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Thoughts on the expression “to be against the state” According to the Vietnamese dictionary, the word “against” means something solid that leans against another object to help it stay upright, like the walls that support the roof of a house. But the word also has another meaning, which is to oppose a person, an entity, […]


THE GAY AGENDA…. Have you noticed how subtle the language used to promote the ‘Gay Agenda’ has become? If you do not agree with two men or two women getting married, you are instantly labelled as being ‘Homophobic’ have you noticed that? So what is the classic definition of a ‘phobia?’ A ‘phobia’ in medical […]


If you are partial to the odd flutter, you could do a lot worse than putting down a few pounds that the Elm Guest House Investigation ‘Operation Fairbank,’is the real reason why the Bryn Estyn story was dragged out into the public arena once again. Like many others, I have been watching the story unfold […]


I have just witnessed one of the most obvious and outrageous lies about to be rolled out on a nationwide level. I usually cannot bear the Mainstream drivel that passes for news, but I happened to have SkyNews on while doing something more productive. Are The Establishment really going to now use HIV/AIDS to bring […]

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