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Whenever childhood physical or sexual abuse is talked about, I often hear the question: “What can I do about it?”

There are a number of things actually, you could donate cash or give some of your time to any number of charities or agencies that claim to act on behalf of all children, such as the NSPCC, or agencies that focus on children and adults who were abused in the UK care system like NAPAC for example.

When it comes to donating money, you really are spoiled for choice in regard to the plethora of agencies and websites, who are claiming to represent and give a voice to those who have suffered abuse in all its forms, even more so now that the Government has slashed funding for many of these organisations to the bone.

You could consider handing over some of your hard-earned money to one of many who operate within the mucky world of the so-called ‘Alternative Media’, many of whom are always eager to accept cash donations, which of course enables them to continue telling you that the whole country is riddled with paedophiles and, every other person out there, (apart from them and their sycophantic and often abusive entourages of course) is a danger to your children and they know that for a ‘fact’.

Personally, I would not give a single penny to any of the above, as I do not believe that paying management structures hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, to do little other than promote themselves via media appearances, and with very little reaching the very people they claim to represent and support.

Nor could I sleep soundly at night knowing that a single penny piece of my cash, has gone towards buying flash cars, or cigarettes or is helping to sustain the lifestyle and habits of abusive and degenerate big mouthed charlatans who operate within the Alternative Media, some of whom have attacked and bullied innocent people, both online and in real life for many months, and a number of whom, were victims of childhood abuse themselves.

So what else is there you can do?

You could always buy a book….

It would not even cost you that much, £1.19 to be exact, and will probably do more for genuine survivors of institutional abuse than any or all the agencies and individuals mentioned above put together.


‘SHAME’ by Phil Thomas is not an easy read by any means. It is harrowing at times, overwhelmingly sad in parts, but throughout it’s telling, the story the author tells, is a brutally honest portrayal of one man’s fight to survive a life what would have killed or crippled most people, and also gives the reader a unique insight into the reality of what happened to many young men at the hands of Neville Husband, who has been described as ‘one of the most prolific and brutal paedophiles in this country’s recent history’.


So why would I recommend buying this book?

Because I know that this book has cost the author almost £20,000 of his own money to produce, and that he does not wish to make any money from it’s sale, not even to recoup any of his substantial personal investment.

I also know that every penny spent on buying a copy of this book will go towards genuine victims of childhood abuse, and will be held in trust by the solicitor who is acting on behalf of a number of the Medomsley Detention Centre lads who were brutalised by Husband and others.

Initially, some of the money raised from the sales of ‘Shame’ will be used to supply transport for a number of victims from all over the country, many of whom are in poor health, both physically and mentally, and who cannot meet the costs of attending the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse which will be held in London, and being chaired by Lowell Goddard.

So there is really no excuse now is there?





Damian McBride is a former Whitehall civil servant and a former special advisor to ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Not exactly a crank or a ‘Crackpot‘ and when he starts tweeting warnings like what have been appearing in the image below, it would be wise to sit up and take notice.

Damien McBride on Twitter




From the Ham & High

The head of a company that was being investigated for posing as a charity helping child abuse victims, has fled her house in Hampstead.

Belinda McKenzie, 69, was a prominent figure in a case that saw two children make now-discredited allegations that a satanic paedophile ring was operating in Hampstead.

The claims, found to be a “fantasy” by a High Court Judge in March, had seen names and addresses of dozens of Hampstead residents leaked online, prompting death threats and abuse from those believing the claims.

Ms McKenzie (pictured) refused to accept the High Court findings and has since publicly campaigned to spread the allegations.

In a video posted online on Monday, Ms McKenzie describes how she was leaving the country, “possibly for good”.

She said she had been made a “scapegoat” for those Hampstead residents affected.

She added, “Whether or not this campaign has done any good in the long term whatsoever, I would rather fear it hasn’t. I have to weigh in there the 70 or 80 very upset people in Hampstead who had been battering at police to have me arrested, I deeply regret that”.

The Ham&High reported last month how Ms McKenzie, who lives in Priory Gardens, was also being investigated by the Charity Commission for claims her company had posed as a charity.

