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The Lily (Genus:Lilium)

‘Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.’
Luke 12:27 KJV

In Greek legend, lilies were formed from the spilt breast milk of the goddess Hera when she was tricked into nursing the infant, Heracles.

The child was pulled from her breast and some of the milk stained the heavens as the Milky Way, whilst part fell to earth as the Lily.

The flower was seen as a symbol of purity and in ancient cultures brides wore a crown of lilies woven with wheat, to bring the blessing of fertility to the marriage.

The Lily also has a number of associations in Christian legend.

The first was that Lilies came about from Eve’s tears in the Garden of Eden.

Later on the flower had other associations, such as representing the Virgin Mary’s tears or to have arisen from Jesus’ sweat the night before his the crucifixion, and are therefore a symbol of resurrection.

It may be the reason that many churches are decorated with Lilies at Easter.

In the 18th century having Lilies indoors was said to ‘procure wakefulness’.

Lilies were thought to cure sorrow by causing loss of memory.

Chinese herbalists thought Lilies had to power to cause the birth of a son if the flower was worn in the woman’s girdle during pregnancy.

It is deemed unlucky to have an even number of flowers in a bouquet, this is associated with wreathes and death.

In Victorian flower language, a white Lily meant purity and gave the message “It’s heavenly to be with you”, whilst an orange Lily represented hatred.

Along with the Owl, the Lily also has a strong association with the goddess Lileth, who gave the Lily flower it’s name.

The Lily flower is also a widely used symbol of the Illuminati bloodlines, where it is represented by the Fleur De Lis.

This symbol of course, is found on flags and heraldic crests all over Europe, also adorning the gates of the American White House.

For those who follow and/or practice the ‘Black Arts,’ Lilith is also one of most significant deities.

She has been known throughout history as being the first wife of Adam and also associated with Anu, the Annunaki and the mother of Samael.

Samael is one of the demon angels praised today in ‘satanic’ rituals.

According to ancient Jewish lore, Samael was the serpent who tempted Eve and the father of Cain.

*Cain himself was said to have looked nothing like those on earth, but ‘a heavenly being,’ and a child of the Gods… the Nephilim.*

One translation of her name is ‘Female Night Demon.’

Some traditions believed she forced herself on Adam, bearing him many demon’s and spirits that became the eternal plagues of mankind.

To the Babylonians Lilith gave birth to the first vampire, and she has also been described as a consort to Lucifer.

Lilith represents the dark side of the Goddess, as with the Masonic tradition good/evil, black/white.

Lilith is also associated with the deity known as Molech, to which a 40 foot stone monument stands at Bohemian Grove, where the worlds elite, allegedly take part in rituals which include, ‘human sacrifice.’

She is also known as the ‘Scarlet Woman,’ and so the colour red is normally associated with her.

The robes associated with alleged ‘Satanic’ practice and Ritual are usually depicted as being red.

Her other names are ‘Great Whore of Babylon,’ the ‘Great Mother’ and the ‘Mother of Abominations’ – a creature associated with the underworld.

But perhaps the most significant thing she has been associated with in many cultures, is the stealing (abduction) and the killing of, children.

“You cannot pick a flower but a star trembles.”

Newton’s third law of motion states, that for every action performed, there is an ‘equal and opposite reaction’.

Every decision we make in our lives has a direct impact on any future we may carve out for ourselves, regardless of how large or seemingly insignificant it may have appeared to be at the time.

It could have been a physical and harmful action, or a throwaway comment you may have made and quickly forgotten, but inevitably, at some time, usually when you least expect it, it will come back and bite you.

Some decisions you have chosen to make in life, can have future, possibly devastating consequences for you and any family you may have.

That is indelible, you cannot escape it nor erase it, it’s etched upon the very fabric of your being and will accompany you for the rest of your life.

Breaking the law for example, is something that you will have to admit to on employment application forms and admission to educational establishments.

Your record can be made to ‘go away’ of course, but someone, somewhere, knows what you did, there will be a record somewhere, however well you think it may be hidden.

No matter how hard you try, your past will continually walk a few short steps behind you, always waiting for an opportunity to remind you.

