While you all sit and salivate with anticipation for the next aged ‘celebrity’ or establishment child abuser to be named in the media, be under no illusions that child abuse has suddenly stopped happening.

Because I assure you it has not.

While your attention is being funnelled towards the antics of some grubby has-been celebrity, you are being distracted from the facts..

And Questions like:

“How did they get away with it for so long and who was procuring these children for them?”

So where is the focus on what is happening right now?

It remains unreported, its real-life horrors are being silenced by secret courts, filed away and hushed up by decisions made by corrupt officials in the highest offices of the land, and at a pace that would make your head spin.

So please ignore the current mainstream news ‘dramas’ and the CSA-centric AM blogs, forums and websites that regurgitate what is essentially sensationalist gossip, and try and look beyond the media-led and manufactured misinformation that has sprung up in the wake of the Steven Messham and Jimmy Savile click bait.

A bit more digging and research may lead you to the lengths that these abusers and those who protect them online and IRL, will go to in order to suppress the truth, to blur the connections and cover the endless links to all manner of people and organisations.

A number of whom you may even converse with daily on social media.

Why would that even surprise you?

Try and educate yourselves, read about  Kincora, The events in North Wales, South Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Local Authority & Private Care Homes, Foster Homes and the organisations and charities set up around ‘Child Care and Protection’.

Arm yourself with that knowledge, then read the ‘Waterhouse‘ Report, read the ‘Lost in Care‘ report in full and search for other documents that are all readily accessible and available to download.

Learn the truth about what really happened in Bryn Estyn, Bryn Alyn, Neath Farm, TY Mawr, Bersham Hall, Langton House, Melanie Klein House, Grafton Court, Kendall House and others…

It was certainly not what you think it was.

Dig a little deeper until you discover that not all the abusers, were/are in fact, those you have been led to believe were the real guilty parties.

If you dig down far enough, you may even discover the role of the ‘Enforcers’, many of whom were not staff members, or VIP visitors, but a number of residents themselves – but you will never see or hear that in the media or on any of the Gatekeeper’s websites.

If you are still in doubt, a quick internet search using the words Boystown, Nebraska and ‘Franklin Cover Up’ which will take you to places which will haunt any normal-thinking person for the rest of their days.

You may even openly weep at the truly appalling fate that lay in store for one beautiful ten year old boy, who was sodomised so brutally by a grown man – that he died of his injuries.

Not enough for you?

Read a bit further and read in graphic detail, exactly how that same boy was thrown to another boy who was then, in turn, filmed raping his bloodied and broken body before it had even grown cold..

You truly think that does not happen in the UK?

Child abuse has not gone away.

However many withered old celebrities way past their sell by dates are paraded before the cameras and grace the front pages of the tabloids, it will continue.

unseen and silent.

How much longer can you sit there in wide-eyed disbelief as yet another expendable and long since faded TV star, is tossed out by those who will always remain in the shadows?

Ask instead what has happened to more than 100,000 children who have ‘disappeared’ from the British Care System over the last five decades?

How many children are being raped, tortured and murdered right now?

In your towns and streets.

How much is your Government and it’s publicly funded officials really doing to stop it?

How much longer can you sit on the fence?

Where are your demands for justice for these children?

Where is your anger?

Where is your absolute fury at those in authority, and those that they pay to keep their secrets, and who stand as their gatekeepers?

Why are you not demanding answers from those who knowingly shield these monsters and allow this endless cycle of horror to continue?

Why are you not questioning why genuine abuse victims are being attacked on a daily basis, both online and in real life if they dare to speak out?

What is it that has made you that way?

Would you react differently if it was your child?

Would you only wake up if it had been happening to you and yours and nobody was listening?

What will it take?


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  1. @outlaw sorry jimmy, for overposting before and nice of you to say something on chris’s blog. i just looked at what you wrote here today and on your list of stuff i was checking it off, yes ive done pretty much what you proposed already, ive been following kincorra since paul foot wrote about it years ago in the eye, and the whole mi5/wilson plot/colin wallace/peter wright saga . also read livingstone memoirs on it, also looked into righton stuff, ive got the now discredited waterhouse report, also copies of P.A.N from spartacus (that takes something to work through), also the rocks lane stuff (i had connections to richmond so thats got me curious -about same period too), of late a few things have sickened me, one was on yahoo thread where idiots were blaming the victims over the s hall stuff claiming the victims enjoyed what happened to them and now they wanted money off hall, made me sick, but made me wonder if it was disinfo planted by interested parties ?..apart from historic i am only too aware its still going on, that stuff is almost freely available on the net, i’ve reported a lot of stuff to orgs and other places but nothing is done, its like either they dont care or to scared to do anything, some child porn sites have expanded with some degree of arrogance like they think they are untouchable…bloody hell we reported stuff to twitter not so long ago who promised to crack down and did exactly nothing…its a battle jimmy, but theres a whole load of us who are prepared to give up….