It comes less than a week after her co-campaigner Sabine McNeill had returned to her Swiss Cottage home after fleeing the UK while being wanted by police.





Politics is a dirty business, and anybody with a basic understanding of ‘Parapolitics’, especially in regard to it’s obvious connections to the ungodly rise of ‘Thatcherism’ in the 1970’s, may also have noticed the parallels with what we are witnessing in this country today.

In it’s simplest terms, Parapolitics is a term used to describe covert political activity, or a complete political system which contains elements of both the military and intelligence apparatus, which is hidden from the public.

With that in mind, it would be foolish to dismiss entirely, the links between what was happening in the years between the resignation of Harold Wilson in 1976, and Margaret Thatcher becoming Prime Minister in 1979 – especially now that her predecessor Edward Heath, has become the main focus of the mainstream-media led purge on alleged child abusers within the British establishment.


If the primary role of the intelligence agency that was behind a number of ‘smear campaigns‘ against a number of politicians in the 1970’s – especially if they were on the left of the political spectrum was highlighted, it may explain why certain names keep cropping up whenever establishment child abuse is discussed.

The intelligence agency that was central to those politically turbulent years was MI5, and the main role of MI5 was, and still is to prevent radical political change in Britain.

It has other roles of course, but for the purposes of this article, I will focus on it’s primary aim, which is to defend the state against those on the left of British politics, and continually works towards undermining them whenever possible.

In reality, however, very little is actually known about many of the domestic operations undertaken by MI5, but a recently unclassified document shows that as far back as 1940, an unnamed person in the U.S. state Department, was given information about MI5’s ‘central index of suspicious persons’ – which was basically, a list of people that were suspected of ‘Anti British Activity’.

That ‘list’ contained around 4,500,000 names, and was freely available to both Government Departments and the heads of British industry, and that was in 1940, so is it possible that similar lists were being used in the 1970’s and are in use today to identify so-called ‘subversives’?

And who is it that MI5 collects this information for?

Three obvious candidates spring to mind immediately; The State Itself, Employers, and of course the Conservative Party, although other agencies around the world are believed to have access via various exchanges of information between allies.

Articles published in the Guardian newspaper, in March 1981 revealed that the construction firm Taylor Woodrow were among a number of companies who had access to this list, and Taylor Woodrow is also one of the companies, who have documented links to funding various right-wing groups.

In August 1985, it was revealed that MI5 were directly responsible for the vetting of BBC employees, and during the 1970’s, ‘Common Cause’, the ‘Economic League’, the ‘Foreign Affairs Publishing Company’ and the ‘Institute for the Study of Conflict’, were all receiving information about the British left from MI5.

So going on what has been basically outlined above, can one safely assume that one of the roles of the Intelligence Services, specifically MI5, is to ensure that Britain is subtly, and covertly steered towards the right politically?

*Could it also answer the question that many were asking following the 2015 General Election, as to how the Conservative Party were elected with a small majority with only 36.7% of the electorate supporting them?*

And is it also possible, that smearing and undermining political opponents is only one method being used to achieve this?

I suggest this, because on May the 9th 1976, the Daily Telegraph published a report from Washington, titled “Campaign in the US to smear British MPs”, which said:”Persistent efforts have been made in recent months to discredit leading members of the three major political parties, by planting derogatory stories about them on news agencies in Washington, it was claimed last night.”

A Dr. Edward von Rothkirk of Transworld News, was quoted as having received derogatory material on eleven MPs – a Conservative (Edward Heath), a number of Liberals (including Jeremy Thorpe, Clement Freud and Cyril Smith) and seven Labour MPs, one of whom was Harold Wilson.

*As history has shown, Thorpe was effectively destroyed and despite the rumours that were circulated about Clement Freud and Cyril Smith, the Liberals, (and potential allies of the Labour Party) survived.*

The material first started arriving in 1975, and was being sent by both English and South African sources, but almost immediately following the Telegraph exposé, the Transworld offices were burgled and and the material regarding the British Politicians was taken.

