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On the Wantage Road, just outside Hungerford in Berkshire, two small iron crosses stand as reminders of an event, which caused such public concern, that special evening editions of the Newbury Weekly News were published to report on it. That event, recorded in the history of the town as the ‘Hungerford Murders’, was one where two […]


There is an agency based in the UK, who’s extended network is now believed to have been behind the mass slaughter of the Bosnian and Croatian peoples in the Balkans, and is also directly responsible for introducing the drug-rock-sex ‘hippy’ counterculture. This agency has always, also enjoyed a close working relationship with the highest circles […]


‘Old Git’, a meticulous researcher, archivist and a regular commentator on the Outlaw, recently sent me a LINK to an article, which contained a clipping from an unnamed newspaper that was first published in 1970. Reprinted in the same newspaper on October 13th 1975, what is contained within that clipping is probably of more relevance […]

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