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According to a number of sources, Hungary is about to follow the UK’s lead and vote to leave the European Union. This will follow this weekends vote to curb the influx of immigrants, which reports say will be a landslide victory, and end the ‘Quota’ of immigrants the EU has forced them to accept. “DO […]


“The difference between a criminal and an outlaw is that while criminals frequently are victims, outlaws never are. Indeed, the first step toward becoming a true outlaw is the refusal to be victimized. All people who live subject to other people’s laws are victims. People who break laws out of greed, frustration, or vengeance are […]


It is estimated that upwards of 50,000 children are being educated outside of the UK mainstream school system right now, with the numbers increasing by around 80% each year. You may like to ask why that might be.


I often hear people speaking about, and am seeing an increasing number of books and websites, promoting the importance of ‘New Age’ thinking, especially among those who operate within the confines of so-called Alternative Media and various ‘fringe’ groups existing on the peripherals of society. So what is it we actually know about the ‘New […]


 As the 2015 General Election looms large in the UK, one thing that may have gone unnoticed, is that there seems to have been a subtle takeover of many governmental institutions and departments – by increasing numbers of people with what can only be described as, ‘psychopathic’ traits and very low, or non-existent levels of […]


I feel that a dark and heavy cloud has been lifted from my shoulders today. I was arrested on the 22nd November 2013, for a comment I made on a blog, which was edited to read something completely different, and then reported to the police. They seized my iPad, which was thoroughly examined, I was […]


I have this last week witnessed, an event, which I can only describe as being ‘surreal’ in nature, and would have been unimaginable had it occurred only a few short years ago. An article I published a few days ago, BOVVERED has been reported to the police by someone with far too much time on their […]


I read a lot of blogs, I follow the more important activity on Forums, I used to interact with a lot of people on Twitter and I am well aware of events on Facebook and other social networks. That said, I am beginning to notice a lot of negative comments with regard to certain people […]

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