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In the wake of the latest terror scam, Ebola, President Barack Obama has just signed an executive order to enable the enforced detention of people with severe respiratory disease. Yes, you heard that right. Not Ebola. Just people with breathing problems. However, the only known strain of Ebola to be transmitted by airborne droplets – […]


Sometimes when a story has been told time and again, each version becoming increasingly more graphic and horrific in it’s telling, it becomes difficult to know where the real story lies. When this particular story has also, over many years, been promoted as an indisputable ‘fact’ throughout countless history books, is included on the curriculum […]


Controversial and well researched, entirely plausible theories which challenge ‘official’ facts, and also manage to deliver a hefty slap to the face of dusty mainstream academics, will always get my attention. The following article, which I have adapted from an online source, contains one such theory. Controversial Bible scholar Joseph Atwill has a theory that the New […]


Many people know the story of the Orson Welles’ ‘War Of The Worlds’ CBS Show, that went out to an unsuspecting radio audience on October 30th 1938. Following that broadcast, there was widespread outrage in the media and panic by many of the listeners, who genuinely believed the events portrayed in the program were real. […]

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