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“You are looking for someone of a similar age to you who died. Starting at age three or four and up to age 14 or 15. Surnames always have to be general. You don’t want something which is going to stand out or be too memorable. You don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to […]


As the Outlaw enters it’s fourth year of publication and 2015 comes to a stuttering close, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on something. When I first started writing for this site, a small part of it’s remit, was identifying a number of people as not being who they publicly present themselves […]


“Those whom the gods wish to destroy¬†they first make mad” – Euripides The second article in this series on Mind Control methods written by Tim Rifat. If you have ever wanted to know how ‘enemies of the state’ or people who are seen as ‘Troublesome’ by the Security Services, are dealt with, the following may […]

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