  2. NOT, give up..i hate my keyboard,,grrrrrr

  3. btw Tim Tate who worked on ‘conspiracy of silence’ has been posting on ‘spotlight on abuse’..

  4. ….and this is the point where it all goes wrong, to the delight of those who want CSA to continue. Jimmy posts a heartfelt blog which touches our emotions, then – first up – Sue says “our lot are doing more than you, and anyway you’re on the side of the abusers trying to stop us”. I think I take as much interest as anyone who has work or responsibilities to attend to, but I’m totally confused and don’t know who is who. (Is jimmy the Outlaw also therealjimmyjones? I don’t even know that). I’d love some clarity, but there are people out there for whom clarity is the last thing they want.

    1. Yep, one and the same, I had to change my Twitter user name as I became ‘mysteriously’ locked out of my account.. Elsewhere my name remains as it has always been ‘realjimmyjones’.

      Can you see how those who want to cover up CSA issues, try and insult, ridicule and attempt to discredit anybody who speaks out?

      I truly hope you can Dewi

  5. I as many others am sadly dissapointed that the exposure of paedophiles seems to be constricted to the ageing celebreties but no mention of politicians yet. Still even less mention of the fact that this still goes on today, very probably on a greater scale. Treason is currently the only law in this country that can still warrant hanging, that has never been repealed. IMHO we need to add another crime to that. What use have society for paedophiles?

  6. It appears that you lot are obsessed by editing text as you have already posted differently worded version of other comments I have made.

    No matter, it just shows how obsessed you people really are..

    Kevin Green accuses people of the same thing and Adrian also is like something out of a low rent Bond Movie.

    Nobody is listening to you, nor even cares what you say anymore, you are not real, you hide behind protected accounts, you lie about your ‘illnesses’ you lie about your families, your lives, your imagined Abusers, you just lie about everything.

    It means nothing any more as it is becoming more ludicrous each time..

    Is Billy Perry still in Australia with Steve Messham? That was the last fairy tale you tried to impress me with.

    Or the Firemen at Colwyn Bay, you repeatedly visited, even though you knew they were a ‘Paedophile Ring’..

    The Fire Service Internal Investigation people I spoke to are looking at your claim as I write this, as I doubted your Version from the beginning and clarification would be valuable.

    You have accused me of stalking you, taking photographs of your children etc.. Outside 22 Rhos Llan, Llandrillo.

    You really need help with you fantasies, but we both know who you really are and why you are doing this.

    The truth will come out and you will be held accountable along with your online ‘friends’, like Roy Thompson in Kirkaldy, Janette Scharenborg, Adrian McCormack, Will Black, and Jonathan Sawyer.

    Do your worst, let everyone see what you really are..

    BTW: Adrian McCormack in Birmingham has already admitted to more than one person that Kevin Green is really Janette Scharenborg, he does seem to cry a lot doesn’t he?

    He really should stop smoking that stuff.

    He also very kindly gave up all your personal details to me… 🙂

    1. @workhouse i think the hanging for treason did get repealed…

      1. Hi bob, you are correct it was repealed (1998). I think that I am somewhat losing the plot these days but the speed and scope of change in this country, in the last few years is melting my brain. I was born in the very early sixties, never before have I experienced such change, such inhumanity, such psychopathy from any government.

    2. Jimmy if your gonna abuse others have the courtesy to spell there name properly. As for your comments about Sue – Jimmy I began with lots of respect for you but this cause of such a genuine lass is getting ridiculous. If all that energy was put into the pursuit of abusers rather than abusing innocent folk. As for your opinion of me I dont care think what you want I know who I am folk who matter to me know who I am those are the only folk who matter. Little tip though be careful who you accuse of what Jimmy karma will always pay back.

      1. There is that word again ‘Abuse’…. A trigger word for you, is it your NLP schooling that makes you insist on using the word to describe anything from disagreement to somebody standing too close to you?

        Maybe this genuine lass could actually supply the evidence she constantly threatens to expose regarding myself and others.

        And while she persists in lying about me, accusing me of ‘Stalking’ her and taking photographs of her children and constantly writing such ludicrous statements, I have no option but to defend myself.

        I see you write as ‘Anonymous’ ? big surprise that, you could be anyone, and as such your opinion means nothing..

        ‘Karma’ is a favourite word of Ms Scharenborg is it not?

