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For some months now, I have been meaning to put together some information for publishing in an article on the Outlaw, in regard to a subject, which in all honesty, I do not fully understand myself.


I have found it to be a difficult and somewhat daunting prospect, and even after experiencing fifty-one years of life on this planet, I am not even sure where to begin.

Put together with the fact that almost everything written here is immediately pounced upon by those who strive to tear every word I write to pieces – in order to undermine, discredit or ridicule anything that may be of merit or any value whatsoever.

I fully expect it now, as this site appears to have attracted more than it’s share of weirdo’s and detractors, who have demonstrated time after time, their pathological need to congregate with other equally obsessed individuals – with the sole intention of attacking this site as well as anybody who is viewed as having even a vague connection with it.

For that reason, I am going to write the following using what may be the most difficult mode that any writer can employ, namely, the second-person narrative.

Not as a means of attacking anybody, which other articles I have written have wrongly been interpreted as, but as a method with which others can perhaps identify something of themselves within the words, and also protect myself from the inevitable onslaught.

So by writing as the narrator only – and not being the subject of this article, which incidentally, is a ‘trait’ and one which is not even exclusive to human beings, and is something that is known by many people – simply as…. ‘Empathy’.

As recently as Christmas Eve, I was privately asked for my advice on how a person can learn to live with and cope with being an Empath, when there is so little published information in hard copy form or published on the Internet from which to gain an understanding.

Apart from literally hundreds of the generic “How to tell if you are an Empath in seven easy steps” nonsense that can be found on any number of New-Age type esoteric websites, that is – there really is very little of value that has been written.

So what is it that makes one, an Empath?

Is it because you are the living, breathing soul of the planet?

Is it that you feel an almost unimaginable love for every living being that exists?

Is that you feel an intense guilt about situations and events that are beyond your control?

Is it that you see the true beauty in everything around you, and are able to heal those around you just by them being in your presence?

Is it that you unconsciously help your friends, you family and those around you by inadvertently taking on the burden of their physical ailments?

Is it because you can ‘feel’ others’ thoughts, their emotions and their sickness, and many of you become ill because others unknowingly use you as a dumping ground for their own afflictions and guilt?

Is it because when others have a headache, are depressed, have an immune disorder, a broken bone or a even a cancer, you physically feel their pain?

Is it because you have felt ‘detached’ and separate from the majority of those around you for most of your life?

Is it because you can instantly spot a fraud, a charlatan or a liar, and will only be untruthful yourself to prevent somebody else getting hurt?

Is it because you are aware of events that occur, even if they are on the other side of the world without being told?

Is it because you are acutely aware of both the sadness and the joy that exists within those around you, and you also are able to feel deeply, the seething, silent rage and the utter despair of those you walk among?

Is it because you physically feel the loss whenever a species is pursued to the point of extinction – without even being made aware of the event?

Is it because you abhor violence in both words and action, and you love more than any human being should even be capable of?

Is it because many of you spend your lives trying desperately to love less, but you simply cannot help but take everyone at face value, thus allowing yourselves to be hurt over and over to the point of making yourselves unwell and isolated?

Is it because you try to avoid large gatherings as the combined energy and conflicting emotions of the assembled people overwhelms you?

Is it because you continually attract ’emotional vampires’, and are targeted by the psychopathic, dark and damaged personality-types who purposely seek you out in order to feed off you – and who ultimately attempt to destroy you?

Is it because others like you are finding each other and are bringing about real and great changes in the people and the world around you?

Is it because you have always struggled to comprehend an act of wanton cruelty?

Is it because you have struggled to express yourself clearly when faced with ignorance, closed-mindedness and the lack of compassion you encounter on a daily basis?

Is it because you simply cannot justify and understand the suffering that is all around you?

Is it because you are extremely sensitive to television, radio, movies and negative news broadcasts?

Is it because your limitless imagination makes you the storyteller, who has an eager, inquisitive mind and has forever strived to expand both your knowledge and understanding?

Is it because you are the listeners and the custodians of the secrets that others feel safe in sharing with you?

Is any or all of the above applicable to you?

If so, then my only advice would be is to embrace who you are.

Teach yourself to love yourself again, and continue to seek out others who think as you do.

Draw strength from those who are on the same path as you have found yourself on – as your real purpose may be about to be revealed before very much longer.

“The Bitterest pill is hard to swallow, if I took it for a hundred years, I couldn’t feel any more pain”

Are people becoming less intelligent?

You could certainly be forgiven for thinking so, as only a few minutes spent watching terrestrial television programming, reading the mainstream media and the majority of social media content, will give you only three examples of how ‘dumbing down’ appears to have become the accepted state of the majority of humanity.

So how could this have happened?

Is it an entirely natural state, inasmuch as the human race has reached the peak of it’s achievements, and has in a way, effectively stopped evolving and has even began to regress?

I ask this because I recently received an email from a medical student in the United States, who I am in regular contact with, and has been carrying out her own research based around her belief that the U.S. government, is covertly reducing the IQ of the American population using various methods.

Is such a thing even possible, and if so, what method could be used to accomplish this?

And for what purpose?

One of the methods she has uncovered being implemented in the U.S., is via the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the UK equivalent of which, is the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which is an executive non-departmental body of the Department of Health.


So what effectively, could reduce a person’s IQ?

There are certain medical conditions of course, that can have a detrimental affect on a person’s Intelligence Quotient, only one of which is, although rarely discussed, is a deficiency of Vitamin B12.


Apart from the widely recognised condition known as ‘Pernicious Anaemia’, a chronic or severe deficiency of B12 will also prevent the forming and the repair of the insulation which surrounds the nerves – a condition which corresponds directly to incidences of a low recorded IQ and also contributes to the condition you may know as ADHD.

In certain cases, a person lacking in sufficient amounts of B12, may also become prone to, and succumb to other, more severe physical conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis.

There are a number of well researched articles available, although no serious research has been done recently, that also show that the damage resulting from B12 deficiency is almost always irreversible.

So, in effect, if it was possible to reduce the B12 levels of the vast majority of an entire population, and knowing that the results of this deficiency would be permanent, it would prove to be a very effective method of control I would imagine.

