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This is a short update to some earlier published articles on this site, which examined in some depth, the still-ongoing mystery of the large number of suicides which have occurred in and around the town of Bridgend in South Wales. At this time, the number of deaths that have occurred in and around Bridgend by […]


The following article is to accompany those which have already been published on the Outlaw – in an attempt to offer a plausible explanation for the inordinately high numbers of suicides that have occurred in Bridgend, South Wales since 2007. What appears below is a draft that was to be published in the Sunday People, […]


The official number of deaths, between 2007 to the present (according to official figures) by way of suicide, in and around the small town of Bridgend, south Wales is 79. However, local knowledge puts it at 98, but the true figure according to my source, currently stands nearer 110. Among those numbers, only one is […]


In and around the south Wales town of Bridgend, between the years 2007 – 2009, at least 25 young people had taken their own lives. All but one had hanged themselves and it has had very little in depth coverage in the mainstream media. The local MP Madeline Moon, had even announced, “The Media were […]

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