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In regard to the event that occurred at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida during the early hours of last Sunday, and subsequently made front page headlines around the world; I will not be calling it a ‘False Flag’ event just yet, and I will be leaving the forensic dissection of every photograph and news […]


THE GAY AGENDA…. Have you noticed how subtle the language used to promote the ‘Gay Agenda’ has become? If you do not agree with two men or two women getting married, you are instantly labelled as being ‘Homophobic’ have you noticed that? So what is the classic definition of a ‘phobia?’ A ‘phobia’ in medical […]


I have just witnessed one of the most obvious and outrageous lies about to be rolled out on a nationwide level. I usually cannot bear the Mainstream drivel that passes for news, but I happened to have SkyNews on while doing something more productive. Are The Establishment really going to now use HIV/AIDS to bring […]

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