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It is being reported by the mass media that ‘Child Migrants’ are being bussed all over the country from the now dismantled ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais. The Plymouth Herald for example, published a story:“First Child Migrants from the Calais Jungle have arrived in Devon”  which has since been taken offline, after a comment was left claiming that […]


It is estimated that upwards of 50,000 children are being educated outside of the UK mainstream school system right now, with the numbers increasing by around 80% each year. You may like to ask why that might be.


This is a short update to some earlier published articles on this site, which examined in some depth, the still-ongoing mystery of the large number of suicides which have occurred in and around the town of Bridgend in South Wales. At this time, the number of deaths that have occurred in and around Bridgend by […]


GUEST WRITER – Michael O’Bernicia In the late nineteen eighties, the overtly socialist comedian, Jeremy Hardy, whilst appearing on Question Time when it was hosted by the late Robin Day, famously compared voting for the Labour Party to wiping one’s arse – nobody likes doing it but it has to be done. This was a […]


The reappearance of a sensational ‘mainstream’ newspaper report from 2003, into alleged child abusers at the heart of the last Labour government should be a reminder to everyone – that the truth will not stay buried forever. The article, entitled, “Child porn arrests ‘too slow’”, was published in the Scottish Sunday Herald in January 2003, […]


If ever a picture typified the selfish, greedy and altogether blinkered thinking of a government who hasn’t got a clue about running a countries infastructure …. could this be it?  The causes of major flooding, such has been witnessed in this country over the last decade are many and varied, but one of the primary […]


When discussing or writing about certain subjects, introducing words like ‘Weather Modification‘, ‘Chemtrails‘, ‘HAARP‘, ‘Geo-Engineering‘ and ‘Weather Wars‘, often have a tendency to still make many people roll their eyes and stare blankly at you, before they switch off altogether and/or hurriedly change the subject. It should not, therefore, come as a surprise to learn […]


What will £508,000 ($766,851 – €706,375) buy today? For the average person, who may choose to invest it wisely, it would mean that they would never have to worry about money for the rest of their natural lives – for a government, however, it seems a paltry amount when one considers the daily running costs […]

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