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Growing up among people who worked with their hands, all of them craftsmen in their chosen disciplines, I learned very early on the importance of precise measuring and accuracy. Without a doubt, the most enduring adage I learned through those interactions, and have subsequently adhered to throughout all of my working and personal life – is to […]


Founded in 1837 as the ‘Wigan Poor Law Union Hospital’, Billinge Hospital was a National Health Service facility in the Higher End district of the Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester. The Maternity Unit attached to the main hospital was opened in 1968, and served much of the surrounding area of Wigan, parts of St Helens and […]


On 31 August 1972 the strike committees of North Wales building workers’ met in the upstairs room of the Bull and Stirrup in Chester. This was to be a fateful day for these men. They would go on to be the victims of one of the worst miscarriages of justice seen in Britain since the […]

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