Certain experiences in the present can easily trigger an unconscious response that will bring your past hurtling into the here and now, forcing you to finally confront those actions of the past.

Things can also mould you as a child, making you into the adult you have become, but at the same time, some choices you have made, regardless of where you try to lay the blame, can and will haunt you for the rest of your days.

Everybody has at least, one secret …. Everybody!

‘Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics. By advancing the interests of the manipulator, often at another’s expense, such methods could be considered exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive. Depending on the context and motivations, social influence may constitute underhanded manipulation.’ WIKIPEDIA


Just basic confusion of one thing for another – ‘Smoke and mirrors.’

Conditioning the way people view human nature and their own self-value.

The exploitation of primal fears.

Highlighting any perceived differences between people and then exploiting those differences to create infighting so they are easier to control and conquer.

A left brain form of control perfected by the Nazi’s called ‘Mastery Learning.’

Primary School, High School and University education are all prime examples of Mastery Learning.

Trivium and quadrivium education could counteract this.

Basic dialectics – dialectical mechanics or Hegelianism.

Creating a conflict that already has an outcome management statergy or system in place.

Creating a conflict, waiting for the reaction to that conflict, (usually demanding an immediate resolution) then stepping in to resolve it.

*The 2011 London Riots being a recent example.*

Artificial conflict resolution.

Debt based fiat currency fractional reserve banking.

A system of illusion called money that many people worship like it’s a religion or a God.

People seem to be at their most powerless to resist this one.

Yet it exists purely in the mind.

If you can somehow control the information that people get to see, hear and read you also control their perception of reality.

*X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Soaps etc prove to be the focus of many people’s interests above any other events*

If you can also limit the scope of what they can take into their minds and awarenessness, you equally limit their belief in a possible solution.

AKA: “Human perception management.”

An attack on the physical aspects of the body relating to how your brain develops.

You affect thoughts and consciousness, “You are what you eat etc.”

Using techniques that are damaging to conscious thought, which is the method taught throughout the modern medical systems.

*The complete absence of Nourishing food and reliance on pharmaceuticals (especially anti-depressants) keeps a nation compliant*

This is very important for people to grasp.

It plays on people’s seeming inability to live in a true present moment awareness, effectively getting people to live in regret over the past, or in anxiety over their future.

*A return to the ‘bad old days’*

It’s a fear based technique.

It takes you outside of true present awareness.

Being fully aware of the present, is vitally important if you are to understand what is really happening now.

If your consciousness can be manipulated into always looking into what has happened, it takes away the effectiveness of dealing with your current situation.

“Looking back.”

Denial, Hassle, Ridicule:

How other people view you.

The Denial, Hassle, Ridicule Factor.

“Things are fine the way they are. I don’t want to rock the boat because I may have to deal with the hassle of other people.”

The hassle free zone is: “I don’t want all the shit that comes with standing up for truth.”

These are all fear based.

Heightening those three forms of mental instability, are designed to make you fall into a trap of inactivity and attempting to make things better.

You need to have the better understanding of the following three above the rest.

Religion is a form of binding.

Re-Ligare, Tying Back.

All forms of modern religion are mind control based on astro-theology.

They give people an exoteric version of something that was once esoteric or internal.

Government is the binding on the left brain… Religion is the binding of the right brain.

Based on ancient sacred symbolism.

Symbols that have been with us from time immemorial.

Solar symbolism, life force symbols, energy, blood, or anything we need for existence and life.

These are used in modern institutions, banks, police, law, public service, media, shops.

You are continually drenched in it.

These basic symbols have a powerful psychic influence.

They can speak to you subliminally, without words.

A wordless form of communication.

Twisted Telepathy.

They have a strong connection to occultism.

A mass demonstration or a public display of the dark aspects of the Hegelian dialectic.

Hegelian dialectic can be used in a positive or negative sense.

AKA: False Flag Terrorism.

This is ritual magic being used openly in the full light of day and in plain view.

A chaotic situation is created in full view as it is known it will create an extreme reaction of fear and chaos, that demands order be restored as soon as possible.

The limbic system is being manipulated to where the majority of people, are not in a state that they can think in a reasoned manner.

