In and around the south Wales town of Bridgend, between the years 2007 – 2009, at least 25 young people had taken their own lives.

bridgend postcard

All but one had hanged themselves and it has had very little in depth coverage in the mainstream media. The local MP Madeline Moon, had even announced, “The Media were now a part of the problem”.

This is a story that I have followed since the outset, not only because that Bridgend is geographically very close to where I was born, but the official story does not make any sense. There have been many theories put forward, from Internet Cults on Facebook and Bebo, right through to ‘secret messages coming through the mobile phone masts telling people to kill themselves’.

These are of course wildly inaccurate, and also damaging to any investigation and only serve to further muddy the waters and move further away from getting to the truth.

I am not going to give a definitive answer.

What I will attempt to do however, is to offer an alternative to the ‘official’ story.

“Give me the children. I do not care about this generation, but I can control the future generations” 

Adolf Hitler

The above quote may seem to be out of place here, but hopefully it may become clear why those words have a bearing on the events that are the subject of this article.

It begins with the schools.

Children’s minds are like sponges, they absorb information at a frightening rate in comparison to adults, and the younger the child, the easier it is to implant information that could have an effect on the rest of their lives. It is the responsibility of the parents and the teachers, to educate and to mould those young minds and to equip them with the necessary skills they will need in later life.

Ordinarily, this is a normal and healthy part of a child’s progression, but what if this natural process was interrupted in a subtle way that interfered with the cognitive processes?

An almost undetectable yet massively influential change in the thought processes would do it I would imagine, just enough to cause a conflict in thought patterns that would make them act and behave totally ‘out of character’.

How could this be achieved?


One way would be through Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, which has been the mainstay of ‘Common Purpose’ and has over time, become deeply and firmly embedded into the eduction system.

Common Purpose is, as some may already be aware of, is everywhere.

Teachers, The Police, The Fire Service, Local Councils, The Social Services and local as well as national Government all have Common Purpose graduates from the top down.

In fact there is a ‘Behavioural Change Unit’ in every public department, up to and including the Cabinet Office.

That may seem a bold statement to make and although it has many many names, and is made to appear to perform many different functions, the basic principle is the same… ‘Applied Behavioural Psychology’.


A type of behaviour modification.

NLP trained teachers have stated openly that they can put whole classes of children into ‘trances’, and in the wrong hands NLP is very powerful and extremely dangerous.

“Give me anyone for 40 minutes in a room without windows and they will leave not even knowing what school they attended” was the boast of one NLP ‘Practitioner.

So one can only imagine the effect that this could have on a child’s mind.

One way to spot an NLP embedded education establishment is to find out if any of the following activities are utilised.

Creative Visualisation

Circle Time

Show and Tell


Common Purpose ‘Leadership’

Diversity Training




Student Councils

Cities & Societies

Film Making

Early & Explicit Sex Education

Creative Dance & Drama


World Food Days

No Conkers

Dark Reading Matter

Asked to write about family life

On site ‘Child Services’

 (It should also be noted that suicide rate increases in teenagers the earlier you teach explicit and graphic sexual education)

For example, even if a school has never had a problem with bullying, anti-bullying posters placed in prominent positions, reinforces that there is a problem and that is what the child remembers.

That is how NLP works on it’s most basic level, a very subtle way of altering a child’s behaviour by creating the impression of ‘wellbeing’.

There are very few of it’s advocates who will openly admit that NLP carries risks.


That risk increases when used on children, and adults with certain types of underlying mental health issues.

Those who are prone to depression for example are the most at risk.

Even the strongest supporters of NLP have to acknowledge that 1 – 2% of people will have an adverse reaction, that would mean for every 1000 children subjected to NLP, between 10 and 20 will be badly affected.

Could that adverse reaction lead to suicide perhaps?

At the very least, there are many verified reports of adults who have suffered from terrifyingly dark thoughts and endured nightmares for many months, after NLP embedded ‘Wellness’ courses.

