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As the world’s attention, (courtesy of the mass media of course) remains focussed on the events that took place in Brussels yesterday, a number of things passed by un-noticed, buried beneath the wheels of the media juggernaut that rolls out whenever events of that nature occur. One of those things was WORLD WATER DAY 2016, which tries […]


Throughout the 1950s, Africans and Native Americans  Were Kept In European Zoos As Exhibits By M.B. David Throughout the early 20th century, Germany held what was termed a, “Peoples Show,” or ‘Völkerschau.’ Africans were brought in as carnival or zoo exhibits for passers-by to gawk at. Throughout the late 19th century, and well into the 1950′s, […]


There are many western eyes watching the African content, specifically the Congo Basin. You would be forgiven for thinking, that what little media attention it gets would be focussed on the unfolding Humanitarian Crisis. Sadly, the long and bloody history of this African country will never make the pages of the newspapers, or grace the […]


The United Nations has many specialised agencies which work usually away from the public eye. While the United Nations has become part of the news via its political involvement in such issues as the Middle East, Korea and the Congo, the work of its agencies goes on year in and year out addressing such problems […]


Latin Monetary Union 1865 to 1927 The Political Disaster That Led To World War One ‘Cigpapers’ Guest Writer There has been a Monetary Union of European Nations in the past – the consequences were as predictable as they were catastrophic and horrific for ordinary People and the Nations involved. Zionist bankers had financed the 1851 […]

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