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What will £508,000 ($766,851 – €706,375) buy today? For the average person, who may choose to invest it wisely, it would mean that they would never have to worry about money for the rest of their natural lives – for a government, however, it seems a paltry amount when one considers the daily running costs […]


“There is more to a seat in Parliament, than just sitting on your arse” – Billy Bragg I have given the article linked below, ample time to filter onto the relevant blogs and social networks for a few days before commenting. As expected, the Twitterati, (The domain of the Dumb and the home of the […]


So David Cameron is now Sabre Rattling over the Falkland Islands. Are the Coalition really that desperate that they now have to mimic the vote-grabbing tactics of the Thatcher administration? Does his pompous posturing know no bounds? Listening to the statement he made yesterday, that “He would not hesitate to invade the Falkland Islands,” made […]

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