So what affect would this have on an impressionable teenager?

Even by itself, what I have outlined above could have a pretty devastating effect on the young people of any given geographical area where NLP has been embedded, but there are other factors that also need to be considered.

The village of Rudry near Cardiff, even though the local shop, post office and public house have closed, were awarded £600,000 from the National Lottery to upgrade their village hall to put on plays for the locals.

These so-called ‘Suicide Plays’ relied heavily on very graphic storylines involving, oral sex, self mutilation, murder and of course suicide.

A review of one of these plays said “It would give children ideas about how to self harm, and potentially lead them to believe the world is a bleaker, darker and more miserable place than it actually is”.

None other than the Welsh National Theatre, has staged plays produced by a man called Alfoldi, who was expelled from his native Hungary by it’s Government. His own theatre company staged performances that were so ‘Dirty, Depraved’ Dark and Horrible’ he was forced to leave the country.


He now plies his trade in South Wales.

These plays are promoted as ‘Creative Arts’ and aimed at 12-year olds.

The ‘First Light’ Theatre Company focuses on equally dark subjects like suicide and mutilation.

They were set up and funded with National Lottery Money.

There is a Music Video on YouTube called ‘Stay Awake’ and the lyrics include the line “If we don’t kill ourselves, we will lead a mixed up generation”.

That video has been viewed more than 110 Million times to date.

Many websites offer to counsel suicidal teenagers, by ‘advising’ them to ignore help from their loved ones, and never to tell their parents how they feel as they were the ones who caused all their problems. They are also told that ‘nobody loves them and they should just end it’.

I believe that children are being targeted from the inside, their mindset is being changed in subtle ways in our schools and are being damaged almost irreparably in some cases.

There are now more people than ever, who firmly believe that the United Nations sponsored education systems are almost certainly responsible for the suicides in South Wales and that Wales has been used as a gateway to introduce raw UN Education Policy..

NB: As of February 2012 the total number of ‘recorded’ suicides in and around the Bridgend area currently stands at 79.

An update to this article can be found at:

 Bridgend Revisited – The Outlaw


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  1. The behavioral change dept connected to DWP ie the nudge unit is now going private and looking for backers . Wonder why..

    1. Hi Bob, I thought that you were not going to comment on this blog anymore after your mate Tom Pride was annoyed with me?

      Interesting comment nonetheless 🙂

  2. My daughters friend died albeit in an accident. Had a pink princess carriage and 6 white horses with pink plumes pulling the coffin. Everyone wore a T-Shirt with her face on it. Her grave is bedecked with every picture, trinket, ornament and message imaginable. Her facebook and gone too soon page is a meeting place where her friends post messages to her in “heaven”. She lives on to them in a better place. Everyone loves her because she is dead. We are being brainwashed to think this world holds no hope for anyone especially the young. I agree about the anti-bullying poster theory. Worrying them to death. There have been no jobs for them for years and they are told that daily.

    1. I really find it very uncomfortable the whole T-Shirt thing.

      Especially after the Shannon Matthews and Tia Sharp false sentiments and outpouring of very public grief for the cameras. I am a strong believer in dignity after death and my beliefs are my own and are shared by a very small number of people.

      Needless to say they do not include ‘God’ in the classic sense of the word as is generally acceptable and drummed into most people.

      Thanks for your comment, certainly gives food for thought 🙂

  3. Another very interesting and thought provoking article. Thank you. Not only do I live not far from Bridgend but the tradegy of a teenager dying from hanging has also affected my own family. My beloved nephew, Nathan, was found hanged in 2006 at aged 13. He was a very happy, popular and well loved boy and the coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

    BBC.WALES (Link to the report of his death)

    I have often wondered if there has been some sort of link between all these suicides and this is certainly one avenue that should be looked into very deeply.

    Thank you again Jimmy for this well written and thought provoking article.