They therefore demand instant solutions based purely on their fears and emotions.

They are in a reactive mode of consciousness.

They want the outcome of the game known before the game is played.

Interjecting chaos is a well known method used historically to cause a required reaction.

Only a dramatic shift in consciousness will subvert this technique.

This technique works over and over again.

Simply because humanity refuses to wake up.

9/11, 7/7, Woolwich, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing etc are recent examples of chaos sorcery.

There are many, many more.

*To assist with the accusations of ‘Blatant Plagerisism’ that have allegedly been trawled from this site, the link to the original source of the articles I have adapted for this post can be found in this link.*

Jury: CIA Involved in JFK Assassination

Not a single major newspaper nor any national news broadcast has ever reported that on Feb. 6, 1985, a jury in Miami concluded that the CIA was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

This is remarkable, if only because the verdict came in a court case featuring two international celebrities: Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt, perhaps the most infamous CIA operative in history, and his courtroom nemesis, attorney Mark Lane.

Lane’s groundbreaking best-seller, ‘Rush to Judgment’, had convinced millions of readers there had been a conspiracy in the JFK assassination, the Warren Commission’s claims notwithstanding.

Scattered news reports did mention Hunt had lost a libel case against The SPOTLIGHT.

However, no media reported what the jury forewoman had told the press:

“Mr. Lane was asking us to do something very difficult. He was asking us to believe John Kennedy had been killed by our own government. Yet when we examined the evidence closely, we were compelled to conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy.”

Until 1992, when Lane recounted the trial in Plausible Denial and put forth additional compelling evidence of CIA complicity in the crime, the only substantive news reports about the trial appeared in The SPOTLIGHT.

In issue No. 7 for 1985 (Feb. 18), The SPOTLIGHT announced its victory, detailing the remarkable events that led to the trial.

The affair was set in motion on Aug. 14, 1978, when The SPOTLIGHT published an article by former CIA official Victor Marchetti who revealed the CIA intended to publicly “admit” Hunt had been involved in the JFK assassination, acting as a “rogue” agent without CIA sanction.

A top CIA liaison to anti-Castro Cuban exiles in the early 1960s, Hunt was unknown to the public until the Watergate scandal that toppled President Nixon in 1974 brought Hunt ill fame.

Then, after Watergate, when the Rockefeller Commission investigated CIA misdeeds, two eccentric writers alleged Hunt was one of three “tramps” photographed in Dallas minutes after the JFK assassination.

Subsequent investigation refuted the “Hunt as tramp” theory. However, scandal sheets had hyped the story and many came to believe Hunt had a hand in Dallas.

In 1976, growing skepticism about the Warren Commission’s claim that a “lone assassin” had killed JFK forced the House of Representatives to convene a new assassination inquiry.

In the midst of the House investigation, an unusual development occurred:

As Marchetti’s SPOTLIGHT article reported, an in-house CIA memo, ostensibly written in 1966, some 12 years previously, was leaked to congressional investigators.

The memo stated Hunt had been in Dallas on the day of the JFK assassination, and that CIA officials were concerned the agency would one day have to explain Hunt’s presence there.

The SPOTLIGHT subsequently learned CIA Director Richard Helms and the CIA’s chief of counter intelligence, James Angleton, had signed off on the memo.

Marchetti suggested that because the CIA perceived Hunt to be a villain in the public’s eye as a consequence of Watergate, the CIA had decided to sacrifice Hunt and “admit” he had been involved in the assassination.

The CIA would claim Hunt was acting on his own and that the CIA, as an institution, had no part in the president’s murder.

This would satisfy public demand for a resolution of the JFK controversy and the CIA itself would be absolved.

Hunt would be left to fend for himself.

The SPOTLIGHT felt the article served as warning to Hunt about CIA intentions and Hunt himself admitted the story seemed plausible.

Yet, Hunt still filed suit against The SPOTLIGHT.

When the case went to trial in federal court in Miami, the jury found in Hunt’s favor, ordering The SPOTLIGHT to pay Hunt $650,000 in damages.

However, an error in the jury instructions resulted in the verdict being overturned.

