For those out there who are still sitting on the fence, or are harboring doubts as to the direction in which some of the high profile ‘Troofers’ are attempting to steer people – perhaps this tweet, posted yesterday by Brian Gerrish of the UK Column will help to dispel the last of those doubts.


Encouraging people to attend the hearings of those who have ended up before the courts for promoting hoaxes, such as the one Ms McNeill has been doing with what she (and others) have claimed has occurred at Hampstead and elsewhere, is not only reckless and totally irresponsible behaviour, but is also playing on the emotive responses of vulnerable and clearly deluded people.

I strongly advise anyone who is thinking of attending these hearings to think again, as you will be perpetuating the belief in an abhorrent falsehood, and are being led by these Pied Pipers of the Alternative Media into an endless cycle of false leads which ultimately lead nowhere.

And maybe, booking an appearance before the courts yourselves ….


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    1. No need to apologise OG, and yes the address has been received and the action we discussed is being undertaken as we speak.

  2. I hope people will heed this warning.

    I am very concerned by the influence that Fresh Start Foundation are attempting as well. On Freedom Talk Radio, Andy Peacher is inviting whistleblowers and survivors to give them their testimonies.

    I doubt they will treat them with the respect or confidentiality deserved, nor are they qualified in any way to be doing this.

    I will do what I can to warn people, but they have dismal numbers anyway.

    Feel free Jimmy to use any screenshots posted by me, if they are useful and helpful.

    1. David Icke Forum Regular

      Fresh Start Foundation are another mob of chancers and charlatans IMO. Their pet trolls are among the worst of the worst on Twitter. The equally dodgy people they support should be the giveaway

  3. I thought Sabine had been given a 2nd last chance reprieve just before Christmas, or has she carried on ranting?

    He is still promoting the Melanie Shaw rubbish. Anyone who does is as bad as he is.

  4. Stevie Wonder could see the agenda being pushed by U.K. Column. And is isn’t child protection

    1. Gerrish has an interesting Tweet history


  5. Pretty obvious now to see what they are up to JJ

  6. Congratulations on reaching 8,000,000 views by the way. Long may the Outlaw continue;)

  7. Sorry, off topic…

    You’ll Never Believe It:
    Carillion (motto – Making tomorrow a better place {for it’s directors}) has effectively gone bust!

    Blimey, who could have seen that one coming? What, with all those massive infrastructure £billions, already handed-over, that we’ll still be paying for in the next century…

    And, of course, whatever the ‘salvage’ deal to rescue the schools, prisons etc will cost.

    Next-up in You’ll Never Believe It – Caitlyn is a trans woman!

    Or will it be “Serco goes pop!”…

    1. The comments are rarely on topic here Phil, it’s an open platform 😉

  8. Soooo, it turns-out that Carillion are a £billion and a half in debt. Did no one at the firm notice that things were getting iffy? Like when the debt jumped from a hundred mill to 200 mill, then to 300 mill? Are we supposed to believe that it just happened, that there was no warning?
    The executives of these ‘failing’ companies are nothing more than thieving scum. They, and their ilk, are ripping the heart out of the country and doing untold damage to it’s citizens.
    It’s long past time for jailing them and seizing their assets. TPTB must act soon to stop them wrecking lives – I doubt that Joe Public will ignore it forever. Although, now I think about it…

    1. Hey Phil, just a heads up to make you aware that the congenital idiot Fabooka Da Stait, has been having a major meltdown on Facebook making all types of claims about you in his usual unhinged manner.

      And of course is still clinging to his default setting which is that you (as everybody else is) are in fact …. Me.

      1. It looks like FTS has now teamed up with ‘Cat Scot’ so it’s only a matter of time before he starts promoting the Hollie Grieg hoax and the Hampstead SRA shit too.

        He must be super desperate PMSL.

        In his own mind he thinks he is kicking your arse too JJ HAHAHA.

        1. Jeez talk about scraping the barrel

          1. Or is it a case as it so often has been that people like this crazy worried Scot are just making it look like they are mates?

