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A FIELD OF DREAMS (Revisited)….

In a previous article on this site, I alluded to the possibility that a number of designs found in Agriglyph’s (Crop Circles) that have appeared in the south-west of England and elsewhere, were ‘Blueprints‘ for an entirely new type of propulsion system. “So was 1997, also a year in which an entirely new propulsion system […]


As the best-known and most widely used powerhouse of online search engines, there is a fair chance that most people use Google on a daily basis. However, it seems that very few people actually know how to use it properly in order to unlock it’s full potential. I rarely use it on my own machine, as […]


Why is it that people consider diamonds to be so valuable? There could be three possible reasons: they are the hardest substance known to man (only partially true) they are visually brilliant are very ‘rare’ The supposed rarity of this mineral is the lie on which the entire diamond industry exists upon. For much of […]

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