  4. Oh how I need to break through to my younger teen on these subjects. Two boys – one who is a straight laced ‘by the book’ model of conformity and one out and out Indigo Child, he desparately needs help in certain matters and I am finding it hard to cope with him. I am going to try and get him reading this blog as I think he is certainly of the intelligence to comprehend such information. He needs to start questioning everything around him without thinking there is no hope. Wish me luck 🙂

    1. Certainly will. There is always hope, and life is to be enjoyed regardless 🙂

  5. On misconception I must correct: NLP is not a thing in itself, it is a framework of techniques. Mainstream NLP only recognises positive techniques with a positive intent.

    I’ve only seen NLP taught and used in this context, although I agree that the way it is used is very much down to the person practicing the techniques. I fell out with the mainstream NLP crowd some years ago, for their refusal to have an adult conversation regarding the potential dangers of not very good practitioners trying to fix people whose issues they don’t understand. From a wellbeing POV NLP and psychotherapy (your fav Jimmy) come at mental issues differently. A shrink will drill down into detail over many sessions, looking to assist the patient to find answers. An NLPer will say: ‘I don’t need detail, I’m going to work with the emotional states behind the issue and manipulate those to help you achieve a positive outcome’.

    As NLP has many factions and no formal governing body, you can see the dangers in someone who has just spent 2 months studying techniques and perhaps also learnt hypnotherapy setting up as an expert and trying to assist people with serious issues, with no understanding of their background or history (or interest in learning).

    Red Flag alert.

    The NLP in-crowd told me I had a negative mindset and needed to get positive on the whole thing. I walked away in disgust.

    The anti-bullying posters are interesting. Such literature imprints on the unconscious mind that bullying exists, which will cause the kids to look out for it. Then they’ll find it, even if it ain’t there. Better to put up no posters.

    As NLP is a framework of techniques, cult brainwashing fits in there too, along with a whole load of other control methodologies. NLP does not formally recognise the negative techniques, which is a shame – head in sand won’t make them go away. Somewhere there exists an Agency manual of Black NLP, which teaches the evil practitioner how to do all the horrible things the la-de-da brigade don’t want to know about. Betcha.

    I can see how teaching techiques to people who only half understand what they’re doing, as part of a wider agenda of top-down control would work. As they say, a little information in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing. I’m more inclined to think we’re up against badly trained people with good intentions, muddling along the best they can, believing they know how to fix the world’s problems and fucking up royally because they don’t have a deep understanding of what they’re doing. Describes most of the government departments I’ve worked for…

  6. One more thing. NLP includes hypnotism in its framework. If you put someone in a trance and then say: ‘I want you to remember the abuse’ the chances are the unconscious mind will do just that – construct a memory to fit the instruction. ‘Once I click my fingers, you’ll awake and forget everything that’s happened’. Puts a false memory in place, leaving no trace of how it got there.

    NLPers believe that the unconsious mind acts as a guardian and will prevent the conscious mind from learning about things that will damage it. Hence bad memories can get suppressed. McKenna got into trouble some 15 years ago and had to stop his live shows because he sent a woman back to a period in her teenage life that he believed should have been a happy one, only to have her remember traumatic memories that were suppressed. She sued. McKenna won the court case, but no longer entertains with live hypnotic shows.

  7. Man oh Man. Scary stuff. The old scapegoat used to be heavy metal music for teen suicides – nowadays it’s the evil Internet.

    I don’t know but I’d be willing to guess that any of the major charities that deal with suicide don’t address this angle.

    1. I tend to agree 🙂

  8. Thanks for this information, very interesting. Cheers

  9. Very well articulated … and, it makes sense to me!

  10. Excellent article. I’m facing many of these issues as well..

  11. The official number of sucides on Bridgend is 79 the unofficial figure is 111 had of January 2014 last one to my present knowledge was October last year but seeing had It’s hard to get any information on latest figures then I suspect its worse and if you suggest its NLP why is it not anywhere else in south wales . Try looking at TETRA.