But how could something like a B12 deficiency, possibly become so widespread and affect so many people?

And how could something on that scale even be implemented?

From the research undertaken, it now appears that it can be accomplished in a number of ways, one of which is a deliberate omission from the labelling of the most common food products, of potassium content for example.

Potassium is an important mineral, which besides supporting good heart health, and balancing electrolyte levels, also regulates nerve impulses.

A severe deficiency of Potassium, can result in poor functioning of the nerves, *permanent neuropathy – and also, a marked reduction in IQ levels.

Some people are already aware of the dangers posed by a deficiency of potassium in the body, and ingest daily supplements in an attempt to redress the balance.

Unfortunately though, most of the potassium supplements available, only yield around 99mg, which when you realise that the RDA is around 4.7g, supplementation may also be inadequate.

So with an already low intake of potassium in the average diet, reducing the intake of another substance which is vital to maintaining IQ levels, like Vitamin B12, would also have a detrimental effect on a person’s intelligence surely?

If you have recently had a blood test, doctors will undoubtedly assure you that the normal range for B12 should be anywhere between 130 to 600 l/ml.

If you present anywhere within this range, anywhere outside the United States that is, you would be classed as being severely B12 deficient, as 650+ nB/ml is considered to be normal.

Many doctors in the UK, however, will view a patient inside the 130 – 600 range to be within prescribed limits, so it appears to be becoming more prevalent on this side of the Atlantic also.

When you also consider the often restrictively high cost of good quality high-yield B12 supplements, and the reluctance of most doctors to prescribe high dose B12 injections to anyone who has not been diagnosed with pernicious anaemia, you could be fooled into thinking that it’s not that big a deal.

After all, your doctor knows best right?

There are many incidences that can be found online where people have had no other option than to obtain B12 in phials that can be purchased on the Internet – the reason being, that their doctors flatly refuse to acknowledge that their low levels are in any way responsible for their incidences of ill-health, constant lethargy, and impaired cognitive skills.

Once these people have improved their B12 levels in this way, the improvement is nothing short of miraculous, and that change can happen within a few days.

Author and Blogger Graham Ellis is only one example of the curative powers of B12.

However, if restoring oneself to previously enjoyed levels of good health was that simple, surely everyone should be made aware of it right?

So why are these warnings not printed on the most widely consumed foodstuffs?

And why is there not a warning on another product, that outside of junk food outlets and sugar-laden soft drinks, has an equally massive advertising budget?

A product that is swallowed in huge numbers daily, by an ever-increasing number of people, mainly due to decades of consuming these heavily advertised and promoted ‘junk’ foods and nutritionally deficient ie: cheap/affordable produce.

I am referring to the multitude of ‘Indigestion’ remedies that are starting to fill entire shelves of some supermarkets and chemists more and more.

These indigestion, or ‘Antacid’ products work by reducing the excess stomach acid which is produced by consuming foodstuffs which are entirely unsuitable for good digestive health, and therefore affect ones overall levels of wellbeing.

The same products that are not only the most heavily promoted and mainly aimed at the younger members of society by slick advertising campaigns, or are the cheapest options available to those on a budget or a low income.

When these products are consumed regularly, and over a significant period of time, the need for the subsequent ‘Indigestion’ remedies, becomes almost a matter of necessity, as the cheaper or ‘junk’ products have an obviously detrimental effect on the body.

And when you realise that regular use of these so-called ‘Indigestion’ remedies can also permanently destroy the human body’s natural ability to absorb Vitamin B12, you may also start to see how these things are designed not only to promote ill-health – but also a dependence on a product that is not only harmful to your physical well-being, but is also making you, in effect – less intelligent.

Something to think about perhaps?

But it’s not all bad news, as one bunch of Broccoli is quite cheap and can yield up to 2g of high quality, natural potassium.

There is also another method that may well prove worthwhile of further investigation, as there is almost no available research available, although there is I believe, some that has been carried out in Germany.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) has been shown to have the ability to effectively ‘cure’ or reverse the effects of the nerve damage caused by Potassium and B12 deficiencies.

Although, and I must stress the point that there is almost no published research which will provide evidence of this, there have been cases where the administration of high-dose B12 and 600mg ALA twice daily – has helped test subjects not only effectively stop using prescribed ADHD medication altogether, but also gained around 18 IQ points during the period in which they were tested.

This combination of treatments proved particularly effective because the ALA apparently renders B12 marginally fat-soluble, thus easier to absorb, and is especially beneficial if one’s body has stopped absorbing B12 due to regular anatacid use.

But again, I have found that the original sources of this have all but disappeared from the Internet, and are not, I repeat not going to be recommended, or even considered as an option by healthcare professionals.

*”Neuropathy is short for peripheral neuropathy, which means nerve damage in the peripheral nervous system. Only nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord are involved, so peripheral neuropathy does not include nerve damage in the central nervous system”

There is a word, that has for more than a few years, been one of the most effective ways of stifling free speech and creating abject fear that is currently available.

It has been used by Politicians to both silence and slander traditionalist or nationalist opposition, it has been used to close down debate, and it’s use usually leaves political opponents in fear of recrimination and even physical attack.

In everyday life, it has been used with great effect, causing almost irreparable damage by brainwashing both children and students, who then grow up into adults who are deeply ashamed of, and even to a degree hating their own country, their traditions, their culture and eventually even themselves and their countrymen.


That word, unless you hadn’t already worked it out – is ‘Racist’.

So where did this odious and entirely destructive noun originate?

Most people believe it’s been around for centuries, although very few of them could pinpoint with any accuracy, the date and the first time it was used, and for what purpose it was designed, I shouldn’t think.

The origins of the word is almost always never discussed, and even those on the ultra hard core right wing, would struggle if pressed to explain further.trotsky_words

The above passage, is taken from “The History of the Russian Revolution”, and the last word is “расистов”, who’s Latin translation is ‘racistov’ (Racist).

That work was produced in 1930, and is the first time in written history, in which that word is to be found being used in that particular context.

Try it, check the Internet, go through any number of books at your library, reference works or otherwise, and examine Microfiches of historical documents if you are able – you will not find an earlier usage of that word.

