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There are two words that are used to describe almost anyone, who in reality have achieved almost nothing to deserve either. Those words are ‘Genius’ and ‘Awesome.’ They are attached to any vacuous entertainer or sports ‘personalities,’ who may of course bring intense excitement and admiration to some people, but in my opinion, there is […]


A British man who was handed over to the CIA under the suspicion of being an Islamist terrorist says he was severely tortured by collaborators of the intelligence agency and forced to sign a confession. Mahdi Hashi, a 23-year-old from London with a Somali background, was stripped of his British citizenship last year for being […]


Military Attempts To Weaponise Animals From Hannibal’s epic Elephant ride across the Alps to Genghis Khan’s magnificent War Horses, animals have always been used in warfare to fight, and die, alongside the men and women on the battlefields. But some animals go much farther in the service of their war-mongering masters. I am referring to […]

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