After the case was ordered for retrial, Lane stepped in for The SPOTLIGHT’s defense.

The highlight of the trial was when Lane presented the jury the testimony of Marita Lorenz, an ex-CIA operative who had worked with Hunt in plots against Fidel Castro.

Miss Lorenz testified that on Nov. 21, 1963, the day prior to the JFK assassination, she arrived in Dallas in a two-car caravan from Miami. Accompanying her were several CIA operatives, armed with telescopic rifles, including Frank Sturgis who (years later) participated with Hunt in the Watergate burglary.

She didn’t know the purpose of the mission, but upon arrival, the travelers met with Hunt, who acted as their paymaster, and also Jack Ruby who, days later, killed the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Uncomfortable, sensing something “big, very big,” was impending, she left Dallas that same day.

Later Sturgis told her how big the mission had been: the assassination of President Kennedy.

The jury listened carefully to her testimony, already suspicious of Hunt after his performance under Lane’s cross-examination.

Lane pointed out inconsistencies in conflicting stories by Hunt over the years about where he had been on Nov. 22, 1963.

However, Hunt insisted to the jury that he was in Washington, D.C. with his wife and three children that day.

Hunt’s case collapsed when he was unable to explain, when questioned by Lane, why his teenage children had asked him if the rumours he was involved in the events in Dallas were true.

Obviously, if Hunt were in Washington on Nov. 22 he couldn’t have been in Dallas.

Not surprisingly, the jury found in favor of The SPOTLIGHT. Yet, the major media said nothing about the stunning, historic revelations of this trial.

It was clearly the CIA’s counterintelligence chief, James Angleton, who leaked the CIA memo placing Hunt in Dallas.

In fact, Angleton’s confidant, reporter Joe Trento (deposed by Lane in the Hunt case) has said, based upon what Angleton told him, that Hunt had been in Dallas and that it was Angleton who sent him there (Angleton’s own denials notwithstanding).

Three conclusions can be reached:

The CIA had planned to throw Hunt to the wolves but evidently he and the CIA reached an accord since Angleton’s loyal, longtime deputy, Newton Miler, was dispatched by the CIA to testify against The SPOTLIGHT in Hunt’s defense;

• Because The SPOTLIGHT exposed the intended CIA scheme to “admit” Hunt’s complicity in the assassination, the operation was shelved; and,

• If there’s anybody who knows what really happened in Dallas, it’s Hunt.

With Thanks To B.C.

Smart Water, Smart TV’s, Smart Cars and now Smart ‘Dust.’

Fitted with tiny CPUs that run programs on a skeleton operating system and able to access equally minuscule banks of RAM and flash memory.

The plan is for such sensor-packed machines to be embedded in buildings and objects in their hundreds or even thousands, providing constant updates on the world around us.

The prototypes, built by Hitachi, only measured .15mm x .15mm and were even fitted with a GPS.

A fully functioning computer, with tracking capabilities, able to be sprayed on us, ingested in food and drinks or even injected?

There is no cause for concern however, as the manufacturers stress they are to be used to monitor every tiny movement of large structures like bridges or skyscrapers.

In a suitably equipped ‘Smart’ house the nano computers could report back on lighting, temperature, carbon monoxide levels and occupancy.

When embedded in all of your belongings it may even become commonplace to run a Google search for your misplaced keys or wallets etc.

The manufacturers have also outlined the planned use in ‘medical implants’ too.



I have been asked on more than a few occasions, “Why do you not write more about CSA?”

As an example, I did not comment on the recent Ian Watkins case, simply because so much information was readily available, there was very little I could add to what was already pretty conclusive evidence.

My ‘failure’ to join in with the ever-popular online game of Celebrity Paedo Pursuit, has of course been translated as my being an ‘Obvious Paedophile,’ a ‘Paedoprotector’ and an ‘Apologist,’

Simply because I do not immediately and publicaly condemn, then jump on the already overcrowded bandwagon that rolls into town, each time the latest celebrity happens to be caught in the MSM crosshairs.

Unfortunately, (for some) the Outlaw takes a more balanced approach.

Before anything is published here, there has to be, at the very least, some actual evidence to back up any claims presented.