So who was the author, and the inventor of this word?


Well, as it turns out, the word ‘Racist’ was invented by one of the principal architects of the 74-year Soviet nightmare, and the founder and leader of the Red Army – one Lev Davidovich Bronshtein (1879 – 1940).

If that name is unfamiliar, maybe you will recognise the name he is better known by…. Leon Trotsky

So with this in mind, what was Leon Trotsky’s reasoning behind the invention of this word?

Maybe a full English translation of the previous referred to passage may offer an explanation.

“Slavophilism, the messianism of backwardness, has based its philosophy upon the assumption that the Russian people and their church are democratic through and through, whereas official Russia is a German bureaucracy imposed upon them by Peter the Great. Mark remarked upon this theme: “In the same way the Teutonic jackasses blamed the despotism of Frederick the Second upon the French, as though backward slaves were not always in need of civilised slaves to train them.” This brief comment completely finishes off not only the old philosophy of the Slavophiles, but also the latest revelations of the ‘racists.'”

The ‘Slavophiles’ which he refers to, were historically a group of traditionalist Slavs who greatly valued their native culture and way of life, and were desperate to protect it.

Trotsky, however, saw them and others like them as being an impediment to his internationalist communist plans for enslaving the entire world.

He did not care about the Slavic Russians whom he claimed to serve, as to him, Slavophiles, were Slavs that had committed the mortal ‘crime’ of loving their own people and trying to protect their traditional way of life.

He decreed that they were simply ‘backward’, and anybody who thought as they did, were simply ‘racists’.

So, the reality of the word ‘racist‘ is very different from the liberal’s version of the story they continually perpetuate, which is, that the word was used to identify people who were ‘bigoted against certain racial groups, and should be used by all decent people to protect racial minorities from bigots.’

The truth is that the concept behind the word, that ethnic ‘backwardness’ must always be secondary to ‘enlightened’ internationalism – was used with great effect by Commissar Trotsky to justify the Communists’ murderous rampages against races of people who had simply tried to protect their traditional way of life from being replaced by what was to them, an alien system.

Those who use that word freely to cower behind, and as a defence to effectively ‘neuter’ their critics, have now grown exponentially from a handful of communists, to almost all corners of the ‘civilised’ world.

So Leon Trotsky, with the invention of that single, simple word, would arguably be responsible for causing more damage to the West – than Josef Stalin and the subsequent entire nuclear arsenal of Russia could have ever dreamt of.

He gave limitless power to the most despicable and traitorous elements within the west, which enabled them to systematically ‘rebrand’ anyone who was loyal to their own people, their cultural traditions and way of life as being ‘evil’.

Which in turn, brings us to the present, where we have had successive governments, an education system and a controlled mainstream media who have reinforced this Marxist ideology to the point where almost everyone is afraid to question it.

Even some of those who exist within the realms of the so-called ‘Alternative Media’ are actively promoting this, for want of a better word, ‘Agenda’, by referring to their critics as being, among other things…. ‘Racist’.

It’s also a good indicator, if one was to question whether a particular ‘truther’ they follow is ‘controlled opposition’ for instance, in the absence of anything immediately obvious that is.

“I’m Gonna Keep Fightin’ for What I Believe Is Right”

Twelve years ago today, December 22nd 2002, I took a phone call that told me that Joe Strummer had passed away. 

He was just fifty years old and had died suddenly of a rare heart condition while at home with his family in Broomfield, Somerset.

I lost something that day, Joe had been a constant companion in my life since the late 1970’s when I first heard ‘White Riot’ played in anger, I became a fan and have remained so ever since. I played every 7″ Single and Album I could afford to buy, to destruction – often having to replace some that had become so worn and scratched, that the arm on my ageing Record Player used to dance about on the surface skipping between the tracks. I knew every word to every song on every record and cassette I owned, and voraciously absorbed the passionate and heavily political messages contained in the lyrics.

This was Thatcher’s Britain, I was in Care and was as rebellious as any other teenage lad, but while most kids my age were sniffing glue and pretending to be robots with their idiotic dancing, Joe’s music spoke my language and had narrated my life thus far. 

I became interested in and deeply involved in politician activites, usually of the more radical and militant kind, as complacency was not in my vocabulary even then. 

I read ferociously , I educated myself, disappearing for weeks inside the works of Marx and Engels (may God forgive me), and becoming ever more aware of the world around me.

This continued after leaving care, I began to travel around the country, settling in London for a decade, and grabbing life by the scruff of the neck and shaking the life out of it. 


I saw Joe and the Clash perform many, many times during those days, and I had the privilege of meeting him on three occasions. Twice while standing at the bar of the Marquee Club, and once when we briefly chatted as he was walking down Tottenham Court Road with his dog attached to the ubiquitous piece of string that served as a lead.

He always had time for people did Joe, always ready to give himself over while putting the world to rights over a drink or a spiff. He showed young people there were alternatives to the complacency, opportunism, greed and political apathy that dominated the culture of Britain. He was the face of rebellion, his resistance shone through in both his politics and his music and remains an enduring legacy to this day.

One song in particular, ‘Clampdown,’ affected me deeply. The song is a stark account of living and working in a capitalist society. It presents the contradictions that are made to make us believe that if only we work hard, don’t complain, and don’t rock the boat, we can get ahead. Look out for number one.

The song expressed the anxieties of working-class youth only fit for menial jobs, to become part of the state’s repressive apparatus, or to join one of the many extreme right-wing and ultra violent groups.

“You grow up and you calm down
You’re working for the clampdown
You start wearing the blue and brown
You’re working for the clampdown
So you got someone to boss around
It makes you feel big now
You drift until you brutalize
You made your first kill now”

So, many, many thanks for the music and the memories Joe, and for giving this angry, aimlessly drifting young man the inspiration to find himself.

Rest In Perfect Peace Joe.

“Authority is supposedly grounded in wisdom, but I could see from a very early age that authority was only a system of control and it didn’t have any inherent wisdom. I quickly realised that you either became a power or you were crushed”

*Originally published on the Outlaw – December 22nd 2012*

In 1995, a young woman named Lisa McPherson died while undergoing ‘training’ with the Church of Scientology, and her death unleashed a worldwide wave of outrage against Scientology, which until that point had been relatively obscure.

