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The most universally recognised object in the night sky, wherever you may happen to be on earth at any given time, is without a doubt – The Moon. It can be safely assumed that this heavenly body has been visible for millions of years longer than humankind have inhabited the planet, and has featured throughout […]


Many people know the story of the Orson Welles’ ‘War Of The Worlds’ CBS Show, that went out to an unsuspecting radio audience on October 30th 1938. Following that broadcast, there was widespread outrage in the media and panic by many of the listeners, who genuinely believed the events portrayed in the program were real. […]


Trusting the Government or the leaders of any nation with your health and well being has always been a risky business. There should be little doubt in your mind by now that profit alone is the main driving force behind any Government approved ‘immunisation programme’. They care little for a nations health and welfare, ‘Health’ […]


Is the name ‘Santa’ an anagram for ‘Satan’? The simple rearranging of the letters ‘Santa’ as an anagram for ‘Satan’ has been discussed for years. This rearranging of letters to hide secret names or words has long been practised in occult circles for centuries. The entity commonly known as Satan is reputed to seek to […]

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