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The ancient City of Chester in the North West of England, has this evening played host to an ‘Anti-Donald Trump demonstration’ which took place on and around the steps of the Town Hall. The demonstration was organised by Nala Rollo, who also christened the event ‘Chester against Trump’s #MuslimBan and UK complicity’ after criticism of […]

2016 AND ALL THAT ….

2016 was officially the year of the ‘Snowflake’…. It was also the year of Brexit in the UK, the beginning of the end of the European Union, and the year in which Americans voted for the wildest wildcard in political history, Donald J Trump –  to be their next President. It was also the year in which […]


Listen to the near hysterical Labour MP John Mann in the video below, and the somewhat calmer response from former London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Note the MPs use of the words ‘Filthy Lying Racist‘, ‘Filthy Nazi Apologist‘, ‘Anti-Semite‘, ‘Losing It‘ and ‘Conspiracy Theorist‘, before you read this article from the Jewish Virtual Library, which outlines the 1933 agreement between […]

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