The exact circumstances of her death have never been fully explained or determined, but what is known, is that the thirty-six year old was taken to hospital after suffering what was believed to be a nervous breakdown, following a minor traffic accident.

She was collected from the hospital by two Scientologists who claimed they had documents proving that they were responsible for her well-being.

She was then subjected to what was known as an ‘Introspective Rundown‘ in one of the rehabilitation units.

I believe it was Wikileaks who were the first online source of these procedures.

According to these procedures, people undergoing an Introspective Rundown are forbidden to speak with anyone, the isolation is apparently important to teach them how to rid themselves from their current situation.

Unfortunately, apart from the obvious, a person suffering from a psychological crisis like Lisa McPherson undoubtably was, isolation can prove fatal.

This proved to be the case, and the coroner also determined that she was also dehydrated, which along with being confined to her bed, led to a thrombosis which went untreated – she died of a respiratory embolism.

Her Introspective Rundown was judged to be directly responsible for her death.

Scientologist’s handed over her body, noted to be in very poor physical condition to a hospital on December 5th 1995.

The authorities began investigating Scientology leaders for failing to offer medical assistance and practicing ‘medicine’ without a licence.

The charges were dropped, however, when the medical examiner eventually determined that her death was in fact, ‘accidental’.

In 2004, in a civil trial, McPherson’s next of kin agreed to a settlement with the Church of Scientology.

The details of which were never made public.

So what is known about the shadowy world of the Church of Scientology?

Not a great deal apparently, due to the reluctance of ex-members to divulge information about what goes on within the organisation.

What is known’ however, is that as a Scientologist, one works, in a manner of speaking, one’s way up the ladder, level by level, with the ultimate goal of becoming ‘clear.’

Depending on how one performs, one achieves a certain ‘Thetan Level’ in the process.

As each level is reached, members are required to pay a hefty fee for the ‘training’ they received.

‘Thetans’ are very curious creatures themselves, and according to Scientologists, millions of years ago our solar system, which consisted of seventy-six planets, was suffering from overpopulation.

An intergalactic warrior named Xenu traveled throughout the galaxies on a mission to save the day. 

Like a mirror image of the biblical Noah, Xenu gathered up the scum of the universe’s population – especially criminals and other dodgy characters.

He then had them put to death here on earth by putting them all inside a Hawaiian volcano and detonating a hydrogen bomb!!

Since then, Thetans have wandered the earth as spirits in search of primitive people who’s bodies they can attach themselves to in order to regain their physical form.

Scientologists believe that if someone has a problem, it’s because of the Thetan still dwelling deep inside them.

That is basically the aim of Scientology, which claims to help people rid themselves of their inner Thetan influences.

Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, regularly claimed in radio broadcasts from the 1950’s, that he was in fact, several million years old and that he was traveling the Galaxy in order to observe things.

The Church of Scientology only shares certain information when it’s disciples reach a certain point on the career ladder.

Up to that point, they are under no circumstances allowed even a peek at that part of the “Holy Scriptures.”

Scientologists only learn when they reach level five, for instance, that their world is populated by aliens.

The Scientology Handbooks, which were published by Wikileaks at one point, are not only secret, they are phenomenally expensive.

As an example, in order to learn the Scientologist’s version regarding the existance of aliens, the member has to have attained a level which has required a culminative payment of fees to Scientology equivalent to the cost of a family-sized house.

In Scientology, those who do not overcome their Thetans quickly enough, have to be ‘rehabilitated’. If someone is particularly unlucky, he may end up in something called a ‘Rehabilitation Force Project’ (RHP). 

This has been likened to a juvenile detention centre.

The Church of Scientology also runs a fleet of ships consisting of cruise liners.

This private navy is called Sea Organisation, or Sea Org, and anyone who does not attain the required standard on these vessels usually gets sent to an RHP Unit.

In the RHP, the member may undergo a series of absurd punishments, such as being forced to wear a black rubber full-body suit and be isolated from the rest. He is only allowed to eat after everyone else is finished, and then only gets the scraps left behind by his fellow members.

He is not allowed to sleep for more than seven hours at a time, and not allowed to move at a normal pace, being forced to run around in circles, no matter what the weather or how hot wearing the rubber suit becomes.

He may also have to empty the toilets onboard for example, or be forced to carry out degrading tasks that any other member can assign to them. He/she may be allowed to resume other activities, but these are limited to the pursuit of his own spiritual development, but even that is allowed only after he has carried out his punitive assignments.

Wikileaks have published on their site, lists of various companies and agencies that were connected to Scientology, lists which included companies that hired employees for other companies, and others connected to social service organisations, including one that was responsible for tackling drug addiction in the United States.

What is also known is that Scientology is extremely powerful, influential and is able to successfully neuter anyone who chooses to reveal it’s secrets.

Former members for example, who had broken away from Scientology, and wanted to warn others about their methods, were literally swamped with lawsuits, harassment and subjected to the most intensive intimidatatory tactics.

The method that many chose to use was the Wikileaks website, where they had the opportunity to publish their information without any visible risk of Scientology discovering who they were and pursuing them.

Wikileaks began by publishing the Scientology ‘Handbooks’.

It was around this time, that many anonymous users began visiting Wikileaks and also began chatting about what they knew.

The international group of Internet ‘Hacktivists’, Anonymous, had also declared virtual war on Scientology, and assisted Wikileaks to structure the information that was being shared, by organising and sorting out the best way in which to present the information on the Internet.

Many months were spent transferring documents, ensuring also that controversial material was sent via so many detours, encryption methods and anonymising procedures that it became virtually impossible for the source to be traced.

Accompanied by a large amount of Internet white noise that was created around the document transfers, it was a safe bet that nobody would ever be able to trace the route, let alone the whistleblowers.

There was no trace, not even the smallest digital fingerprint or data fragment that could lead back to the source could be found.

There was nothing.

Wikileaks were secretly hoping that they were going to be sued for publishing the information, as the subsequent case would of course have sparked a massive public interest in what were after all, some pretty spectacular documents.

