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‘There is a report that the Rothschilds have purchased Jerusalem! We see nothing improbable that, in the pecuniary distress of the Sultan, he should sell some part of his dominions to preserve the rest; or that the Rothschilds should purchase the ancient capital of their nation. They are wealthy beyond the desire, perhaps, even of […]


All over the civilised world there are many Museum’s and memorials dedicated solely to the Holocaust. WIKIPEDIA lists 25 countries, which between them house no less than 156 dedicated buildings and/or permanent reminders. The mainstream media, as well as Government funded education systems, continually push any Holocaust-related story, however insignificant or inaccurate it may be. […]


Early Christians recruited Roman pagans by associating Christmas with the Saturnalia, which may have led to worshippers of the Asheira cult and its offshoots, being recruited by the same Church who sanctioned “Christmas Trees”. Pagans worshipped trees of the forest, or brought them into their homes and decorated them, and this observance was claimed and […]


Eugenics didn’t begin, or even end with WW2. We are are constantly reminded of this, and it is taught alongside the History Textbooks version of the Allies conquest over the evil of the Axis Powers in mainstream education. But Hitler was only a pawn in a much bigger programme. Eugenics today, focusses on attempts to […]


David Cameron, and Ed Miliband. by their own admission, are Zionists. David Cameron, “I am a Zionist” Ed Miliband declares his allegiences Zionism (Hebrew: ציונות‎, Tsiyonut) is a form of nationalism of Jews and Jewish culture that supports a Jewish nation state in the territory defined as the Land of Israel. Zionism supports Jews upholding […]


Many examples of how the world’s history has been twisted to fit a globalist agenda, can be found among the masses of documentation held at the Internet Archive. Were you aware for example, that as late as 1943, three and a half years into the second world war and a full eleven years after Adolf […]

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