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It appears that questions/accusations are starting to be aired on various blogs, social networks and forums, in regard to Operation Pallial only focussing on abuse that occurred in North Wales. The latest series of arrests have also been called into question, as it has also been alleged that these should have been addressed during the […]


I am not going to dress this up in any way, no embellishment no sensationalism, it is not needed, nor wanted. It will stand exactly as it is, because that’s exactly how I am going to write it. Cynthia Owen was eight years old when she was first sexually abused and being regularly raped by […]


For up to 15 years after World War II, the crew of George Albernaz’s ship, the USS Calhoun County, dumped thousands of tons of radioactive waste into the Atlantic Ocean. This was often done without heeding the simplest health precautions, according to newly released Navy documents and interviews with more than 50 former crewmen. Albernaz began […]

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