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Over the past two days, the UK media have been reporting on the story of a ‘Noxious Cloud’ of an unidentified gaseous substance, that drifted ashore along the Sussex coast of England that left around 223 people needing hospital treatment. ‘The mystery over a noxious chemical haze that drifted ashore along the Sussex coast and put scores in […]


During 1999, Romke Jan Bernhard Sloot, an ordinary and unassuming Dutch electronics technician and television repair man, claimed to have worked out (and developed) a revolutionary computer coding system that compressed data, and would render computer hard disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs and other media storage devices – Obsolete. An example of what his system was capable […]


Archaeologists, Engineers, Scientists, Mathematicians, and Builders, have argued for many years about the construction methods employed during the erection of the Pyramids – the best known of which, is the Great Pyramid, and is the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the only one that remains mainly intact. The Great Pyramid […]


Some things simply defy any attempt at logical explanation. They just exist. But human nature being what it is, curiosity often overcomes what has been taught for centuries as accepted fact, and many people often look beyond what has been presented by so-called ‘Academics’ and learned people. However, there is a phenomenon that occurs in […]


As many as 70% of people have reported having experienced déjà vu in some form during their lifetime. More incidents occur in people aged 15 to 25 years old than in any other age group. The first experience is commonly known as déjà visite (“already visited”) and the second as déjà vecu (“already experienced or lived through”). The phenomenon does […]


I have discovered over the last few years, that what starts out as being perfectly routine research, can ultimately lead you far away from where you had originally started from. And in a completely different place altogether. This is one of those things. I received an email yesterday in regard to suspicions of certain ‘satanic’ […]

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