I may of course, not always publish the evidence in full for legal reasons, it exists nonetheless and is readily available if the need arises, should anything published be challenged.

So often throughout history, there have been men, and women who have been publicly condemned, even going to the gallows on what was in hindsight, less than convincing ‘evidence.’

A case in point being the execution of Timothy Evans, who was hanged at Pentonville Prison in March 1950, for the murder of his wife and infant daughter.


That case was not even unique in the way the public condemnation against Evans, stirred up by the Newspapers, led to the vilification of an innocent man.

We know now of course, that the real villain was John Reginald Halliday Christie, who had won public sympathy during the case with his convincing display of emphasising his war service and his fragility due to various ailments.

He successfully manipulated his ‘victim’ status to deflect attention away from himself, the real perpetrator.

He was found out however, and was hanged in 1953, for the murder of eight people, including the wife and daughter of Timothy Evans, at 10 Rillington Place.

The Internet has now in part, taken the lead of the Mainstream Media, in whipping up public opinion to suit whatever agenda it chooses.

Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook for example, along with various blogs and Forums which congregate around CSA issues, can be a powerful medium when public disquiet about emotive subjects, needs to be stirred up and directed towards a suitable target.

A good analogy is one I read recently, which compared a certain ‘Truth’ Forum to a Primary School Art class.

The children are taught how to mix the colour green, with a combination of yellow and blue paint.

But the temptation exists for the child to add another colour, and another, and another, until the final colour resembles an unattractive shade of brown, which the teacher throws away and makes the child start again.

On the Internet, what begins as one or two genuine versions of the truth, gets constantly added to by ill-informed, or deliberately disruptive people, to where the story quickly becomes a brown, smelly mess to be avoided at all costs.

That is how disinformation works.

Twitter is the worst offender, along with the David Icke Forums, who have named at one time or another, everybody from Eric Sykes, to Sooty and Sweep as being predatory Paedophiles.

It achieves nothing, except muddying the waters and spreading groundless rumours, making any attempt at genuine investigation almost impossible to achieve.

It may be worthwhile asking if that is the real reason, as the scattergun approach to online Paedophile Identification, is comparable only to the closing scenes of the movie Spartacus.

Kirk Douglas stands up to identify himself as the leader of the slave uprising, only for Tony Curtis to get to his feet and utter the now immortal line “I’m Spartacus.”

His companions also begin to rise around him, each calling out the same line, in order to misdirect the attention of their Roman captors from their beloved leader.

So the Romans, with no identifiable guilty party, crucified them all, knowing that their intended target was among them somewhere.

Justice on the Internet it seems, involves accusing anybody and everybody, in the hope that they may eventually get the right person.

Meanwhile, the real perpetrators remain free, safe in the knowledge that there are millions of slavess out there, and ample scapegoats too.

Originally a small farm house close to Clay’s Farm on the Holt Road heading out of Wrexham, Brynestyn was part of the Erlas Hall estate, belonging to the Davies [Puleston] Family.

It passed by marriage into the wealthy Kyffin family, who owned it until 1783 when Sir Thomas Kyffin sold it to the Wrexham Mercer (Textile Merchant) and banker Richard Myddleton Massie Lloyd, who, shortly afterwards built the first Bryn Estyn Hall on the land.

The architect was Joseph Turner.

Brynestyn Hall was the birthplace and later the home of Richard’s son, Sir William Lloyd, a professional soldier, cartographer, mountaineer, local magistrate and one time High Sheriff of Denbighshire.

Following the death of Sir William on 16th May 1857, the Brynestyn estate became part of the Plas Power estate of the Fitzhugh’s, before being inherited by Emily Fitzhugh, the wife of Captain Charles Rumney Godfrey, and upon who’s death in 1893, was then inherited by his son Rumley Frederick Godfrey, until the estate was sold to the Wrexham Brewer, Frederick W. Soames.

Soames demolished the old hall in 1903, constructing the present building some distance east of the original structure, the following year.

Built from the plans of Messrs. Grayson & Ould of Liverpool, it was a large, Elizabethan style mansion, which in appearance gave the impression of being much older, but this was done intentionally, and the use of stone roofing slabs certainly helped.