        You are getting so predictable and obsessive now it is gone way past madness and ‘Trolling’. What are you all trying to deflect from, why am I such a threat to you that makes you behave this way towards me?

        Your little group is losing ground, hence the bizarreness and increasing frequency of you baseless accusations.

        You will soon run out of ideas I am guessing..

        Why set up a blog specifically to try and discredit and attempt to hurt me?

        You have either some serious mental health issues, and by accusing me of such things it makes me even more suspicious that you are the ones who are deliberately covering up child abuse for some unknown reason….

        1. Jimmy I have no link to that woman and never will.
          I do apologize for my comment being anon my mistake my name is Roy Thomson not anything else or anyone else. I have no interest in this other than standing up for my friend. I don’t belong to any group unless you mean supporters of Edinburgh rugby. My only interest in this is supporting Sue. The only blogs I have are my own and the comments on there are my own. I do have serious mental health issues and have never hidden that. As for covering up abuse of any kind never gonna happen. Like lots of folk just fed up with all this not that that will stop any of it but like I said earlier karma is a great thing and that is also a fav word of mine as I am a Buddhist.
          Nothing else to say that you’ll listen to anyway.

          1. Well Roy, while your friend continues to tell lies and make spurious accusations about victims of abuse you are as they are.

            Her spiteful accusations of stalking, and her lies about me have all been proved to be wrong.

            You also post comments on what after all is a hate site set up to discredit myself and other abuse survivors, it is pointless trying to wriggle and plead now, as the damage has already been done.

            You and that group are the abusers and bullies and that is what people will see

            Sue is a willing participant in this campaign against genuine people, unless she has had her identity cloned, but I do not believe that or anything that woman says.

            As a Buddhist you should hang your head in shame if you are a part of this hateful group of disturbed individuals.


            You are right, it will come back threefold on those like you and your your associates.

            My conscience is clear..

        2. Jimmy if you think as wriggling and pleading your so wrong. I was stating facts. As for DL did not see the post he put up to Sue, starting ‘if you thought what I did in the dunes’ that tells a huge story. Going back to the pleading thing that will never happen. I hope one day you and I can have these discussions face to face so there can be no doubt as to how either of us feel. Then you’ll know there is no pleading involved. I will continue to support and protect Sue! As for where I post I will post where I want with including here. You think what you want Jimmy but dont ever think I was pleading abuse that’s just wrong. Now I will concentrate on being there for folk who matter.

          1. A threat from the peaceful Buddhist eh? Says it all.

            Looking a bit foolish now eh ‘Roy’??

            Kirkaldy, Fife eh? The same place as Kevin Green by any chance?

            Sue has been saying that she has photographs of Laverty with Jimmy Savile for Pity’s sake, read that turgid blog of hers, accusing me of stalking her and her daughter???

            Not going to comment on that are you ‘Roy’?

            Maybe you should ask her what she told me in those phone calls about Steve Messham and Australia. She is a liar, or a complete fantasist, and her accusations have been noted, checked and have no substance whatsoever. You have either been completely taken in by her (if she even exists) or you are a part of this.

            Either way, the truth will out and you will be judged alongside Sue, Janette, Adrian McCormack and all the others who are involved.

            I have wasted more than enough of my time on you and the rest of your crazy friends, please get some help as the only people who are believing you are each other.. 🙂

          2. Jimmy dont know where you saw a threat the face to face comment refered to both being able to see the others body language. I assume that where you saw a threat says where your mind is. Judge me next to Sue any time but not that other woman cause I have no link to her at all.

          3. Whatever you say Roy, and for the record my mind is the healthiest part of me, but thanks for the diagnosis 🙂

            I like the way you avoided the questions about her though Roy, says where your mind is at eh? DENIAL…. 🙂

  7. What will it take? Well what if it will not end – no more than we can bring an end to evil?

    Then we are left with trying to ensure we dont facilitate it and getting those who have committed the crimes to serve time and be exposed.

    There is one other thing.

    In psychiatric hospitals, on the streets among the homeless, in prisons and isolated in their homes are thousands who were broken in their spirits by abuse and then left to stumble from problem to problem because they were not capable of putting the pieces back together again. To many they are considered to be the problem with our societies whereas they are actually the incarnation of our failure to care.

    Do we really care? Many who run after the crowd to find the next revealed celebrity dont really care about what is important and thats the much harder part of caring for those that circumstances have made seem unloveable.

    “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”

  8. People have lost their humanity when all they care about is themselves. To psychologically and materially fat and happy to care about reality. An “injustice to one is an injustice to all” applies to a very small minority indeed these days. Sad.

  9. WOW!! Just Wow!

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