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Science cannot explain us, Medicine cannot categorise us, Theology does not recognise us – and most people simply cannot understand us. We do not conform to any known evolutionary template, nor do we ‘fit in’ with the greater majority of humankind. We are tracked and monitored from birth, we are studied, viewed with suspicion, feared, […]


As many as 70% of people have reported having experienced déjà vu in some form during their lifetime. More incidents occur in people aged 15 to 25 years old than in any other age group. The first experience is commonly known as déjà visite (“already visited”) and the second as déjà vecu (“already experienced or lived through”). The phenomenon does […]


Abul Qasim Al-Zahravi, known in the West as Albucasis, was undoubtably the greatest surgeon of the Middle Ages. He is best known for several original breakthroughs in surgery, as an inventor of several surgical instruments, and for his famous Medical Encyclopedia. Al-Zahravi is considered as the Father of Modern Surgery. His full name was Abul […]


Of the four U.S. Presidents who have been assassinated, only two, Abraham Lincoln and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, have left an indelible mark upon the psyche of the American people. William McKinley had already been president a full term when he was murdered at the turn of the 20th century. James A. Garfield however, President for […]

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