            He’s angry with Jimmy, for the arrest and all the rest of it, but I think he knows who really is to blame, the ones who set him up and stitched him up to take the blame. Extremely Snaky tactics that they use, don’t you Dogman or is it Dogmange, same difference in his case.

            They know people read Bobs FB and they like to make it look like things are a certain way. She’s only just popped up on his FB page, so I suspect she’s just thinking she’s being clever, when clearly she has the brains of a newt.

            To be using the tactics she is/they are, shows she must be pretty worried about something, so worried she follows everyone all over social media making her unwanted presence felt. PANIC!

            Same thing they all have done.

            Why is Gerrish sending out his muppets? Too gutless to do his own dirty work? It’s not the 1st stooge he’s sent in the same way. Keeping his head down after his old friend/colleague and business partner in 2 companies, convicted male rapist and good friend of the royals, Charles Howesons trial maybe? He must know he’s losing his grip.
            His bosses in HM Shill HQ must be a tad miffed.

            Check all rocks in the vicinity, he’s bound to be hiding beneath one.

        2. I didn’t feel a thing, I never have done.

          He must have been wearing carpet slippers.

      2. We’ll have a look – we could do with a laugh.
        Thanks, us. We hope to hear from us again soon.

        1. Watch out Phil, I am hearing he is in with Cat Scot and the UK Columnites now, so God only knows what kind of rubbish they are going to come up with now.

          1. Jimmy you can’t reason or argue with crazy!!! ………. or stupid!!! It’s a waste of time and energy

        2. He’s a Clingon. The rumor I heard is he he was even kicked out of Spivland cos he was a liability over there —— and that’s saying something right there

          1. He was a liability yeah. But maybe not quite for the reasons you think.

            That Brian Harvey , by the way was awesome! A must watch. It joins many dots,

    2. As it turns out Phil, I was having a quick glance at their Company Check record earlier and it seems they haven’t been too flush in the finances department since at least 2010.


      There’s been a few names on the Directors list , 1 of the last to become Directors in January 2017 being BARONESS SALLY MORGAN (Labour) Former chair of OFSTED.

      Morgan is a board member of the Education Policy Institute, a Westminster-based research institute. Which is doubly comforting, seeing as she decided to back a lemon like Carillion only last year.

      Think her huge and vast experience (4 years as a teacher) helped her become THAT important. (But more likely that she sucked up to Blair and Brown and was so successful at that,(at least), she was given her Baroness title.

      It’s ain’t what you know, but whose bum you are prepared to kiss all the way to the top.

      But don’t fret Phil, because no doubt Baroness Morgan & Co will be fine, because as always WE’LL be paying the price for total incompetence (money siphoning off exercises).

      Theresa May is in last ditch talks today apparently, for a last ditch rescue, which means either way we’ll be paying for it anyway.

      You’ll be comforted to know , (I read somewhere) that the top dogs at Carillions £400 million bonuses had been protected, prior to it deciding it was in financial dire straights all of a sudden. That’s a relief isn’t it?

      A set of bells played using a keyboard or by an automatic mechanism similar to a piano roll.
      A tune played on a carillon.

      Looks like the bells played us.

      As always.

      1. Lot’s of “Well I nevers!” there Jane.
        I wonder what the Baroness taught at school. It couldn’t have been arithmetic.

  9. White Pendragons they are linked to Fresh Start Foundation, I believe ?


    1. And who, by default are linked to UK Column Sheva.

      All these organisations/agencies can be linked together in some way.

      All people need to do is join the dots and ultimately, follow the money.

  10. Doazic has exposed Tom Crawford, Guy Taylor, Karl Lenz and other fmotl scams.

    That’s why he appeared on the Hoaxtead Exposed Satanic bla bla blog, listed as a Paedo protector…

    Along with me and other Hoaxtead Researchers, investigators and commenters.


  11. Brian Harvey talks to Christina Joanna Heart. 2 hr video and very revealing.


  12. Have been looking through your site. I did watch the UK Column about a year a go, obviously they are just all talk and no action, but having been infected with some of their dribble, can any one actually define the truth as to what is going on and who controls what?

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