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According to a number of sources, Hungary is about to follow the UK’s lead and vote to leave the European Union. This will follow this weekends vote to curb the influx of immigrants, which reports say will be a landslide victory, and end the ‘Quota’ of immigrants the EU has forced them to accept. “DO […]


Unlike many who operate within the ‘Alternative Media’, good friends of this site The Kent Freedom Movement have, in conjunction with the Grassroots Out (GO) and Vote Leave campaigns, actively been out on the streets of Gravesend for weeks now – stressing how important a LEAVE vote will be in the upcoming #BREXIT referendum. The E.U is a […]


GUEST WRITER: Roy Anthony Neale With every day that goes by my anger is growing and growing! EVERY DAY of the week the government releases a new scare story or some carefully designed piece of propaganda. They’ve already got their diary filled with a different scare story to be released on each day leading up […]

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