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As the Metropolitan Police face new questions over the aborted ‘Operation Midland’, which was set up to investigate claims of a powerful VIP paedophile ring, and was constructed around the allegations of one man, known only as ‘Nick’ (to protect his identity) – there is also a call  for ‘Nick’ to be not only be identified, but to […]


Listen to the near hysterical Labour MP John Mann in the video below, and the somewhat calmer response from former London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Note the MPs use of the words ‘Filthy Lying Racist‘, ‘Filthy Nazi Apologist‘, ‘Anti-Semite‘, ‘Losing It‘ and ‘Conspiracy Theorist‘, before you read this article from the Jewish Virtual Library, which outlines the 1933 agreement between […]


The reappearance of a sensational ‘mainstream’ newspaper report from 2003, into alleged child abusers at the heart of the last Labour government should be a reminder to everyone – that the truth will not stay buried forever. The article, entitled, “Child porn arrests ‘too slow’”, was published in the Scottish Sunday Herald in January 2003, […]


No doubt many people have seen the image below doing the rounds on social media. An image which allegedly shows British Prime Minister David Cameron, albeit much younger, about to insert his private parts into the mouth of a severed pigs head as he attended a meeting of the Oxford Piers Gaveston Dining Society, while […]


On November 25th 2014, at 11:30, the following comment was published on the Outlaw.  Coincidentally, this site was hacked shortly afterwards.    This comment, along with other damning information on Julien Gilbert, AKA Thomas Pride, AKA Dexter Spanial and undoubtably other online fake identities – was subsequently deleted.   It is reproduced here in full, […]


“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad” – Euripides The second article in this series on Mind Control methods written by Tim Rifat. If you have ever wanted to know how ‘enemies of the state’ or people who are seen as ‘Troublesome’ by the Security Services, are dealt with, the following may […]

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