When sold in 1928, (when it was the property of Mrs F.W. Soames), Bryn Estyn was described as ‘a replica of a Cheshire Manor House’ with twenty bedrooms and dressing rooms, two bathrooms, a billiard room, five reception rooms, garage for five cars, stabling for eleven horses, stud grooms and other cottages, a fitted laundry, central heating, telephone, electric light, two tennis and croquet lawns, an ornamental lake, a walled kitchen garden, a home farm and timbered parkland extending to 95 acres, ‘for sale at half it’s original cost”.

Not much is recorded about about the building or it’s occupants, other than it was leased to a number of private tenants, until it was acquired by a Chester Board of Trustees on the 21st of August 1940, who re purposed Bryn Estyn as a Home Office Approved School.

The addition of an ablution block and numerous interior alterations, changed Bryn Estyn from a sumptious mansion to a school.

The outward appearance of a mansion, as well as much of the beautiful interior panelling had been retained, but drastic changes to various rooms were deemed necessary.

It began operating as a Home Office Approved School (Intermediate), for the training of eighty boys in January 1942, the remaining work on the building being carried out by the boys themselves.

Boys between the ages of 13 and 15 years were admitted to the school, approximately half of whom would be under 14 years of age.

Full schoolroom instruction was provided by two qualified teachers, one of whom combined the duties of Deputy Headmaster.

The work provided for the boys was varied and specifically designed to be practical in nature, the Joinery and Building trades being favoured.

The Garden Department was the other main trade training section of Bryn Estyn, providing instruction for 24 boys, who had expressed an interest in learning Horticulture.

A library was added towards the latter part of 1943, which comprised of general reading matter and reference materials which reflected the trades and hobbies of the school.

During the subsequent years since the opening, much work was carried out on the site, including the adaption of the cottages for staff accommodation, the extension and levelling of the sports field, construction of garages, a gymnasium, a Cadet Force Training Headquarters, a Building Dept. Workshop, and in 1957, an outdoor swimming pool was built.

The majority of the work, including the excavation of the ground, the surfacing tiles and surround, was carried out by the boys of the building department, with assistance from the other groups under the direction of their instructors.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold James Bennett, the Headmaster and Matron of Bryn Estyn since it’s opening, retired in 1967 after 26 years, being replaced by Mr. David Ursell, who was previously deputy headmaster at Dobroyd Castle School, near Manchester.

Bryn Estyn, as an institution, operated quietly and almost invisibly within the Wrexham community, attracting very little outside attention, except for some incidences of vandalism in the local community by the boys, and some disciplinary disputes among the staff.

David Ursull however, was suspended in 1972, subsequently replaced by Peter Burton, aged 39, who along with his 37-year-old wife Marie, Andrew David, their 7-year-old son and the Bryn Estyn deputy, were tragically killed in an road traffic accident near Crewe, Cheshire in November 1972.

Bryn Estyn Approved School had remained the responsibility of the Home Office until the 1st of October 1973, when it became a local authority “Community Home’ with education on the premises.

Responsibility for the running of the establishment was then passed to the former Denbighshire County Council, until the 1st of April 1974, when the newly formed Clwyd County Council took over.

Granville Bernard (Matt) Arnold, took over as Headmaster in 1973, from his former position of Headmaster of Axwell Park School, County Durham.

The position of Deputy head was filled that November, by Peter Norman Howarth, who had followed him from Axwell Park.

Bryn Estyn as a residential school finally closed it’s doors on the 30th of September 1984….

There are times, when the longer you look at something, the less sense it seems to make.

When that happens, I have found that sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can bring a new perspective, to something that should have been only too obvious all along.

A case in point.

A YouTube video, recently posted by an obviously angry guy, who seemed to have taken issue with an article that was printed in Scallywag Magazine.


Fair enough, I guess, everybody is entitled to an opinion, but there was something about the video that just did not ring true.

He was trying a little too hard to persuade the viewer, that the article he referred to, which incidentally named Derek Laud as an alleged Paedophile, who had abused a boy from a Care Home in north Wales, was simply ‘A pack of lies.’

