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I posted a comment to the Outlaw Facebook page yesterday, which appears to have been well received. It came from an article I wrote and published here in December 2012, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I feel it may be worth a second reading. You could not have failed to notice that the mainstream media have […]


Earlier this week, a fish containing over 2,500 times the legal limit for radiation in seafood has been caught in the vicinity of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the facility’s operator has reported. A ‘murasoi’ fish, similar to a rockfish, was caught at a port inside the plant, according to AFP. Plant owner Tokyo Electric […]


‘Tsunami bombs’ were tested off the New Zealand coast. The tests were carried out in waters around New Caledonia and Auckland during the Second World War and showed that the weapon was feasible and a series of 10 large offshore blasts could potentially create a 33-foot tsunami capable of inundating a small city. The top […]


“What if the alleged 9.0+ magnitude mega earthquake that was said to have hit off the coast of Japan on March 11th 2012, never actually happened, and the resultant tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was actually a deliberate, false flag attack using nuclear weapons? “What if there is compelling evidence emerging that […]

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