What Wikileaks did achieve though, was to spark a wave of Anti-Scientology protests in every major city, in which members of Anonymous were instrumental in bringing about.

They also realised that they were never going to be sued by the Church of Scientology.

The following article is to accompany those which have already been published on the Outlaw – in an attempt to offer a plausible explanation for the inordinately high numbers of suicides that have occurred in Bridgend, South Wales since 2007.

What appears below is a draft that was to be published in the Sunday People, but it was pulled at the last minute – no reason being given.

It is being re-published here in the event that the source ‘disappears’.


In November last year government theatre and arts expert Philip Blight took a ligature and hung himself from a beam in a tiny Welsh hamlet. The Coroner ruled the 53 year old married father of two had been depressed when he refused counselling and took his own life.

Phil Blight died seven years after the first teenage victim of the Bridgend suicide cluster had hung himself in a seaside fairground near the town.

But Phil Blight killed himself just three weeks after he’d been accused of responsibility for the deaths of the 79 youngsters in the Welsh borough and triggering the biggest teen suicide cluster in modern history.

Claims were made during a radio station interview the 53 year old Arts Policy Officer of the Welsh Assembly had helped plant powerful suicide triggers in dramas and theatre workshops produced for community outreach projects.

The claims were made in blogs and on a right of centre digital TV station and focus on Phil Blight’s time as a trustee and manager of the Cardiff based NoFitState Circus.

Their stunning performances have been acclaimed by critics throughout Europe but they contain repeated imagery of suicide by hanging which are powerful and disturbing. The potential for harm from these scenes is now being underlined by leading suicide experts.

And the Sunday People has learnt Mr. Blight had a very unusual CV. He was an expert in powerful psychological techniques like neuro linguistic programming and the use of mind triggers known as ‘nudges’. In blogs he styled himself the ‘Jedi Nudger’.

We have learnt too he attended courses run by the Intelligence Service at MI5’s top secret GCHQ base in Cheltenham. He also arranged for Welsh assembly bureaucrats to go on similar courses at GHQ which are understood to include advanced ‘management’ skills like neuro-linguistic programming or NLP.

As well as NLP Mr. Blight went on courses to study other, semi hypnotic, mind control techniques like “disruptive innovation”, subliminal behaviour modification and cognitive edge training He also had strong links to the growing ‘population decline’ lobby including some radical eco groups which are calling for an 80% human depopulation of the planet.

The allegations against him were made by a neighbour in the tiny hamlet of Rudry near Caerphilly where Mr. Blight and his wife Samantha set up home around 2006. The couple quickly became involved with the unelected village community council and the management of the village hall.

Tim Rogers, who lives next door to the hall, had been in conflict with the committee over noise and disturbance for some years. But when a play filled with Satanic imagery and depictions of suicide was put on at the village hall he complained to Phil Blunt and the committee.

Said Mr. Rogers, “I couldn’t understand why children were being made to watch what I believed was dreadful material that would mess with their heads. I went head to head with Blight and within days a police harassment order was made against me.

“I have been in conflict with him since that time until his death. I make no bones about it I decided to go online and look for any skeletons I could find on him. I was looking for divorces, court cases, bankruptcy. I couldn’t believe what I did find. At first I was shocked then I was angry. His background was all NLP, MI5 and extreme eco groups.

“While I studied what nudging and NLP were all about I was also looking at his work with the circus. I saw they were putting on repeated depictions of suicide in the most stunning settings with hypnotic music. They seemed to be romanticising suicide and glamorising it. Then I saw Blight was with them in Bridgend as a manager just before the suicide cluster started and I began to believe the two were connected.

“For the last 18 months I have been trying to get the authorities to listen but I think there’s a cover up which is no surprise in the UK we live in today. The only people who would listen were Christian groups and eventually I was interviewed on the radio show. I’ve repeated the allegations online.

“Someone in the village told me Blight had expressed the fact he was extremely worried by that broadcast and the next thing I knew he’d taken his own life. I don’t know if the two things were connected.

“I believe it is imperative that someone in authority takes the link between theatre and suicide very seriously. Radical theatre in the UK is awash with suicide themes and images of suicide and it cannot be healthy. Why are so many youngsters turning to suicide as a solution to their problems? I believe it’s because it has been glamorised.”

The Sunday People approached some of Mr. Blight’s colleagues on the parish hall committee in Rudry at the time including his wife Sam Minas-Blight who said………

We also spoke to Lindsay Foyster who was a committee member and is a suicide expert and director of the mental health charity Mind in Wales. She was previously involved with community theatre and is believed to have worked with Phil Blight on productions in the Bridgend area.

She said…………………….

The village hall chairman, scientist Dr. Christopher Allender, is a biological warfare expert.

He said………………..


NoFit State Circus had historical links to Bridgend which was the site of their training camp in the early days before they won acclaim for their highly skilled performances. They were back in the borough in August 2006 to stage their highly praised production ImMortal at the Grand Pavillion on the coast at Porthcawl. ImMortal, like another production Bianco, has cleverly staged hanging scenes with young women slowly hauled up on ropes which appear to be nooses.

Outreach groups connected to NoFit State are also believed to have been active in the Bridgend area putting on workshops and skill studios until November. However exact information on NoFit State activities from 2005 to 2007 is difficult to find. The companies own timeline blog which catalogues their activities over 20 years has apparently had those years redacted. They are not included in similar lists on theatre websites and neither are they available in NoFit State’s annual submission to the Charities Commission.

During that time troubled young man called Dale Crole, 18, hung himself in a disused shed on the Coney Beach funfair in Porthcawl. His body was found on January 5th 2007 and his death is said to predate the first of the cluster although he actually committed suicide four months earlier in September.

It also understood that four other youngsters took their own lives in the Bridgend area before Dale’s body was found and a cluster was declared. A journalistic investigation of the cluster is difficult as the media does not report cases on the request of the police to stop copy cat suicides – a phenomenon known as the Werther Effect.

Two of the world’s leading experts on suicide looked at the suicide imagery in the NoFit State productions and both expressed grave concern and called for an urgent investigation.

