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Listen to the near hysterical Labour MP John Mann in the video below, and the somewhat calmer response from former London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Note the MPs use of the words ‘Filthy Lying Racist‘, ‘Filthy Nazi Apologist‘, ‘Anti-Semite‘, ‘Losing It‘ and ‘Conspiracy Theorist‘, before you read this article from the Jewish Virtual Library, which outlines the 1933 agreement between […]


“I have been in two minds about publishing this, as there is very little information to back up the story online. There are plenty however, that attempt to discredit or ‘debunk’ it, though it should be noted that these mainly consist of pro Israeli and Zionist-leaning websites and Forums. I am going to go with […]


Latin Monetary Union 1865 to 1927 The Political Disaster That Led To World War One ‘Cigpapers’ Guest Writer There has been a Monetary Union of European Nations in the past – the consequences were as predictable as they were catastrophic and horrific for ordinary People and the Nations involved. Zionist bankers had financed the 1851 […]


David Cameron, and Ed Miliband. by their own admission, are Zionists. David Cameron, “I am a Zionist” Ed Miliband declares his allegiences Zionism (Hebrew: ציונות‎, Tsiyonut) is a form of nationalism of Jews and Jewish culture that supports a Jewish nation state in the territory defined as the Land of Israel. Zionism supports Jews upholding […]


‘The politician offers to defend you against your enemies, so that he can eventually deliver you to your ultimate enemy…… Which is Satan.’ – Traditional A man of Alex Jones’ intellect and high media profile would, at first glance, be the ideal mouthpiece for the sometimes uncomfortable world of the Conspiracy ‘Theorist.’ I must admit, […]

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