“No stone or rock could ever fall from the sky.” -The Church of Rome

Perhaps the greatest natural catastrophe that has ever occurred in history, a single event that in one moment, had plunged the whole of Britain into an age of impenetrable darkness for 11 years, and had almost simultaneously, decimated three of the oldest civilisations on the other side of the of the Atlantic, is still for the greater part unknown, and vehemently denied by mainstream academia.

It has been written out of ‘official’ historical records by the religious leaders of the Church of Rome, who’s council had plotted in private that the event, which arguably ‘shaped our country’s history more than any other’ shall forever remain hidden.

The High Church of Rome considered themselves to have had a god-like status, and would not stand for any mere mortal who dared to contradict them. If any did, however, and there were some, they were instantly accused of Heresy or Blasphemy, tried quickly before being publicly executed. Dead men generally take their dissention to their graves.

Such was the common person’s absolute devotion and pathological fear of the Church of Rome, they found that they were rarely, if ever challenged, thus ensuring that their twisted and fanciful (per)version of history became the accepted form of teaching for millennia. It had the added advantage of instilling an almost perfect means of rigid control over the lives and beliefs of a subservient and purposely uneducated population

For hundreds of years Historian’s and Archaeologist’s have been unable to explain what had happened to the Mayan’s, the Inca’s, and the Aztec races. The only thing that the academics of today agree on, is that at some time in history their crops had failed and they were forced to leave. They are unable however, to explain the real reason or even acknowledge what type of event could have caused the inhabitants to disappear, leaving nothing but archaeology.

Early and historically accurate scholars, described in suppressed documents how Britain in AD562 was ‘on fire from coast to coast.’ We know from the hidden, but definitive (if you know where to look) evidence that a Comet passing close to the earth caused unprecedented damage and devastation which covered an enormous area. Scientists have roughly estimated that core temperatures of over 13,000 degrees Fahrenheit were generated and animals and humans would have been cremated within seconds.

The estimated power of a comet that size hitting the earth, would have yielded the equivalent power of between one hundred to over one thousand combined Hiroshima type atomic bombs. A comet even passing near to another object causes enormous friction, the air ahead of it becoming super heated and reaching fantastically high temperatures which will incinerate and burn anything and everything in its path.

And the entire population of the British Isles was decimated, and in less than half a minute.

The whole land was poisoned and contaminated. Nothing could live, fly or grow for between seven and eleven years. Anything that had survived the initial shockwave, died from the suffocating smoke which contaminated the lungs, long before starvation or disease, had the chance to kill the remainder.

Having devastated much of Britain, it streaked across the Atlantic Ocean until it reached landfall again in South America. Causing havoc and destruction there also, setting fire to the trees and the great forests of the Amazon would have burned non-stop for days. The vast forest fires that ensued would have blocked out the sun and affected the climate for a decade or more.

As the comet approached, the forward blast of air would have caused a gigantic wave to form as it streaked across the sea devastating anything in its path much like the Tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, only on a far greater scale. This was Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests combined, but this was travelling at hypersonic speed and would have proved unstoppable. Bolivia and Peru were almost completely destroyed, and the vast majority of their inhabitants were wiped out.

The Church of Rome had used the devastation caused by the Comet, to invade Britain in AD 579 at the third attempt, after they were successfully beaten back on their earlier attempts to achieve a permanent foothold in Britain. This was a somewhat easier invasion as there was hardly a single soul left alive to resist them.

This was the event that plunged Britain into the often misquoted, but nonetheless very real ‘Dark Ages,’ and you will not find it in any history book.

“When history is changed and effectively rewritten, chaos and confusion are usually the victors over truth and justice. To understand and learn the real truth about our history, you have to put aside almost everything you have ever learned from a child onwards. Modern Academics and Religious Scholars are in general, much too lazy to do any real and worthwhile research because they are normally an arrogant lot and genuinely think they should never be challenged. Having a History degree from one of many out of touch and archaic Universities, does not necessarily make these academics particular experts, even in their own fields. If an academic ever needs to learn something new he usually pops along to the library and looks at a books’ index. If said book does not have an index, they baulk at the possibility that they may actually have to do some real work and read the entire book. Or, as is the preferred method these days, in our high tech modern world, they just ‘Google’ their query and then build their entire body of ‘evidence’ solely on the results of that search!”


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  1. Very odd that nothing was left in the archaeological record then isn’t it? Or did the Pontiff cover that up too….

    1. There is evidence in the archaeology of Vitrification, which is a process that only occurs at temperatures that exceed 2000 degrees F. A process that can, in effect melt solid rock…. Again this was never addressed in the mainstream version of events…

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