It’s believed most of the seventy nine young people in the Bridgend cluster hung themselves and the productions – ImMortal and Bianco – were singled out for particular criticism by the experts. Both productions advertise there is no lower age limit on audiences.

There was speculation that social media may have been the responsible for spreading the contagion of suicides in Bridgend but it’s understood police didn’t have the resources for a time consuming examination of victims online accounts to see if there was a link.

In 2010 the media agreed to a police request to stop reporting suicides in the area because of the fear of copycats. However this effectively prevents detailed journalistic investigation of the underlying causes.

Leading UK suicide expert Dr. Arthur Cassidy, formerly of Queen’s University Belfast, says such scenes contravene the Suicide Act which forbids the glamorising of suicide.

He said, “I have viewed images and videos from these productions and on a scale of 1 to 10 of the worst suicide representations I have seen in Europe these rate eight or nine.

“They are glamorous and beautifully staged with great sound tracks and I believe they represent a real danger to young people as hanging is a profoundly powerful symbol in the human psyche.

“This is a very difficult area for the media to investigate thoroughly as editors have agreed not to report cluster cases because of the danger of copy cat suicides. However the role of the Sunday People must be to draw this to the attention of the authorities.

“I have viewed the images without any preconceptions about the cause of the Bridgend cluster but it needs to be addressed urgently and these productions should be voluntarily halted or the controversial scenes omitted until it has been.


“The police should be looking at this as a possibly serious breach of the criminal law under the Suicide Act. They should be examining whether powerful semi hypnotic tools like NLP have been introduced into the productions and workshops. The government should also be examining this as an urgent public health issue.

“I find the ImMortal and Bianco productions particularly disturbing with their romantic and enticing imagery of women who appear to be hanging by the neck.

“One of the things that has emerged from suicide clusters is the perception that many vulnerable youngsters seem to believe they were in some way immortal. Death isn’t permanent, they think, it’s a transition you go through. Then you come out in some different state, almost like a butterfly metamorphosing, to join your friends again. Productions like ImMortal seem to be directly feeding that terribly dangerous perception.

“I also question the use of theatre and drama workshops introduced into cluster areas as a strategy to prevent more suicides. They use the same techniques and actually show children more images of hangings. Local councils rightly believe media reporting of suicides can cause copycat incidents. It follows then that showing more images of suicide to children as a therapy is also likely to have a Werther effect? Such interventions are deeply misguided.

“I also question why the people who put these productions on haven’t thought about the effects of what they are doing? They must be intelligent adults. Has it not crossed their minds.”
Professor Steve Stack is the world lead on links between art and suicide and is editor of an academic book called The Creative Arts and Suicide.

He said, “I have never seen any theatre so extreme in terms of suicide imagery here in the States. There may be many factors influencing a suicide cluster in an area like Bridgend in Wales; unemployment, use of drugs, social media. There’s also the issue of copy cat deaths – the so called Werther Effect.

“Such compelling imagery in live theatre could indeed provide another trigger. It would not necessarily have to be seen by all those who join the cluster.

“It could provide what we call a second step trigger. One person could see the production or be involved in drama workshops, assimilate that powerful experience. They would be the first step then they would pass it on in contagion to their friendship groups perhaps through social media.


“This has to be investigated by the competent authority to find out just what the effect of theatre has been because on the face of it these productions could be culpable.”

Professor Stack recommended a radical approach using ‘CSI across the grave.’ He said, “The authorities need to urgently find out if drama is a factor in these clusters.

“They should first perform psychological autopsies on the victims of the Bridgend cluster. The first stage of this would be a fairly simple form listing factors that could then be ticked off by the loved ones and friends of the victims. It would be simple matter to have theatre experiences in that list.”

Prof. Stack had one more observation. When told that no age limit was set on the NoFixedState productions of ImMortal and Bianco he said, “I find that completely bizarre.”

By 2008 a multi-agency board in Bridgend had drawn up a suicide prevention strategy targeting schools, colleges and youth groups. £2m of Lottery funding was made available for initiatives like a telephone helpline and peer support training of youngsters.

The charity Mind was given £1m to fund interventions but it’s understood they introduced drama as a therapy. A film called Wristcutters is said to have been shown in the area which has an opening scene of a young man slitting his wrists and another scene of a young boy with a rope around his neck who wants to hang himself.

A cartoon called Lucky for Some is also believed to have been shown featuring a dog attempting suicide in various ways, including hanging, before he is run over by a bus.

The director of Mind Cymru , the Welsh arm of the charity, is Lindsay Foyster who is believed to have been involved with NoFitState circus in 2006 when she lived in Bridgend. She was appointed Mind Cymru director in the same year.’




As a Welshman who sees himself as a patriot, and somebody who is fearlessly proud of his heritage, I would consider myself a traitor to not only my ancestors, but to everything I hold dear – if I did not voice my opinion on something that fills me with not only a great sense of disappointment, but intense anger.

A senior Welsh politician, namely Dafydd Iwan, a former Plaid Cymru president, has called for the song ‘Delilah’ to be banned from being sung at the Millennium Stadium before matches, due to it’s ‘inappropriate subject matter.’


Delilah’, for those who may not be aware is a Tom Jones song, considered a classic, and has long been considered the secondary national anthem at International Rugby Matches.

The song is also shared by Stoke City Football Club, and preceding matches at the Millennium stadium, the lyrics are boldly displayed on the big screen by the Welsh Rugby Union.

The song itself, which was first recorded in 1968, centres around the revenge killing of a woman by a scorned lover.

‘La Marseillaise’ and ‘The Flower of Scotland’ for example, both feature lyrics with references to violence, but Dafyyd Iwan, now says the iconic anthem should be abandoned – in his opinion, simply, for promoting domestic violence.

So where does this behaviour and opinion, which is slowly, but very successfully destroying this nation’s identity come from?

The victim mentality, the aggressive feminism, the gay rights movement, the fictitious statistics, the hastily rewritten history, the endless lies, the incessant demands, and all the odious paraphernalia that accompanies it – where does it come from?

For the first time in history, the British are frightened of what they say, to speak their minds in public and to be especially wary about anything they write – even to a degree, how they think.

