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I have been spending some time going through the work of historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. Among it, there was a reference to a story, that Jesus Christ may have survived the crucifixion, and been smuggled out of Jerusalem into Western Britain by Joseph of Arimathea and others, around AD 37 As Christianity is […]


When the Romans invaded Britain, they brought with them the type of technology boldly described by mainstream historians as being ‘firsts.’ In reality however, the Romans were using, second, third or even fourth hand technologies, copied from knowledge obtained from closely guarded, ancient sources. Putting aside the obvious things people will think of, the example […]


Controversial and well researched, entirely plausible theories which challenge ‘official’ facts, and also manage to deliver a hefty slap to the face of dusty mainstream academics, will always get my attention. The following article, which I have adapted from an online source, contains one such theory. Controversial Bible scholar Joseph Atwill has a┬átheory┬áthat the New […]

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