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Unless you happen to live in, or visit Scotland, Wales, parts of Ireland or the Isle of Wight, it is highly improbable that you would even catch a glimpse of a creature that has been a resident of the United Kingdom for millennia. That creature is the Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) and has been native […]


Am I just a flag? Some know me as the “Rebel Flag”, and others know me as the Battle Flag of the Confederates States of America. Either name I will proudly bear with honour. There is no shame in being called Confederate, as the people who bore that same honourable title are remembered for their […]


The seventh in a series of articles which recognises real-life Outlaw Heroes Dr Elsie Inglis was a Scottish doctor and suffragist. In 1914, aged 49 and with 16 years of hospital experience, she offered her services to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), but was turned down because women were to be kept away from […]


The researches of R. Frank, a scholar at the University of Iowa, suggest that the Basques were very much advanced in both navigational skills and technology long before the rise of the Roman Empire. The Basques, she believes, are the last remnants of the megalith builders, who left behind dolmens, standing stones, and other rock […]


A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ worth Pursuing.. Pan Am 103 crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland, on December 21, 1988, killing 270 people from 21 countries. Included in this total were eleven residents of the Scottish town. A bomb had been planted on the plane, allegedly by Hezbollah. “Were the organisation taking revenge for Iran-Air Flight 655 that was […]

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