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Many people know the story of the Orson Welles’ ‘War Of The Worlds’ CBS Show, that went out to an unsuspecting radio audience on October 30th 1938. Following that broadcast, there was widespread outrage in the media and panic by many of the listeners, who genuinely believed the events portrayed in the program were real. […]


Rome in the first two centuries A.D. faced an ever-widening gulf between the rich and the poor. This once mighty empire had reached its geographic and military limits. Its economy produced very little in the way of goods that were suitable for export. The Slaves that had been acquired by conquest built most of its […]


After the 2008 financial crisis put an end to Iceland’s banking system and previous government, the country’s original constitution – created in 1944 – was deemed antiquated. The country named 25 citizens as a Constitutional Council and were asked to help create the new governing document. Through mass mobilization, the people toppled the government and […]

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