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 One thing I remember learning from childhood was, that ones own experiences in life, was the only sure-fire way to be absolutely certain of the true facts concerning those events. After all, if you were to witness an event first-hand, or are/were an integral part or the only participant in said event, you may also […]


“You cannot pick a flower but a star trembles.” Newton’s third law of motion states, that for every action performed, there is an ‘equal and opposite reaction’. Every decision we make in our lives has a direct impact on any future we may carve out for ourselves, regardless of how large or seemingly insignificant it may […]


Anybody that has a new idea, especially one that falls outside the mainstream way of collective and controlled thought, instantly becomes a target. I have been often ridiculed and sometimes feared on account of the way I have lived my life, provoking strong reactions is second nature to me, and that makes people like me, in […]

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