    1. Hi Derek.. Thanks for your comment.

      I know that you have also been looking into this.

      I am writing a follow up article which does look at TETRA as being another possible cause.

      As you say, these suicides are ‘localised’ which could of course means that NLP may not have been the definitive cause.

      Just a possible or a contributory factor.

  12. nd further to my previous comment why was it that when I asked a police officers about the Bridgend sucides why did he answer It’s more than my jobs worth to talk to you about that and he went on to say If I were you I would forget it.

    1. Which could of course mean that they do not want people digging around.

  13. I was just reading sophies reply the 2 youngsters are not mentioned in the official figures the original official figures started from 2007 so it is more than probable that the figure of 111 is quite a lot more . Why is the MP for Bridgend Madeline Moon not willing to talk about it to anyone including me. The trouble with newspaper reports is they always say that the family wish to be left alone even years after the event . And when the reports state that the family are being comforted by police liaison officers is a load of tosh it may have been like that for a few but not all the police can’t and won’t hang around for long and do not ask to many questions on the alledged sucides in the Bridgend. Why do people think that the Corrupt Welsh assembly asked for the media not to report anymore alledged sucides its because they don’t want it known it is still carrying on to this day and no one can tell me that TPTB don’t know why it is happening including Carwen Jones first minister who refuses to speak about it and he did the dame with child abuse in south wales he does not answer to anyone . The system is so corrupt its beyond belief within the welsh assembly which includes Bridgend sucides and that of covered up child abuse in south wales because our children’s lives mean nothing to this corrupt welsh assembly its rotten to the core. Voting is like choosing which bullet you want to be shot with .

  14. The reason why I mentioned TETRA is because of a meeting I had with Sir William Steward report that was looking at the biologicial effects of pulsed electromagnetic radiation on the human mind and what was discussed was what is happening to police officers since using the TETRA System and to my truthful knowledge as of 2nd February 2014 9 officers have committed sucides and many more have died from various cancers due to the TETRA system. If someone can obtain a police magazine called Jane’s POLICE review which came out on the 5 June 2009 which stated on It’s front page entitled. BRAIN STORM Did Airwave radio’s trigger officers behaviour at the G20 PROTESTS . AIRWAVE OPERATES TETRA. WHICH USED TO BELONG TO DOLPHIN A PART OF BRITISH TELECOM. If anyone wants to speak to Barry Trower an expert in pulsed electomagnetic radiation then I have his number for anyone to talk to him free of charge.

    1. Another interesting comment Derek. A wealth of information there my friend.

  15. Another story on Tetra by Tim rifat on rense entitled the secret use of Microwaves by British Police . You could also look at Ross adey in relation to mindcontrol.

  16. Very sinister…….It makes you wonder,my thought to the reason of the hangings is Tetra, without a shadow of doubt, I have seen a interview on Microwaves and mind control, I shall see if i can find it again and come back with the link, as it been a couple of years or so ago.

    1. Look forward to reading it 🙂

  17. Outlaw, I am back, lol, the link is HERE

    It’s The very same expert as Derek mentions (above) Dr. B. Trower who was a former MI5 agent and has a vast knowledge on all the different waves, If you have a microwave you will not want it after watching what damage they cause and in all the different ways of mind control and how they use it to cause deaths.
    I noticed it was October 2012 when they published the video, so maybe not quit a couple of years ago when i watched it haha. (was not laughing for a few days after watching it though;-)

    1. I have not owned or used a Microwave for a good few years now.. thanks for the link ….

  18. I got rid of my microwave some 14
    Years ago. By the time you microwaved any food on any microwave you might as well eat grass because all it nutritional has gone by at least 85% wake .people for gods sake and if you have children then your killing them very very slowly .

  19. Saved as a favorite, I love this website!

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