Among this material were the allegations that had been made by the Czech spy, Joseph Frolik, who had defected to the United States in 1969, when the Labour Party were still in power.

Frolik’s allegations included his claim that a number of Labour Party members and trade unionists who were either Czech agents, or were ‘targets’ of the Czech intelligence services.

Those names were never reported in the British media at the time and included Will Owen MP, the late Tom Driberg, the late Sir Barnet Stross, and interestingly, John Stonehouse MP, a member of the Government at the time.

Now Frolik’s allegations were advantageous to the right, inasmuch as they provided the evidence that was needed to support the rumours already circulating, that the Labour Party and the Trade Unions in Britain were riddled with Communists and enemy agents, which was fortuitous and more than a little convenient, as was observed at the time.

The Frolic Defection

It was Frolik who made the original allegations about Edward Heath in a book,  ‘The Frolik Defection – The Memoirs of an Intelligence Agent’, published by Corgi Books in 1975.

It should be noted that Frolik’s source has emphatically denied the claims as they were presented in the book, insisting that the ‘Honey Trap’ , (which involved a young male Czech organist) that was put in place in an attempt to blackmail Heath, was unsuccessful as Heath was tipped off by MI5 and a trip to Prague that was to have been the rendezvous, never actually happened.

However, it is now thought that Heath-Hating elements of the Tory Right, who were fanatical supporters of Margaret Thatcher, had made the claim that the entrapment actually happened and had ensured that it appeared in Froliks’s book.

Coincidentally, a letter was published by Searchlight and later on in Private Eye Magazine that year, and was addressed to Sir Stephen Hastings MP and supposedly came from the fanatically Thatcherite former spy, George Kennedy Young.

The letter contained the line “The Queer will be dethroned”…. Allegedly referring to Heath.

The Tory hard right detested Heath and were fanatical supporters of Thatcher, and they were more than a little angry about Heath’s failure to beat the Unions, the destruction of many English counties due to local government organisation, as well as Heath’s purge on Anti-European Tory Candidates.

The original smears against Edward Heath were based solely on the unsubstantiated belief that he was homosexual, not a murderous, paedophile who preyed on kids from care homes, which now appears to be the accusation.

There was another attempt to smear Heath in 1985.

I have always maintained on this site that many of the allegations of child abuse and paedophilia, especially those that involve politicians are politically motivated, and circulated willingly by the mainstream media who apparently, have a few scores of their own to settle.

The latest series of allegations were instigated by politicians on the left.

Primarily by Tom Watson MP, who only recently has announced his intention to stand as deputy leader of the Labour Party, and Simon Danczuk MP, who’s driving force seems to be the sales of his book about Cyril Smith, and appears to have been of more importance than the grooming and systematic abuse of thousands of young white girls by Pakistani gangs, in his own constituency of Rochdale.

As has been shown above, the agencies that are actively working towards ensuring that the political right hold onto the reins of power, are more than capable of setting up any number of groups online – including a number of those who purportedly operate within the ‘Alternative Media’ and by infiltrating social media, and who’s sole purpose is to spread rumour and disinformation in order to influence public opinion.

This has been shown to be a very successful method of planting stories that have been allowed to freely circulate both online, and in the mainstream media, to the point where it is now almost impossible to separate fact from fiction.

And once again, it’s the genuine victims of childhood abuse, (I am loathe to use the term survivor), who are once again being overlooked in the melee.

And that is the real scandal, and one that will not be addressed any time soon.


“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster…. 

For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” 

– Freidrich W. Nietzsche

I have been asked by a number of readers, to write an account of what I believe really happened, in regard to the very recent demise of the blogger Christopher D. Spivey.

Although, I would find it somewhat difficult to write about that man from anything other than a very personal viewpoint, on account of his year-long and worryingly obsessive vendetta against this site, it’s owner and it’s readership – I will in the very near future, attempt to put something together, if only to address the conflicting theories and rumours that have already started to emerge on the Internet.

It does appear that the self-styled Most famous Conspiracy Theorist on the Internet’ has rather ironically, and almost certainly due to his parting shot to his readership, become a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ himself.