He then went on to give a potted history of the accuser, a Stephen Hashim, painting him as a wholly untrustworthy, violent thug who ‘battered his kids’ and ended up in jail for it.

He did not elaborate on how he knew the content of the article to be untrue however, he must have just assumed that his words were to be taken as the truth.

I was well aware of the Scallywag article in question, having read it a few times over the last few months, finding no clear reason to doubt the accuracy of some of the content.

So I read through it again, coming to the same conclusion, that it seemed entirely plausible when compared against similar stories that have been emerging.

While talking to a friend a few days later, it became abundantly clear that the doubts I had initially felt about the content of the video, were in fact, justified.

During that telephone conversation, it was pointed out to me that the Scallywag article was published in 1994, a time when Derek Laud, would have been virtually unknown to anybody outside of the Conservative Party.

*The same year as the Gordon Anglesea libel trial*

He had only started to become ‘known’ during and following his appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2005.

So my question is, why would a virtually unknown, Tory ‘Fixer,’ be named by somebody who was undoubtedly, not aware of the inner workings of the Tory Party?

Surely, if it was just another ‘Embroidery,‘ or a completely made up story, he would have named somebody who, would at least be recognised, in order to ensure a decent readership?

It would be pointless otherwise.

There are more than a few people who are going to be very nervous now, as news of a man, who’s name has been rumoured for more than thirty years to have been associated with child abuse in north Wales, has been arrested…… again.

Retired North Wales Police Chief Gordon Anglesea, who in 1994, successfully sued The Observer, the Independent on Sunday, the satirical magazine Private Eye and HTV, the holder of the ITV franchise in Wales.

For linking his name with child abuse.

He was awarded more than £375k.

His legal costs of over £1.5M were underwritten by the Police Federation.



Gordon Anglesea is the 18th person arrested by officers from Operation Pallial, who are investigating claims of sexual abuse at 18 care homes in the region between 1963 and 1992

A retired police chief has been arrested on suspicion of the sexual and physical abuse of care-home boys aged as young as eight.

Former North Wales superintendent Gordon Anglesea, 76, was questioned over allegations that seven children were assaulted between 1975 and 1983.

Mr Anglesea – a Rotary Club member and Freemason – was quizzed in December as part of the probe.

He is now on bail.

A Rotary Club spokeswoman yesterday said: “Gordon Anglesea has been granted leave of absence until the end of April. We are not able to comment further.”

And the secretary of the North Wales Province of Freemasonry Peter Sorahan said: “In view of the fact Operation Pallial is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment.

“We welcome transparency in every aspect of such investigations.”

Mr Anglesea, who lives with his wife, 65, was a policeman for 34 years and worked as an inspector in Wrexham between 1975 and 1983.

He became a superintendent and retired in 1991. On Monday outside his home in Old Colwyn, North Wales, he said: “I have no comment to make.”

Last month, a National Crime Agency spokesman said:

“Officers arrested a 76-year-old man on suspicion of a number of physical and sexual assaults.”

“The offences are alleged to have taken place against seven boys, between 1975 and 1983, when they were aged between eight and 16.”

The following day the NCA said the man had been bailed until April.

To date, one person has been charged with a large number of serious sexual offences.

The NCA launched Operation Pallial in 2012. It is one in a string of probes into abuse claims in North Wales care homes.

In 2000 the Waterhouse Inquiry was opened to look at allegations in ex-council areas Gwynedd and Clwyd since 1974.

Eight people were prosecuted, seven of whom were convicted.

And in July, the Jillings Report was published – 17 years after it claimed officers and other professionals could have been potential “perpetrators of assaults”.

It had been blocked by the former Clwyd County Council because insurers feared compensation claims.


From ‘tripping over a croquet hoop’, getting bitten by ‘ferrets and fish’, getting ‘hit in the eye by ammonia stoppers’ to receiving a head injury caused by a ‘falling box of bacon’.

These are only a few examples of insurance claims, that have earned payouts amounting to thousands of pounds in compensation.

You may think that the ‘Compensation Culture’ is a modern phenomenon, fuelled by a generation of feckless, lazy and inherently greedy people, with help from the aggressive advertising practices of ambulance chasing lawyers.