They live in in a climate of continuous fear, where using the wrong word, or a word seen as being offensive or insensitive, or racist, ageist, sexist, or homophobic, makes one become instantly – a social outcast.

It seems to have appeared from nowhere and has slowly, but steadily permeated almost all levels of society, to where it has spread throughout the country virtually unchecked.

It is known simply as “Political Correctness.”

A name which began as something of a joke, it originated from a comic strip, and although many people still think of it as only being half-serious, and mainly dismiss it, I can assure you it is anything but a joke.

Not a joke that anyone could recognise as being humorous anyway.

It is deadly serious and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it has become one of the great rampaging diseases of this century.

It is a plague that has left tens of millions of people dead not only in Europe, but in Russia, China, and around the world.

It is a scourge, it is a disease, it is extremely virulent and is a disease of something known as ideology.

Political Correctness is not funny whichever way you look at it.

Political Correctness is serious, deadly serious in fact.

If you look at it in some detail, if you consider it from a historical viewpoint, it is a simple matter to discover exactly what it is.

Political Correctness is another term for cultural Marxism.

It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms, and it goes back not to the 1960s and the hippies and the ban the bombers, but back to the heady days of the Great War.

All you have to do is to compare the two, and it will become blindingly obvious.

To begin with, both are ideologies totalitarian in nature.

The totalitarian nature of Political Correctness is most clearly visible in schools, universities and colleges, where the student or tutor who dares to cross any of the invisible lines set up by any of the “victim” groups that political correctness hinges upon, quickly finds themselves, ‘up to their necks in trouble’.

Whether they be militant feminists, anti-semitic, homosexual-rights activists, or the local muslim, black or asian groups that exist within it’s environs.

From that starting point, from the very seats of learning which churn out the next generation of adults – who will assume their roles in a society, which is already mapped out for them, suitably armed with the already ingrained ideology of political correctness instilled by their education – you can see the future.

A future incidentally, that political correctness and it’s many hidden allies, intends for this nation as a whole.


Decades of propaganda, public ignorance, apathy and a nonsensical education system has created an image of world history, that bears little resemblance to reality.

One example of such distortion, and one which still exists after seventy-eight years, is woven around the 1936 Olympic Games, which were, as some of you may know, held in Berlin.

This truly international event, the first incidentally, to be broadcast ‘worldwide,’ is often quoted in the mainstream, in the context of it being the Olympics at which the American Jesse Owens, ‘Humiliated Adolf Hitler, the whole of Nazi Germany and totally destroyed the myth of Aryan superiority.’

But was that what really happened?

Jesse Owens, was undoubtably a fine athlete, but was also a citizen of a country whose own levels of racism would have embarrassed any resident of Germany at that time.

Owens, who was a likeable and humble ex-cotton picker, would without a doubt, have found the contrast between the two countries remarkable.

In Hitler’s Germany, Jesse Owens could share a bus or tram ride with anybody.

He would have been treated equally in all respects under German law, inasmuch as he could sit in a cinema next to white people, use the same public toilets, dine in the same restaurants, and stay in a hotel of his choice without any visible discrimination being shown towards him.

The reality was there was much that he could do in Hitler’s Germany that was forbidden to him back home in the United States.

In the United States during the 1930’s, black athletes were required to eat separately from their white team-mates.

If they were allowed to share the same hotel at all, which was highly unlikely, there would be a strictly enforced rule that they only used the tradesmen’s back entrance.

There were no black players on any American major league baseball team nor were there any black swimmers.

And this was in the relatively enlightened north.

In the southern states there was no possibility of a black athlete being allowed to participate in any sport, unless they competed with others of the same colour.

For Jesse Owens, the short time he spent in Hitler’s Germany must have been have been a real eye-opener for him.

It was there that he received the kind of welcome, and probably for the first time, that would have been unthinkable in his own country – it is said that the German people idolised him.

When he arrived at the stadium where he was competing, the mere appearance of Jesse Owens below the stands would cause sections of the crowd to chant his name.

Most mornings at the Olympic village, he was woken up by crowds of fans and amateur photographers, who had gathered outside his bedroom window for a glimpse of him before one of his many media appearances in Berlin.

“Jesse Owens was cheered as loudly as any Aryan.” – Saturday Evening Post. November 7th 1936.

Another of the associated tales that has been written into history, and duly perpetuated by the media, is that at the 1936 Games, Adolf Hitler publicly snubbed Jesse Owens by refusing to shake his hand.

In reality, Adolf Hitler on the first day of the Competition, did indeed shake the hands of several successful competitors from Germany and Finland.

However, later that evening, Hitler received a message from Count Baillet-Latour, President of the International Olympic Committee, in which it was respectfully pointed out to the German Leader that as he was merely a guest of honour at the Games, he should congratulate all – or none of the athletes in public.

Hitler, as was the case with every other national leaders before and since, chose the latter as being the most sensible course of action.

With 156 gold medals being awarded at various locations and times that would overlap each other, it was just not physically possible to personally congratulate every winner.

So although Jesse Owens was not personally congratulated by the Fuhrer, which tallies with the historical account, neither were any of the other successful competitors – be they German, white or otherwise, at the personal request of the President of the I.O.C.

What should be added, as it is rarely included whenever this story is narrated, is that Jesse Owens’ own President Roosevelt, also failed to honour this great athlete and did in fact refuse to meet him, despite there being no restrictions imposed upon him.

Jesse Owens himself said: 

“When I passed the German Chancellor he got up, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticising the man of the hour in Germany.”

Even following the Olympics, when Owens and his coach, Larry Snyder arrived in London, they complained bitterly that they were treated like, and felt like ‘trained seals’.

During their time there, they were also subjected to a barrage of ‘fraudulent publicity offers’, so many in fact, they refused to attend any further engagements.

Even when he arrived back home to the United States, Jesse Owens was treated like a freak and became a figure of curiosity that can only be compared to a performing animal.

“Before curious crowds he raced horses (and won). He ran against cars, trucks, dogs, and baseball players with a head start.”

His homeland was a country where black people had to use separate public toilets and public transport; went to all-black schools, and couldn’t mix with white people in restaurants, cinemas, hotels, or sporting events.

