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 One thing I remember learning from childhood was, that ones own experiences in life, was the only sure-fire way to be absolutely certain of the true facts concerning those events. After all, if you were to witness an event first-hand, or are/were an integral part or the only participant in said event, you may also […]


On November 25th 2014, at 11:30, the following comment was published on the Outlaw.  Coincidentally, this site was hacked shortly afterwards.    This comment, along with other damning information on Julien Gilbert, AKA Thomas Pride, AKA Dexter Spanial and undoubtably other online fake identities – was subsequently deleted.   It is reproduced here in full, […]


‘Money,’ in July 1964 and according to Lennon and McCartney, ‘Can’t buy love.’ Even today, no amount of money can purchase real and lasting love, nor genuine friendship, nor respect, nor morals, nor basic good manners or common decency. What it can create, however, is a ready-made online persona, equipped with not only a well […]


I do hope that my stance is not seen as a campaign to attack blogging or bloggers in general. I support a number of blogs, such as SPOTLIGHT ON ABUSE and JOIN THE DOTS because I have spoken to the people who are behind them and 100% believe that their intentions are exactly what they […]


There have been a couple of ‘Fox related’ stories in the media this week. The one that sparked my interest was the rather disappointing news that the anonymous Blogger and one-time BBC Question Time Extra Guest, the ‘FleetStreetFox‘ has revealed her real identity. The rather enigmatic and secretly sexy @fleetstreetfox has decided to go public […]


“Scotland Yard have launched a full investigation into allegations that Conservative politicians were members of a paedophile ring which abused children in care the 1980s. Operation Fernbridge will centre on the alleged historic sexual abuse of children at Elm Guest House, in Rocks Lane, a suburban street in Barnes, south-west London. Residents of a nearby […]


‘We branded people lunatics and locked them away’ The Horror of existence in Ireland’s old mental hospitals – where people slept three to a bed, and floors were covered in faeces – will be exposed in a new documentary to air tonight in Ireland. Campaigning journalist Mary Raftery, whose 1999 States of Fear documentary exposed […]


When the Jimmy Savile story broke, the vultures had started to circle the BBC and the public were looking for answers. How was it possible, that one man had been allowed free rein of the BBC in order to assault and abuse generations of young people in the full view of the public? Something had […]

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