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“I have been in two minds about publishing this, as there is very little information to back up the story online. There are plenty however, that attempt to discredit or ‘debunk’ it, though it should be noted that these mainly consist of pro Israeli and Zionist-leaning websites and Forums. I am going to go with […]


Sixty Nine years ago today, June the 6th 1944, an event occurred which played a major part in ending the Second World War. D-Day. The “D” does not stand for “Deliverance”, “Doom”, “Debarkation”, “Death” or anything resembling the terms that have attached themselves to it over the years.. In fact, it does not stand for anything. […]


In the post 9/11 frenzy of self congratulation about the west’s superiority, Tony Blair’s former foreign policy guru, Robert Cooper, and a host of Mainstream Media flag-wavers were urging us not to be ashamed of our empire. Cooper insisted that empire was “as necessary now as it had been in the 19th century”. The British […]


Project Mannequin was/is alleged to be a programme to create genetically enhanced assassins, espionage agents and sleeper agents with PSI/psychic abilities. Most people are unaware of their part in the programme because of sophisticated memory erasure procedures. The Project uses people of certain bloodlines and these are mainly people with Celtic/Blueblood (Aristocratic?) genes. People with […]

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