His was a 1930’s America that had seen 26 lynchings in one year – all of whom were black men.

Men like Rubin Stacey, who was lynched the previous year in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

This man’s terrible crime was ‘scaring a white woman in her home by attempting to knock on her door.’

Being out of work and hungry, he was simply trying to get something to eat.


Hitler’s Germany and the German people must have seemed very welcoming by comparison to Jesse Owens.

Hitler’s Germany won a total of 101 medals, 41 of which were gold and 223 points at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Their only serious opposition was the team from the United States, which although three times larger in population to select their athletes from, amassed 40% fewer medals and points.

25 gold medals in all – 4 of which were won by Jesse Owens – and just 132 points.

Hitler’s Germany, with a population of some 80 million, won more gold medals than the United States, Great Britain, India, Canada, Argentina, France, and Norway.

A combined population of 1,160 millions, which was around 14 times larger than Germany’s.

A German humiliation?

Not judging by the official results.


Those who run things are apparently far cleverer than any of us – they control almost everything you eat, everything you wear, how your children are educated, what medicines you ingest, what you see in the media, what car you drive, what healthcare you receive, how you spend your money, and they even manipulate your religious beliefs and steer your political allegiances.

They also engineer what most people see as ‘reality’ in the present, in the same way as they have re-written history in order to make the events they also originally made happen, fit together almost seamlessly.

To appear ‘real’.

To be taken as being the ‘truth’.

Historical ‘facts’ that cannot be challenged by the majority.

And that, is the the situation which the same majority of the human species has found itself.

Isn’t it entirely possible that any one person, or a group of people, who have the financial means and the appropriate platform, who then decide to convince people to believe the earth is flat, or the moon is made of green cheese – then in a very short space of time, then that is exactly what they become?

That’s the reality.

Many of you, as well as your children were/are told in school and by the media that the Nazi’s under Adolf Hitler ‘invented’ concentration camps.

They didn’t – the reality is that Nazi Germany merely subscribed to the original British invention that was used to control the Boers in South Africa.

Stating It publicly, however, will label you a ‘Racist’.

As a nation, the British believe that everyone else is to blame for the global opium and heroin trade – the reality being that Britain originally started a war in 1839 with the Daoguang Emperor of China because he had the audacity to ban the import of Opium…. From plantations owned and controlled by the British East India Company!

Stating it publicly, however, will label you a ‘Conspiracist’ or a ‘Traitor’.

The Chinese still haven’t really forgiven Britain for that by the way.

Those are only two examples that show how so many people can be and have been distracted by a re-written historical event, and are then carried along with the subsequent hysterical and absolute belief in every further instance of a similar event – which in reality, are being drip-fed to them by sources which are themselves not averse to openly lying, spreading propaganda and twisting of basic facts.

Which again, appears to have gone unnoticed by the vast majority.

Remember, while you are looking in only one direction – your attention is diverted away from whatever else may be going on.

As the best-known and most widely used behemoth of online search engines, there is a fair chance that most people use Google on a daily basis.

However, it seems that very few people actually know how to use it properly in order to unlock it’s full potential. I rarely use it on my own machine, as I find it far too restrictive for certain types of research and specialised searching, but in Libraries and where other public access machines are available, it usually happens that your choice is limited to the Mountain View behemoth and very little else.

So if you have to use it, it may prove useful to know your way around it.


Use quotation marks ” “ to find an entire search string.

eg. “love of Cheese” will only return results with that exact search term or ‘string‘.

Mark important words with a ” ” + (Plus)

If a search term must contain certain words or phrases, mark it with a + symbol. eg: +”William Shatner” book signing, will return all the results containing “William Shatner” but not necessarily those pertaining to a book signing.

Remove unwanted words with a – (Minus)

You may wish to search for the term “Sopranos” the TV Series, which will also return a generalised list of music related links as well.

In order to slim this search down and get a faster result, type: “sopranos” -music. This will then give you all search results with “sopranos” and NOT any related to ‘music’.


You can of course just type the full Uniform Resource Locator (URL or web address) if it’s known, but there also ways to discover more about that particular site if you so wish.

For example: “”

This will display a list of all pages which Google has located which link to this site (or yours) or a favourite site. I should imagine that many website owners use this facility to gauge how popular their site is – (although they would never admit to it.)


A  Web Cache is a mechanism for the temporary storage (caching) of Internet documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and lag. Google’s cache link in its search results, provides a way of retrieving information from websites that have recently gone down and is a way of retrieving data more quickly than by clicking the direct link.

An example of cache searching could be: “ web” which will show the cached content of the site with the word “web” highlighted.

Another method is to use the query term ‘info:’, which will present information that Google has stored about that particular web page.

Eg: “” will show information about the Outlaw’s homepage.

Always ensure that there is no space between the “info:” and the web page address.

If you want to search for a specific file type within a website, (.mp3, .avi, .doc, .odt, .jpeg, mpg, .ogg, .mov, .mp4) or omit a file type being returned, use the + (plus) or – (minus) signs in front as for a regular search.

If you begin a search using ‘allinurl:’ Google will restrict the search to only those words which follow that exact search query.

Eg: “allinurl:dogging hangouts” will only show documents which contain both ‘dogging‘ and ‘hangouts‘ in the results.

Note: You would be surprised to see how often that particular search term is ‘Googled’.

This also works in a less precise manner by using ‘inurl:’ which will still restrict the search to documents containing those words, but not always together.

As an example, “inurl:dogging hangouts” will return pages that contain the word ‘dogging‘ and the word ‘hangouts‘ which may be elsewhere in the document.

If you want to search certain words in the title of a website, ‘allintitle:’ can be used.

For example, “allintitle:truth matters” will search only for documents that have both ‘truth‘ and ‘matters‘ in the title.

Other useful search queries, are ‘allinlinks:’ which searches links only, not in the title or contained text, and “allintext:” which searches only with the contained text, not the links or title of the page.

However, no matter how good you perceive online searches to be as a resource, there is still no real virtual substitute for actually getting your hands dirty and searching actual places, scouring dusty documents and reading otherwise unobtainable books and papers.

Alternative Search Engines