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Where women lead some men will go, Let women show the way, Their struggle for our kith and kind, Won’t wait another day, The deadlier of our species, Her tongue and poisoned pen. A woman’s heart the burning brand, That lights the way for men. When women set example, To save our folk, our race, […]


The following poem was written in 1917 by a brilliant young army lieutenant while hospitalised for shell shock (now known as post-traumatic stress disorder) in Craiglockhart War Hospital near Edinburgh. It is probably the best known poem of the First World War. It describes a gas attack. Wilfred Owen, who had been sent to Craiglockhart […]


  Arianwen, like a bright star in the sky, The magic inside her will never die. Superficial beauty makes the spider come alive, In the snow this spider will thrive. In the dark, this spider glows, As her exquisite pattern always shows. Her magic is more than you can see, Gwyn will soon find out […]

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