‘That’s All Folks’

It may not be common knowledge as yet, that this self-styled, and supposedly fearless Internet vigilante and monster hunter, had instructed his moderators to dismantle his website as early as 7PM that day, and his final words were nothing less than SCATHING, even towards those who had supported his vile behaviour, his bonkers allegations, and ably assisted and even encouraged his loutish behaviour, his numerous attacks and incidences of harrassment towards those he decided to target.

It would be hypocritical for this writer to mourn his fall from grace, but I am not celebrating to any great degree either, mainly because I know what he has done, has without any doubt in my mind, caused a myriad of future problems for anyone who writes on the Internet in any capacity.

His selfish actions have metaphorically, not only cut the throats of the very people he claimed to represent, but has provided all the evidence needed for the establishment to implement what could amount to be, a draconian level of Internet restrictions, especially geared towards the further suppression of free speech as it currently exists.

His conviction for the needless and relentless harrassment of the family of Lee Rigby, which is what he was actually arrested for and later charged with, was not what the Conspiraloons are claiming, that he has ‘proved beyond doubt’ that the murder of the soldier at Woolwich was a False Flag Attack –  and is the reason why he finds himself in the position where he is now facing prison, leaving the very people he has continually claimed to be fighting to protect, his daughter and grandson, to fend for themselves.

Team Spivey

Let’s not forget that Christopher Spivey was arrested, and legally so, for a sustained campaign of harrassment, which included publishing the personal details and photographs of members of the Rigby family, their addresses, details about the children of the family, and has made some pretty outrageous claims, some of which even contradict themselves.

His claim that Lee Rigbynever existed‘ for example, would have given him a valid argument if he had not also claimed at a later date, that he had ‘proof’ that Lee Rigby was also a rapist…. A claim which even to the most gullible of his readers, surely must have raised some eyebrows, (when that nugget finally filtered through that is) that if a man had never existed – how could evidence possibly exist that he had been a rapist?

There were many anomalies in Spiveys’s Woolwich narrative that were never fully explained by him, and of those who dared to ask questions, his moderators were on hand to verbally attack, threaten and ridicule them, while Spivey wrote one of his many untruthful and derogatory articles which also attacked them on a personal level.

I am going to share the reason here why I believe that Chris Spivey and his team, began to attack this site and it’s owner, as it is strikingly similar to the reason I have been attacked by another group of net trolls, a campaign which began in 2012 and continues to this day.

That particular group began attacking this site, following my refusal to pass on the personal details of somebody I happened to know on Twitter, and Chris Spivey began his personal attacks on both myself and this site, the very next day following my refusal to pass on, ‘any dirt I had on Tom Cahill’ to somebody called Danielle La Verité, who was acting on behalf of Chris Spivey.

It was their intention ‘to destroy him’ and they were prepared to use anything they could obtain in order to do this. I was only too aware that they were prepared to go to any lengths to cause as much grief to people as they possibly can, as I had witnessed many incidences of their activities, some of which had directly affected myself and my family.

I was also aware, that Danielle La Verité was directly responsible for getting a lady dismissed from her place of employment only a few days before Christmas, which she even boasted about on her Facebook page.

That is the type of thing this group do to people, and who are beyond doubt, connected to each other in some capacity, and all of whom are connected to Christopher D Spivey and his group of internet thugs.

There are literally hundreds of websites online, and social media accounts galore that have published their belief that the Woolwich incident of May 2013 was a False Flag Attack, and to my knowledge none of those have been arrested, illegally or otherwise, and of course, many FFA’s almost always have genuine casualties, and people are genuinely murdered, regardless of the reasons behind the attacks and whether they are indeed staged.

That, unfortunately is what many people in the Alternative Media and Truth Movement appear to forget.

Not everybody is a ‘Crisis Actor’ or a strategically placed mannequin.

So I will, at some point, and when the information I have to hand can be checked for clarity, and have accompanying evidence to support it – be publishing the real reasons why the wheels have finally come off the Spivey Bandwagon.