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“Man’s progress should not be measured by the advances of his science, nor by the limits of his imagination, but it is by the limits of his superstition.” The question that almost everybody asks at one time or another, from the very young who are looking for answers as they set out in life, to […]


The term ‘Climate Change’ seems to be everywhere at the moment, politicians are especially fond of it as you may have already noticed. Promoting the fear of the Arctic ice caps melting has taken the place of the alleged hole in the Ozone Layer, which was a favourite until recently. We do not hear much […]


I posted an article on this site in August this year, where I attempted to explain why I believed there is no satisfactory explanation, (based on human physiology) that I have found for how humans came to exist on this planet. THE OUTLAW: ‘AGAINST NATURAL LAW’ So, I was pleasantly surprised to see the following […]


Who or what were the Vril? WIKIPEDIA Wikipedia claims that there is ‘no historical evidence of such a society’ unsurprisingly, and most mainstream history sources will give the reader similarly vague and misleading information. So why would well respected and seemingly knowledgable academics, be so unwilling to admit to the existence of certain events in […]


During the Gulf War, several thousand pallets of diet drinks were stored in temperatures that at times exceeded 120 degrees Fahrenheit. There is an active ingredient in diet drinks, that when subjected to prolonged storage in temperatures of 86 degrees Fahrenheit or above, converts into Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is classified alongside chemicals like Arsenic and Cyanide […]

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