It may therefore surprise you, that people have been trying to get one over on insurance companies, and getting something for nothing, for well over a hundred years.

Like the Lancashire Grocer, who in 1878, made a successful claim after he slipped while playing Blind Man’s Buff?

He was awarded £15, the modern equivalent of £724.

Or the Essex merchant who injured his eye while throwing rice at a wedding in 1892.

He got £50 (£2,994).

A Swansea artist got blown to the ground by a gust of wind in 1886.

He got £30 (£1,796).

In 1878, a publican from Handsworth, Birmingham, managed to drink poison after mistaking it for his wife’s sleeping draught.

He still made a claim though, pocketing £1,000 (£48,310).
‘Trip or fall? Give your lawyer a call’

The city of Manchester were forced to cough up £3.4 Million to their own workers over the past five years, according to Freedom of Information requests.

Some workers received payouts after tripping while delivering leaflets or sustaining injuries setting up a trampoline, while others were assaulted by members of the public.

One employee at Bury council received £3,000 after burning their hand on a hot fish pie while serving lunch, the Manchester Evening News reported.

In 2009, a worker was given £1,750 after injuring himself while setting up a trampoline.

Another was awarded £5,000 after claiming to suffer ‘psychological problems’ and ‘mental anguish’ as a result of passive smoking.


It is difficult these days to avoid seeing the warning notices that councils, shops, public transport, in fact anything, that allows public access, have to display in order to avoid spurious claims from the type of people, who obviously struggle to walk on their hind legs for any length of time, without managing to trip over and harm themselves in some way.

It could seem to the casual observer, that the amount of claims submitted over ‘accidents’ caused by the simplest of human activities, are a full time occupation for some people.

Most employers and the majority of Insurance companies, have now cottoned on to the simple fact, that there are indeed people, who choose the pursuit of ‘Compo,’ as a lifestyle choice.
It has now, thankfully, become increasingly difficult for the serial claimants, to simply get handed armfuls of cash.

Medical evidence has become much more difficult for the professionally lazy to obtain, likewise the Insurance assessors are armed with far greater investigative powers.

Beverage cups and cooked products are clearly marked as being ‘very hot’ in fast food outlets, furniture is securely fastened to the floor, and even silica gel sachets found in packaged goods, now carry the warning that they should ‘Not be eaten’.

This has given Insurance Companies and employers, a greater means of protection in regard to what are obviously falsified claims, to some degree.

The more parasitic of those among the population however, have now come up with a far more nefarious method, of what is after all, obtaining money by deception.

They have played the system for many years, and are never short of coming up with ways of making a claim for anything they can get away with.

The latest weapon of choice, relies upon an act, which in law, is known as ‘Alarm and Distress.’


This practice, becoming far more commonplace, especially online, involves making a criminal complaint to the police, whenever something is written or heard about them, they do not particularly like.

If the person they have made the complaint about is then convicted, it gives them an opportunity to then pursue a personal ‘Alarm and Distress’ financial claim against them too.

This could of course, have massive implications for anyone who uses the internet, specifically Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook, which have millions of users worldwide.

If a precedent is set, it may soon become a criminal act to respond to anybody, even under extreme provocation, in anything other than a totally submissive and neutral manner.

Asking valid questions could be seen as being ‘offensive,’ ‘bullying’ or overly ‘aggressive’ behaviour, which means you could end up in court for merely questioning, responding or reacting to what could in fact be months of online baiting.

As most normal internet users would not even consider behaving in this despicable manner, the online world could soon become a very perilous arena for decent people to enter.

On a happier note, some people, although their actions in the real world would not be considered as compassionate or humanitarian, they did at least, have some morals.

For example, Winston Churchill bought a personal accident policy in 1896 at the age of 21 while a young officer in the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars, and kept up the payments until his death in 1965.

Without ever making a claim.

*Disclaimer: In ‘Genuine’ cases, Compensation payments are justified and thoroughly deserved. Unfortunately, anything that involves money, is open to abuse and greed, therefore will always be a target for unscrupulous people. This article in no way reflects upon honest, genuine and deserving people.*