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There are few people who are not by now, acutely aware of the poisonous political climate and bitter division, that has emerged following the Brexit referendum and the US Election. According to the mass media and the liberal left, the blame for all the anger, the reported incidences of civil unrest and animosity, as well […]


I have been spending some time of late, digging around the shadowy and cut-throat world of the so-called ‘Alternative’ Media and some of it’s more prominent figures, in order to gain a better insight into what has become to most people – a seemingly impenetrable maze of increasingly bizarre, crackpot theories, vicious infighting and an […]


I never have had much time for politics or politicians. It is my belief that there is no discernible difference between any of the main parties any more, in fact, it appears that the only way to tell the difference between them is the colour of their ties. However, I am very much aware that […]

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