eternal journey, Jack stole a turnip from a nearby garden, and fashioned it with his trusty pen-knife to hold the burning coal, and has ever since, been seen roaming throughout the countryside every Samhain – his only source of illumination still visible inside a hollowed-out root vegetable.

The Irish began to refer to this ghostly apparition as ‘Jack of the Lantern‘, and after time, simply ‘Jack O’Lantern‘.

Irish immigrants landing in the United States carried on this tradition of their homeland, but began to use the much easier to carve pumpkins instead of turnips, a tradition which has since travelled back across the Atlantic, where nowadays it is almost always pumpkins which are carved into Jack O’ Lanterns in both Ireland and the rest of the British Isles.



It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the extent to which, we, as a sovereign nation here in the UK, are being blatantly lied to, and distracted from what is really happening in the world, by the mainstream media.

For those out there with little or no access to the Internet, it would prove almost impossible to get information other than what is churned out by the established news outlets, which in turn are almost entirely funded and controlled by groups who’s only allegiances are to global corporations and financial institutions.

“There is no such thing, at this date of the world history, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell out his own country for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting of an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our very lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” – John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff at the New York Times in 1922.

Things are no different today, and the stark reality is that the greater majority of people are not even aware of it. Today, in the United States, a select group of super-rich families and tightly-knit financial interests own the media outright and in turn control the U.S. government via their ownership and absolute control of that media.

In the UK, and throughout the rest of the world, there is no reason to think it’s not a similar situation.

Apart from the obvious ‘mis-reporting’ of the truth, the mass media have another purpose, which is to ‘mis-direct’ and steer you away from what you are not allowed to see and hear about, by dissemination of carefully selected snippets of information which are designed to seep into the collective psyche without actually providing any real answers.

A tried and tested process, which provides just enough information to it’s targeted audience, and which does not allow a direct response or clarification that a conversation or an open discussion would have.

In other words, dissemination of news to a large number of people, can present itself as having multiple meanings to each individual depending on their experience, their attitudes, their prior knowledge, their ethnicity, their religious beliefs or even their gender.

One size, certainly does not fit all in this case, and once the basic information is planted in this manner, the harvesting of what emerges from that, may be as far removed from the reality as it is possible to be.

Many of us are witnessing this right now, with the duplicitous manner in which the mass media have presented their coverage of alleged historic childhood sexual abuse, especially if those allegations have been linked with prominent establishment figures for instance.

But where the mainstream media really excel, is in their mis-reporting of ‘foreign‘ or ‘non-domestic‘ news.

The current situation unfolding in Syria is a good example of how the mainstream media spins a skewed version of what may be really happening, inasmuch as their negative coverage of Putin and Russia’s role in ‘assisting’ the Assad regime.

Is Putin genuinely aligning the military might of Russia with an ‘enemy of the west’?

Or is he acutely aware of the possible effects that Syria falling will have on not only the whole of the Middle East region, but mother Russia herself and consequently the rest of the world?

Imagine the following if you will:

If Saudi Arabia, (as is now widely believed) are funding the Tory Party in the UK, the government of the United States as well as the French Government, and are also financially backing rebel Jihadist terror groups around the world, including in the UK and of course the same Wahhibi crackpots who are trying to destroy Syria – things begin to make a lot more sense.

Syria is being attacked because they are a free, independent and sovereign state, which does not fit into the template being drawn up for the region by the international banking system and the giant power corporations who, no doubt have an interest in the enormous gas fields that lie beneath Syria.

Assad, who heads a nationalist government, would use the revenue from the sales of that gas for the people of Syria, and that is not going to be tolerated by the western powers.

Syria as a country, is not particularly important to the globalists, (apart from its gas fields) it is being destroyed so Israel can continue to wipe the Palestinians off the face of the earth, plus following the destruction of Syria, they can also attack Iran through Iraq.

From there they may go on to attack Belarus, and when both Iran and Belarus have fallen – they are at the Russian border.

The international bankers hate Russia, because under Putin they have broken away from the internationalists who previously had a stranglehold on the country.

Putin has re-established Russia as a Nationalist, Christian, and sovereign state and as such is the main target for the internationalists.

There may well come a time, and not too far away, that the only way the UK, or any other European nation will be allowed to regain their freedom and independence from the clutches of the internationalist bankers, will be with the backing of Russia.

And for Europe to survive, it needs Russia.

But that is something you will never see in the mainstream media, and it’ll not feature prominently in the so-called ‘Alternative Media’ for that matter.

It may be worth thinking about, why that would be?

Since Germany introduced border controls, dramatically halting all train traffic with Austria, a number of European countries are set to follow Germany’s lead, as it is becoming obvious that the infastructure of many European countries, simply cannot cope with the overwhelming numbers of refugees entering the European Union.

Germany’s interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, had no option but to announce these measures after German officials said record numbers of refugees, the overwhelming majority of whom came from Syria – had ‘stretched the system to breaking point.’

So the question has to be asked, were these events entirely unexpected?

A number of Middle Eastern experts believe that the on-going European immigration crisis was orchestrated by various agencies within the west, and has from the start, been a ‘very well organised event‘, the purpose of which, was to remove President Bashir Al-Assad by any means possible.

They also believe what is being witnessed now, is a continuation of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, and the primary objective is to place the people of Europe under such pressure, that they are left with little option but to request their governments to invade, effectively destroying Syria in the process, under the pretence of removing Assad.

Following George W. Bush’s and Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq, every secular Muslim ‘Dictator’ in the Middle East, has gradually been removed in turn, and replaced by wholly untested and unstable religious regimes.

Saddam Hussein was removed from Iraq, being replaced by Shiite mullahs.

Hosni Mubarak was replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, which in turn was then overthrown by a military coup.

Moamar Gadaffi was murdered and replaced with ultra-radical Sunni elements vying for power, and descended into total chaos soon afterwards.

All these events were purposely engineered, and have gone according to plan – up until this point in time.

However, we are now faced with a situation which was not in the script.

Russia and Iran are both supporting Assad, and as has been reported in the mainstream media, Russia has been moving in combat equipment, including nuclear submarines, to join with the military advisers already on the ground.

The U.S. Congress and the U.K. Parliament have already shown a marked reluctance to intervene, despite the best efforts of President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron to bring about a full-scale military invasion, but according to Dr. Mark Christian, an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood:

“They have now been given the green light to start the flooding of refugees, start making Europe and America feel the pain more, because this is reaching the point where taking Assad out may be imminent. This is not a spontaneous thing. There are hardly no women coming into Europe. No Christians, who are the ones who are being truly persecuted. It’s mostly all Muslim men of military age, between the ages of 18 and 40. The more this continues the people of Europe and America will be left with no option but to beg their governments to go into Syria and end this.”